Super Mario Bros. Legends is a story made by CSketch that tells the tale of Mario, Luigi and two new characters based on Yellow and Blue Toad, Kin and Umi, as they explore the vast lands of their world. The series is actually a reimagining of an old concept CSketch had thought of when he was younger.


While there is little story the creator plans to separate the story in "Seasons", each Season would contain their own plot, though the plot inside the Seasons are overarching and the creator will try to mantain a coherent continuity. Here are the summaries for the planned Seasons.

Season 1 - Shattered Mirror

When Peach is trapped in a magical mirror which is later shattered when the Mushroom Kingdom is destroyed by none other than Bowser, 4 heroes, Mario, Luigi and the Toads Kin and Umi will have to embark on a journey to find all the mirror shards and stop Bowser!


Season 1 - Shattered Mirror

Name Description
Pilot The main "Pilot" for the series, it is considered a Pilot because it was actually made years ago as a way to see how the idea would look in written form, but wasn't revived until recently when the creator thought of doing so.
Podoboo Panic Mario, Luigi, Kin and Umi arrive at a snowy mountain but after being attacked by a group of monsters they are forced to hide inside a wood cabin, which they find to be inhabited by a clan of Podoboos who used to live in the Volcaniah Kingdom until Bowser attacked and they fleed to the mountains, where they were trapped inside the cabin due to the cold temperatures almost putting them out, now Mario, Luigi, Umi and Kin must try to survive the monster attacks and try to get the clan of Podoboos to safety.