Super Mario Bros. 4 is a game developed by PAPERWARIOGAMES and published by Fantendo.It is the sequel to SMB.3

Super Mario Bros.4
Publisher(s) FANTENDO
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS,Wii U
Release Date(s)
December 11th 2011
1-P story,Multiplayer story,extras
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
(1988).It features new power ups and 4 player local and online co-op.Note:This is a PAPERWARIOGAME'S game.If you see something wrong just tell me and dont go 'U suck this game is bad'.Also, im hiring users for jobs at PAPERWARIOGAMES.Im hiring:Artists,Idea People, and Editors.


Gameplay in SMB4 is similar to NSMBW.The player has 3 stages of health:Big,Small,Smaller.Any power up will restore Mario and co.'s health. Each player has 4 lives if one is lost the player is dropped at a checkpoint if all are lost the player must restart the level.Players can ride yoshis.Each character has a signature move that can be performed when they collect a Star Flower.Mario gets a wing cap and can fly for a period of time.Luigi gets Jet boots which allow him to dash.Wario gets a magnet which collects extra coins for him.Waluigi gets a tennis racket to attack enemies.The game auto saves every time a player completes a level.


Bowser tired of losing all the time gives up.The koopalings,his minions,and Kamek convince him to try one more time.Bowser accepts but says that he will need a more complicated plot to sucseed.The koopa army leads an assault on the Mushroom Kingdom and captures Peach and the Grand Stars.The toad army sent in to chaos is enslaved by Bowser including Mario and Luigi.The brothers escape the dungeon and go up to the main tower where Peach is being held they discover that they will need all of the Grand Stars to open the door. On the way out the bros. meet Wario and Waluigi and say that they will give them a prize if they help the bros.The team gets many Grand Stars and go to the main tower.They defeat Bowser and rescue Peach the Wario bros. get thier prize and they all live happily ever after.


Bowsers dungeon


Miniboss: Bowser Jr.s Armada

Boss: Larry koopa


Miniboss 1: Dark Hammer Bros.

Mini Boss 2: Kamek

Boss: Roy


Boss: Bowser Jr.'s Brrrrrrrrbot


Miniboss: Wendy

Boss: Lemmy's Klown Bot


Miniboss: Bowser Jr.'s Bullet Billeriean

Boss: Iggy


Miniboss:Dark Hammer Bros.

Boss: Morton


MiniBoss: Kamek

Boss: Ludwig


Miniboss1: Kamek

Miniboss2:Koopalings Airship

Boss: Bowser

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