Super Mario Bros. 6 follows in the style of Super Mario Bros. 5, the surprisingly basic Mario game by NextGen Games, inc. This game is being made by Vectrix, inc., the sister company of NextGen. This game has a bigger but not stronger story, and a more varied boss lineup.


Mario! Luigi! See them run towards Peach's castle! A great celebration is about to unfold: It's the castle's 100th year on Earth! Hooray! But, waht's this? A flying clown face? A bob-omb dropping out of the sky? It''s.......*KAAAAAAABOOOOOM!!!* "Haha, I'm Bowser as you all know!" "Where's my princess??" Harley Koopa: "Sir, she's unconscious. Perhaps I go get.." Bowser: "Nonsense! That weapon isn't even tested! You could hurt yourself, not that I don't want Mario and Luigi to get hurt, but I don't want you to!" Harley: " let's just deploy the Grabby Claw and pick the princess's body up, sir." Bowser: "Good idea." "Deploy GC!" *A gamecube falls* Kamek: "Sorry, I think you mean the other GC, right?" Bowser; "URRRGH! YESSSSS!!" Kamek: "Ok." *The Grabby Claw picks up the princess and the Koopas fly away in their airships and clown cars.*


1. Mushroom Field

2. Grainy Sand Land

3. Ice Cube Crevice

4. Forest of Illusion

5. Bubble Ocean

6. Cliffhanger Falls

7. Lakitu Clouds

8. Bowser's Caldera


1. Larry Koopa, Holder of the Grass King

2. Morton Koopa Jr., Holder of the Resin King

3. Lemmy Koopa, Holder of the Crystalline King

4. Iggy Koopa, Holder of the Wood King

5. Wendy O. Koopa, Holder of the Aqua King

6. Roy Koopa, Holder of the Pebble King

7. Ludwig Von Koopa, Holder of the Oxygen King

8. Harley Koopa, The Untested Weapon, Bowser Jr., Bowser: Holders of Princess Peach

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