Super Mario Bros: Bash is a Spin-off of Super Smash Bros, mainly consisting of Mario characters.


The gameplay is very similar to Smash Bros, but with a few differences:

  • To use your Super Attack, you must fill a bar by hurting your opponent's.
  • You win by decreasing the enemy's stamina. However, you can still knock them off-screen to win.
  • There are less items this time.


Image Name Moveset
Mario - Mario Party 10-1-

Normal B: Fireball

Side B: Cape Feather

Up B: Super Jump Punch

Down B: F.L.U.D.D

Super Bash: Mario Final

Luigi - Mario Party 10

Normal B: Green Fireball

Side B: Green Missle

Up B: Super Wegee Punch

Down B: Luigi Cyclone

Super Bash: Polterguist 9000


Normal B: Veggie Throw

Side B: Golf Club

Up B: Peach Umbrella

Down B: Vibe Sector

Super Bash: Toad Army

Toad - Mario Party 10

Normal B: Veggie Throw

Side B: Toad Dash

Up B: Propeller Mushroom

Down B: Toad Spores

Super Bash: Mega Shroom


Normal B: Fire Breath

Side B: Spike Throw

Up B: Spinning Fort

Down B: Ground Slam

Super Bash: Giga Bowser


Normal B: Charge Ram

Side B: Chomper

Up B: Wario Waft

Down B: Fire dash

Super Bash: Wario-Man

Waluigi dawg

Normal B: Tennis Ball Serve

Side B: Wall-uigi

Up B: Stroking Slam

Down B: Waluigi Stomp

Super Bash: Waluigi-dude


Normal B: Lick

Side B: Egg roll

Up B: Flutter Jump

Down B: Ground Pound

Super Bash: Dragon Mode


Normal B: Magic Shot

Side B: Clone Dash

Up B: Broom Ride

Down B: Magic Bombs

Super Bash: Magic wave

Donkey Kong

Normal B: Barrle Throw

Side B: Wind-up Punch

Up B: Spinning Kong

Down: Hand Slam

Super Bash: Rambi

Diddy Kong

Normal B: Penut Gun

Side B: Monkey Flip

Up B: Rocket Pack

Down B: Roll-out

Super Bash: Rocking out

King K Rool

Normal B: Krown Throw

Side B: Kanonball

Up B: Helikopter

Down B: Belly-Flop

Super Bash: Kredits

Koopa Troopa-0
Koopa Troopa

Normal B: Shell Throw

Side B: Shell Tuck

Up B: Para-wings

Down B: Go-Karting

Super Bash: Shell-Shock


Normal B: Mini-Goomba

Side B: Brave Charge

Up B: Para-Wings

Down B: Goomba Shoe

Super Bash: Goom-Boss

Fawful Artwork - Superstar Saga

Normal B: Energy Shot

Side B: Missle launch

Up B: Rocket Platform

Down B: Dark Power

Super Bash: Dark Star

SBE Geno

Normal B: Arm Laser

Side B: Multi-punch

Up B: Geno-whirl

Down B: Defence Up

Super Bash: Geno Cannon

MP9 King Boo Bust
King Boo

Normal B: Evil Scream

Side B: Rolling spirit

Up B: Teleport

Down B: Vanish Counter

Super Bash: Boo Ambush

E. Gadd

Normal B: Ghost Shot

Side B: Wrench Throw

Up B: Jetpack Explosion

Down B: Ghost Dog

Super Bash: TBA

Wart Artwork - Super Mario Bros 2

Normal B: Bubble

Side B: Veggie Toss

Up B: Wart Jumping

Down B: Mouser Bomb

Super Bash: Bubble Rain

Bowser jr v 2 by tails19950-d4iqc2x
Bowser Jr

Normal B: Canonball

Side B: Clown Car Dash

Up B: Abort Ship!

Down B: Mecha-Koopas

Super Bash: Shadow Mario

Dr. Mario

Normal B: Pill Throw

Side B: Check-board wack

Up B: Jump Punch

Down B: Dr Cyclone

Super Bash: Dr Final

4057 paper-mario-prev
Paper Mario

Normal B: Hammer Slam

Side B: Spin Attack

Up B: Super Paper Jump

Down B: Shroom Item

Super Bash: Super-nova

8-Bit Mario

Normal B: Fireball

Side B: Shell Kick

Up B: Spring sumon

Down B: ? Block

Super Bash: Retro Rampage

MTUS Daisy

Normal B: Flower Bloom

Side B: Tennis Serve

Up B: Bloom Jump

Down B: Vollyball

Super Bash: Peaty Pharanna

King Bob-omb MPSR
King Bob-omb

Normal B: Bomb Throw

Side B: Exploding Kick

Up B: Boom Launch

Down B: Self-distruct

Super Bash: Big Boom

640px-ShroobAlien Pits

Normal B: Laser Gun

Side B: Poison Mushroom


Down B: Sheild

Super Bash: Invasion

Hammer Bro

Normal B: Hammer throw

Side B: Hammer Spin

Up B: Wing spawn

Down B: Hammer Slam

Super Bash: Hammer Rain

Baby Bros. SSB
Baby Mario & Luigi

Normal B: Hammer Slam

Side B: Bob-omb

Up B: Team-jump

Down B: Cry-counter

Super Bash: Chain Chomp

Image not available Ashly

Normal B: Hocus Pocus

Side B: Broom Ride

Up B: Teleport

Down B: Red Tackel

Super Bash: Plant Monster


Boom Boom


Normal B: Wind-up Punch

Side B: Hand Slam

Up B: Spining

Down B: Charge

Super Bash: Pom-Pom


Normal B: Water Bomb

Side B: Scuttle Run

Up B: F.L.U.D.D

Down B: Belly Flop

Super Bash: Shine Sprite

Image not available Peaty

Normal B: Goo Spit

Side B: Pipe Plant

Up B: Flutter-flap

Down B: Roll out

Super Bash: Boss Battle!


Game modes

  • Battle Mode: Duke it out with either 4 friends or CPU's!
  • Classic Mode: Battle through levels of enemies, then fight the final boss!
  • Target Bash: Test your skills and break all the targets!
  • Home-run: Try to launch a punching bag as far as possible!
  • Online Mode: Fight other people around the globe!
  • Multi-Man Melee: Fight a non-stop wave of enemies for as long as you can!
  • All-Star Mode: Take on the entire cast in a row!
  • Training Mode: Freshen up on a character!




Please put what you thought of the game here!



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