Super Mario Bros. 5 is the new game being created by NextGen Games, inc. It is a side-scroller 99% exactly like the Super Mario Bros. of old. Except for some new characters, graphical updates, and new worlds and bosses and story, it's almost a copy! Alright, it's 88% a copy.


The story is simple and is like the original. But it does not have Toadsworth or the Koopalings in it or even Special bosses. It's because this is like the very first game with the similar story.

Hello this is our hero Mario also here with his brother Luigi and they are here to save princess Toadstool who has been kidnapped by an evil King named Bowser. It's up to Mario and Luigi to go through 8 worlds to save her and The toads. But most importantly the princess. He also has lot's of henchmen and he also made 7 clones of himself so watch out for those too. Now it's time to get the show on the road!


1. Mushroom Hills

2. Shifty Sands

3. Palm Island

4. Big Forest (a place like the 4th world of SMB3, but more forest-y.)

5. Ice Spike (a really steep, snowy mountain.)

6. Crag Land (a rocky, cliffy side of Ice Spike.)

7. Sky Cloud

8. Bowser's Volcano


Bowser clone #1

Sand type Bowser clone

Water type Bowser clone

Grass/poison type Bowser

Ice type Bowser clone

Rocky/metal type Bowser clone

Sky/ fly type Bowser clone

Bowser with all the clone's abilities absorbed









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