Super Mario Bros. 5: Episode II is the second part of the episodic game Super Mario Bros. 5. It was announced by Gamespot via a teaser trailer, but not much else was known about the game itself other than a few bits of information. The first was that Nintendo has announced Yoshi will be in the game. This was first noticed due to a Nintendo Blog tidbit. He was later confirmed in both a teaser trailer and the logo's official reveal. Reznors are antagonists in Episode II as well, first shown in the secret ending of Episode I and the new teaser trailer.

Nintendo stated numerous times that they had taken the strong feedback given to them about Episode I and taken it into account in the new episode, resulting in a "new physics engine" and a "new graphics engine". Level design was greatly improved with multiple ways to reach the end.

The game's product page on the Wii U Nintendo eShop leaked out several pieces of brand new information about the game, including eight brand new worlds (with one of the four being a "throwback" zone), and Offline and Online Co-Op Multiplayer.


Super Mario Bros. 5: Episode II is set right after the events of Super Mario Bros. 5: Episode I. After Mario and Luigi manage to destroy Bowser's Castle, he goes off to find the king again, however, Bowser has a surprise in store for him this time.

In this episode, Bowser revives one of his greatest minions, the Reznors. The second episode sees Mario and Luigi traveling through new zones, and this episode ties into the Reznors' original rivalry from Super Mario World. Yoshi joins the Mario Bros. in this episode by going for a ride through the stages as well as for using all new tag moves which are required to get through some stages.


The worlds are: