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Super Mario Bros. Bowser's Assault
Developer(s) Kool! inc.
Platform(s) Nintendo VR

Nintendo Wii Nintendo 3DS

Release Date(s)
Single Player

Multi Play Online Play

Genre(s) RPG


Media Included Wii Disc

Super Mario Bros. Bowser's Assault is a fan game being made by Kool! (tbc)

Playable Characters

In The Game Thier's Playable Characters

Image Name When And Description

Any Time

Mario Is A Plumber And Likes Peach And Saves Her Many Times.


You Can Choose Him. Or He Can Be The Second Player

The Plumber's Brother Who Is Usually 2nd Player.

Assist LumaSMWWii
Co Star Luma

Any Time He can Be Second Player.

This Luma Helps You And Destroys Many Foes.

Also Is A Partner In Every Level.


Only Chapter 2.

You Can control Him When Mario Or Luigi Is On Him.

Donkey Kong

He Can Be A 3rd Player

After Chapter 2 He Can Be A Partner To Replace Co-Star Luma

MaSatOG - Sonic

He Can Be 4th Player

After Chapter 3 He Can Be A Partner To Replace DK


He Can Be 5th Player In Online Play

After Chapter 3 He Can be A Partner To Replace DK


Save Her By Beating Level 8 In The Moon.

She Can Make Earthquakes, Cry, And Sing Anytime.

Power Ups!

Image Name Affect Image Purpose
To Make You Grow When Your Small
600px-Mini Shroom
Mini Mushroom
To Fit In Mini Places
Mega Mushroom
Mega Mushroom
To Make You Big And Helps Destroy Koopas/Enemies
Propeller Mushroom

Proppelor Hat

Helps You Fly! (This Will Be In The Level When You Fight Lemmy V.2 definetly)
Fire Flower
Helps You Become Stronger But Not Only That You Get To Shoot Fire Balls
Ice Flower
Ice Flower
Helps You Become Stroonger But Not Only That You Get To Shhot Ice Balls
Invincibility Helps You Destroy Foes By Walking In To Them!
Penguin Suit
Penguin Mario
Makes You Use Ice Balls And Use The Belly Slide!
Kong Suit

Chapter 1: Mushroom Kingdom

Bowser's First Attempt Is To Use All Nonliving, And Living Koopas To Attack Peach's Castle.

But Then Suddenly A Meteor Crashed!

Level 1

Mario With The Help Of Co-Star Luma Will Fight All Thees Enemies!(Other Than Bosses) Each Enemie Is Fought 6 Times

Level 2

Mario Or Luigi Fight King Monty Mole

Level 3

Mario Fights Bowser Jr.

Enemies/ Boss

Image Name Description
Goomba Weak Enemies That Just Hurt You When They touh You. But Thier Weakness Is To Jump On Them.
Hyper Goomba
Hyper Goomba Strong Goombas That Hurt You When They Touch You. But If You Jump on Them They Get Mad At You And Hurt You more! Thier Weakness Is Jumping On Them 3 Times!
Spiky Goomba
Spiky Goomba A Goomba That Hurts You When You Jump On Them! Thier weakness Is To Use Co-Star Luma
Paragoomba NSMBDIY
Para Goomba Goombas With Wings! They Make Baby Goombas That Hurt Yu As Well But Thier Weakness Is To Jump On Them 2 Times!
Blue Koopa!
Koopa Troopa (Shell Colors Vary) A Koopa Troop. Ther Shells Can Be Green, Red, Black, Purple, And Orange! Thier Weakness Is To Jump On Them!
File:200px-MP8 DryBones.png
Dry Bones Koopa Troopas After They Go In Fire! Thier Weakness Is To Jump On Them. But They Come Back Alive 30 econds Later.
Copter KoopaSMWWii
Heli-Troopa (Shell Colors Vary) A Helicopter Troopa They Don't Use Wings. Their Weakness Is To Use Co-Star Luma. But Even After That They Fall Off Then Jump on Them. Thier Shells Can Be Green, Black, Orange, And Brown!
Para-Troopa (Shell Colors Vary) Theese Koopas Have Wings. Just Jump On Them Twice! Thier Colors Are Red, Green, And Brown.
Spiny( Shell Colors Vary) Theese Guys Fall Of From Lakitu. Thier Shells Are Blue, And Red. Thier Weakness Is Deafeat Them With FireBalls
Spike If The Time Is Right Jump On Them! Thier Colors Are Green, And Gray.
Piranha Plant

They Can Chomp You And Hurt You! Thier Weakness Is To Throw Fire Balls At Them

(Fire)Piranha Plant Watch Out Because They Throw Fire Balls At You! Thier Leaves Are Made Of Fire As Well! Thier Weakness Is To Throw Fireballs At The Right Time.
Bob-omb walking
Bob-Omb They Can Blow Up Any Time. You Can Pick Them Up And Throw Them Away!
Monty Mole Moles That Can Come Out Of The Grown And Throw ANY THING At You!
120px-MP8 HammerBrother
Hammer Bro. Theese Koopas Throw Hammers. Thier Shells Can Be Green, Red, Gray. When The Time Is Right Jump On Him
Fire Bro. Thees Koopas Shoot FireBalls. Thier Shell Is Only Red. Time Is Right Jump On Him.
Buzzy Bettle Like Spiny Just That No Spikes. It's Impossible To Deafeat Them Unless You Use A Star
Cosmic Clone They Have Every Move Of Luigi, And Mario. You Must Fight Them NO Weakness.
Sledge Bro. Thier Only Color Is Green. They Can Cause Earthquakes And Throw Hammers! Thier Only Weakness Is To Jump On Them And Shoot Them With Fire Balls!
Blaze Bro.. Thier Only Colors Are Red. They Can Cause Earthquakes And Shoot FireBalls. Thier Weakness Is To Jump On Them Or Shoot Ice Balls.
Ice Bro. Thier Only Color Is Blue. They Shoot Ice Balls. Thier Only Weakness Is FireBalls.
Monty King
King Monty Mole Semi Boss. He Can Throw Any THing Even Monty Moles!
Bowser Jr. Boss. He Can Shoot Green Shells. And Shoot FireBalls!. His Only Weakness Is To Use The Green Shell And Throw It At Him Then Jump On Him. 3 Times.

Chapter 2: Yoshi's Island

Bowser Has Lost But Not Yet! He Will Use The Same Enemies Here In Chapter 1 And Use Them For Chapter 2 (Other Than King Monty Mole And Bowser Jr.)

Level 1

You Must Find Yoshi Then Fight Boshi.

Level 2 Bro Squad.

Get Yoshi With You And Fight The Bros. (All 10)

Level 3

Go Through Yoshi's Island Then Fight Boshi For Revenge.

Level 4

Pick Mario Or Luigi To Fight King Bill.

Level 5

Fight Lemmy Koopa

Level 6

Fight Lemmy Koopa Once Again.

New Enemies/Boss

Image Enemy Description
Shy Guy

2 of the Shy Guys Go Together. They Drop Bombs On You.

Thier is no way to destroy them they are in the background

Boshi Yoshi's Arch Rival. He Has The Abbilities Of Yoshi And Birdo! In The Levels You Can Get Yoshi He Appeares An You Must Fight Him To Beat The Level
Chomp Head
Chain Chomp Chain Chopms Are Almost Everywhere! If They spot You They will Go After You! They Are Impossible To Deafeat They Are Made With Metal!
Lakitu NSMBWii
Lakitu Lakitu Is In The Sky And Throws Down Bombs. Thier Weakness Is To Jump On Him
Chomp lakitu
Chomp Lakitu

Lakitu Insteads Throws Chain Chomps! Crazy. His Weakness Is The Same As Lakitu

Ball Bro. This Kind Of Bro. Throws Balls At You. The Balls Are Filled With Bombs. Thier Weakness Is Tou Jump Or Shoot Them. Thier Shell Color Can Be Orange. They are only fought with Lemmy Koopa.
Bomb Bro. Thier Shell Color Is Only Black. This Kind Of Bro. Shoots Bob-Ombs At You His Weakness Is Just Like Every Other Bro.
Bone Bro (Only Shell Color Is White.) They Throw Bones. Hence The Name. Thier Weakness Is The Same As Every Other Bro.
Thunder Bro. The Shell Color Is Only Yellow. They Shoot Thunder Balls. Thier Weakness Is Like Every Other Bro.
Boomerang Bro. The Shell Color Is Only Blue. Weakness Is The Same As Every Other Bro.
Magikoopa Card
Kamek Mini Boss. Deafeat By Using Co-Star Luma..
Bullet Bill
Bullet Bill A Bill That Can Hurt You Thier Weakness Is To Jump On It.
King Bill by AnthoFlex2
King Bill Semi Boss. The King Of Bullet Bills. He Will Try To Destroy You. So Go To The Highest Thing Available And Jump On It. He Can Summon Other Bills
Lemmy Koopa 3D
Lemmy Koopa V.1 Boss. Becarful Because He Can Summon New Balls That Has Bombs In Them! His Weakness Is To Use The Balls Against Him (Like Using Co-Star Luma)
Super Lemmy
Lemmy Koopa V.2

Boss (2). Becarful Because He Can Squish You Like A Worm. Thjis Is A Picture He's Much Bigger!

His Weakness Is To Use Co-Star Luma To Make His Ball Smaller Than Jump On Him.

Chapter 3: Kongo Bongo Island

After Yoshi's Islnad Koopas Arrives And A Meteor Crashes On Kongo Bongo Island. So Mario Comes Thier.

NOTE: The Koopas From Chaptr 1 &2 Will Not Be Here (Other Than A Few)

Level 1

Inside The Meteor: Fight All Enemies

Level 2

Outside The Meteor: Fight Manky Kong, And Kritter.

Level 3

Fight Semi Boss

Level 4

Fight Semi Boss 2

Level 5

Fight Semi Boss 3

Level 6

Fight Semi Boss 3

Level 7

Fight Boss

Level 8

Fight The Boss (2)

Enemies/ Boss

Image Name Description
Koopa Troop (Shell Colors Vary) A Weak Koopa Troop. To Deafeat Just Jump On Him.
Sledge Bro. (Shell Colors Vary) A Fat Hammer Bro. That Can Cause Earthquakes. To Deafeat Jump On Him InThe Right Time Or Shoot A Fire Ball.
File:200px-MP8 DryBones.png
Dry Bones A Koopa Troop They Fell In Lava. To Deafeat Jump On It But After 30 Seconds It Is Rebulit.
Para-Bones Dry Bones With Wings. It Is Strong And In The Air It Can Throw Bones At You. To Deafeat Jump On It And It Will Die Forever.
Manky Kong He's Definetly Not A Koopa. He Is Just An Enemy Here. To Deafeat Use The Kong Suit Or DK
Kritter An Enemy Of The DK Krew. To Deafeat Him Use Kong Suit Or Use DK
File:Golden Bullet Bill.png
Golden Bullet Bill A Golden Bullet Bill Is Just Like A Bullet Bill. Thier Weakness Is To Jump On It And Then It Will Explode!
Blooper They Live In Waters Around The Island. His Weakness Is To Shoot FireBalls At It.
Boo A Ghost That Can Dissappear. Invincible.
Dark Boo A Stronger Boo That Is Invincible
Cosmic Clone It Has Every Move As Mario And Luig You Must Fight It Do Deafeat
Mini Bowser It Has Every Move As Bowser Jr. To Deafeat Fight It.
Red Chomp3D
Re Chain Chomp It's Like A Regular Chain Chomp But This One Is Raged!
Wiggler As Soon As You Touch It And Then It'll Turn Red And Angry! To Deafeat, Use Kong Suit.
King Chomp
King Chomp A Chomp That's King Thier Invincible And If You Get Hit By Them You Loose A Life!
King Bob-Omb
King Bomb-omb An Enemy That Can Blow Up If You Jump On It Or Shoot It. He Can Summon Bomb-ombs!
Frozen Luigi
Cosmic Luigi A Cosmic Clone That Has The Power Of Wario &Waluigi! To Deafeat Fight It.
Goomboss King Of Goomba's To Deafeat Jump On It 20 Times! He Can Make Mini Goomba's
Mr. Game and Watch
Mr.Game A 2 Demensional Character That's An Enemy! To Deafeat Fight It.
Fire Bar Cannot Deafeat. Hurts You When You Touch It.
Bombshell King Bill

King Golden Bill

Semi Boss. King Of Golden Bills. Summons Golden Bills. To Deafeat Jump On It.
King Boo Semi Boss (2). King Boo Summons Boos To Attack! To Deafeat Use Kong Suit.
Tim J. Koopa NSMBVR
Tim J. Koopa Semi Boss (3). Tim J.Koopa Can Summon Magikoopas! To Deafeat Use The Star
Larry Koopa 3D
Larry Koopa Semi Boss (3). He's the Third Semi Boss Because After Tim J. Koopa's Deafeat He Transforms IntoLarry! He Has The Same Abbilities As Tim. His Weakness Is The Penguin Suit's Belly Slide.
King K. Rool Boss. He's Invinsible. To Deafeat King K.Rool Use The Kong Suit And Have DK As Partner.
Mecha K.Rool 2
Mecha K. Rool Boss (2). He's Weaker Than Before! His Hand Came Off! To Deafeat Him Use The Mega Mushroom.

Chapter 4: Mushroom Kingdom Again!

In The Ending The Meteor Teleported Sonic Characters To Mushrom KingDom! Now Thier Are More Eneies! Over 60 Enemies! All The Enemies You've Battled So Far Are Here!

Level 1

Battle 40 Enemies From 1-4

Level 2

Battle Metal Sonic

Level 3

Battle Chaos

Level 4

Battle Shadow

Level 5: Bowser Jr. Again!

Battle Shadow Mario

Level 6

Battle The Colored Koopa Kids

Level 7

Battle Iggy Koopa

Level 8

Battle Shadow

Level 9

Battle All Goomba's And Koopas!

Level 10

Battle Morton Koopa Jr.

Level 11

Battle Master Hand!

Level 12: Metal Sonic's Revenge!

Fight Neo Metal Sonic!

Level 13

Fight The Boss.


Image Name Description
Metal sonic 4
Metal Sonic A Robot Of Sonic That Has All His Abbilities Made By Eggman. To Deafeat Fight Him.
Sonic Werehog
Werehog Sonic Your Helper Sonic Has Turned To A Werehog And Betrayed You!
Egg Robo 3
Egg-Robo A Machine Robot Created By Eggman! To Deafeat Use Sonic
287px-ASR Shadow
Shadow Occasionally He Will Help You But Sometimes He Will Fight You When He's Mad! He Has The Abbilities Of Sonic To Deafeat Use Sonic And Fight Him.
Chaos Commander. He Is Invincible Unless You Use Co-Star Luma! Fight Him And Use Assist Luma!
Koopa Troop His Color Changes From Red, Green, Or Brown! After The Meteor Teleported Sonic Here He's Become Stronger! Now He Can Throw The shell To Hit You From Far Distance! To Deafeat Bonce On His Back.
Shadow Mario Bowser Jr. in disquise! He Has All The Moves Of Mario To Deafeat Fight It!
Koopa Kids
3 Colored Koopa Kids Mini Boss (3). Theese Koopa Kids Come For Revenge And Battle You. The Red One Has The Power To Breathe Fire! The Green On Can Summon Koopas! The Blue One Can Cause Earthquakes! To Deafeat Use Mario, Sonic, And Luigi And Fight Them
Iggy Koopa 3D
Iggy Koopa Mini Boss (2). Iggy Koopa Can Shoot Green Sparks Off His Wand. To Deafeat Use Luigi On Yoshi.
Rainbow Goomba
Rainbow Goomba He Has The Power Of Goomba And the Weakness Of Hyper Goomba. His Power Has Increased When A Goomba Get's A Star!
Heligoomba NSMBVR
Heli-Goomba Goomba Can Now Fly And Hurt You!. To Deafeat Use Yoshi Or Co-Star Luma! Goomba Can Fly And Land On You!
Morton Koopa Jr 3D
Morton Koopa Mini Boss. He Has The Power To Make Earthquakes, And Cry Like A Baby To Flood The Battle Feild! To Deafeat Use Co-Star Luma!
Master Hand Semi Boss. He Has All The Moves In SSBB Fight Him With Mario.
Neo Metal Sonic Semi Boss (2). A Enhanced Metal Sonic That Will Try To Destroy You! To Deafeat Use Shadow And Sonic!
Eggman Boss. He Can Destroy You With Bombs, Guns, Missles, And Rockets! To Deafeat Use Sonic And Bounce On Him 5 Times.

Chapter 5: Into The Moon!

All Enemies (No Bosses) Are Here In The Moon!

Level 1: In The Water Of Moon

Fight Water Enemies Like Scoomba, And Cheep Cheeps etc.

Level 2

Fight 5 Enemies Here.

Level 3

Fight Blooper V.2

Level 4

UFO Course. Go Through

Level 5

Fight Goombas ALL

Level 6

Fight Buzzy Bettles, Spinys, And Spike Tops. (9 Of Each)

Level 7

Moon Course. Go Through

Level 8: Save Peach.

Fight Kammy Koopa

Level 9

Deafeat Dry Bowser Jr.

Image Name Description
Pokey He's Strong Can't Deafeat Only If You Use Yoshi
Spike Top
Spike Top He's Limke Buzzy Bettle Only That He Has One Spike. He's Impossible To Deafeat And His Spike Can Grow! Unless You Use A Star
Blooper V.2 A Big Blooper To Deafeat Punch His Nose
Broozer A Punching Ghost That Can Be Deafeated By A Fire Ball Or Being Stomped On.
Scoomba NSMBVR
Scoomba A Goomba Scuba Diving That Can Be Deafeated By Anything
Cheep Cheep A Water Enemy That Can Be Deafeted By Any Thing Other than Stomping.
Cheep-Chomp NSMBDIY
Cheep Chomp A Cheep Chomp That When It sees You It'll Chase You Only A Star Can Deafeat It.
UFO You Can Not Deafeat You Must Run Away. If It Finds You You Loose A Life.
Banzai Bill You Must Jump On It to DSeafeat It Other Wise You Could Be Chomped Up.
Lubba Eats Up Co Star Luma FOREVER! Don't Go Near It.
Fishin' Boo NSMBVR
Fish'n Boo A Boo That Looks Like A Lakitu. Run Aay Or Else You will Die.
Pale Piranha NSMBVR
Pale Piranhana A Piranhana Just Gray You Cannot Deafeat
Fire Chomp
Fire Chomp Cannot Die. Dodge him And Leave Him Alone
Kammy Koopa
Kammy Koopa Semi Boss. A Magikoopa That Can Be Destroyed By Noise. Who Can You Use?
Dry Bowser jr.
Dry Bowser Jr. Boss. Deafeat By Using Co-Star Luma If You Have Luma Other Wise Dlete Game Data

Chapter 6: Bowser Planet

The Last Chapter. ALL ENEMIES ARE HERE. No Previous Bosses Are Here.