"Woohoo! Time for adventure!"

- Mario, on the title screen.

Super Mario Bros 5: Lost Worlds is a game developed by Nintendo and Piranha Plant Inc.

Super Mario Bros. 5: Lost Worlds
Developer(s) Nintendo logo 1 and Piranha Plant Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo logo 1
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U, Switch
Release Date(s)
Nintendo Wii U: 25px-Flag of Japan June 19th, 2017 25px-Flag of USA August 5th, 2017 25px-Flag of Europe October 31st, 2017 25px-Flag of Australia November 4th, 2017 Switch: 25px-Flag of USA December 25th, 2017 25px-Flag of Japan December 26th, 2017 25px-Flag of Europe February 21st, 2018

25px-Flag of Australia February 7th, 2018.

Singleplayer, Local Multiplayer, Online
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Super Mario Bros.
Predecessor Super Mario World
Successor  ???
Cost $75.95 Wii U $80.00 Switch
It has 32 worlds in total, making it have the most worlds in the franchise.

The character cast has 50 characters.


Name Info Unlocked Speed Jump Abilities

Letsa go!

Mario The main character in the game. Immediately 5th 3rd None.

The younger, yet the taller brother of Mario.

Luigi The cowardly brother of Mario. Immediately 2nd 1st None.
Toad - Mario Party

*Annoying Sounds Intensifies*

Toad The annoying fungus amoung us. Immediately 3rd 4th None.
Peach the princess
Peach The damsel in distress. W17-1 13th 5th Floating.
Rosalina The girl from space. W9-3 12th 6th Same as Peach.
Pira A Pipeless Piranha who's given up on evil. W6-10 4th 5th Can chop in mid-air to get a jump boost.

This isn't Petalburg...

Koops A Koopa from Petalburg. Immediately 2nd (Tied with Nella) 4th Can go into his shell to increase speed.
Nella A Buzzy Beetle who's given up on evil W6-10 2nd (Tied with Koops) 7th Same as Koops.
Baby Mario
Baby Luigi
Baby Peach
Baby Daisy

Non-Playable Characters

The NPCs.
Name Info
Toadsworth The guardian of Peach.
Sprixie Princesses The 7 rulers of the 7 worlds in the Sprixie Kingdom
Sprixies The peasants of the 7 rulers.
Toads The fungus is here.

Plot [WIP]

After the events of Super Mario 3D World, the Mushroom Kingdom celebrates, as Bowser's terror has come to an end, again, and the 7 Sprixie Princesses has been freed. Then, Princess Peach says she has a surprise for everybody. She says to close your eyes, because she needs to get prepared.

Two Minutes Later...

We hear a scream for help from Princess Peach.

We then hear Bowser's laugh. Mario opens his eyes to see a note floating in the destroyed castle saying "To get your Princess, go in the pipe.". He then goes into the KuniMana kingdom.


There are 32 worlds in total.

Kunimana Kingdom

World 1: Mushy Swamps

The first world. The first two levels are beach themed, the rest are swampy.

8 levels.

World 2: Flipprus Isle

A frozen little island.

Has 5 levels, and a secret exit.

World 3A: Koopa's Sky

The beginning of World 3. Very cloudy and stormy.

Consists of 3 levels and a airship.

World 3B Spacy Heights:

A massive solar system, containing 11 levels.

World 4: Tropical Pokey Peaks

A desert with mirages that make it look like paradise, but flickers off every 20 seconds.

7 levels and a secret exit.

World 5: Honeycomb Hive

A beehive filled with bees.

7 levels.

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