Super Mario Bros. 4: King Koopa's Wrath or called Super Mario Bros. 4: Bowser's Wrath is a 3DS game coming in 2014


After his previous defeat in Super Mario World, King Koopa has sent his Koopalings and  to take over a new world called Eastern Mushroom Kingdom Land where Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Toadstool booked for their vacation. Meanwhile at Eastern Mushroom Kingdom, Mario Luigi, Toad, and Princess Toadstool were at their hotel room [Room 758]. There was a cry for help so the gang went to see whats going on. Koopa in his Clown Car saw them and took Toadstool with him. So the trio follwed to the smoke from the white flying clown car.






World 1: Egg Plains

Egg Plains-1: Super Egg Island: The first level in the game. It'll have Goombas, Koopas, and Rexes.

Egg Plains-2: Monty Mole Cave: The second level in the game. Monty Moles and Piranha Plants

Egg Plains-3: Yoshi Grassland: A flat level with Yoshi and Hammer Brothers

Egg Plains-Tower: Block-Break Tower: The tower of the first world. Dry Bones and Brick Blocks are in this level. The boss is Boom Boom who will spin around and walk around the room.

Egg Plains-4: Mushroom Sky: A sky themed level with Paratroopas and mushrooms. Cape Feather is introduced.

Egg Plains-5: Splash Lake: The level is over the water. Cheeps Cheeps will try to beat you.

Egg Plains-6: Chargin' Chuck Hideout: A level that takes place inside a mountain with Chargin' Chucks

Egg Plains-Castle: Iggy's Fencing Castle: The castle of the first world. Poodoos and grates are in this castle. Iggy Koopa is the boss who will chuck hammers and use his hair as a horn

World 2: Honey Dunes

Honey Dunes-1: Quicksand Dunes: The first level in World 2. Quicksand pits and Charging Chucks are in this level.

Honey Dunes-2: Totem Ruins A level with tipping totems that could kill the player

Honey Dunes-3: Grrrols Cavern: Grrrols and Pokeys guard this underground level

Honey Dunes-4: The Sandy Oasis: A short level with Cheeps Cheeps, Boss Basses, and Paratroopas

Honey Dunes-Tower: Mega Fortress: A level with really big enemies and Snake Blocks. Army Hammer Brother is fought in here. He will throw sledge hammers and jump really high

Honey Dunes-5: Chain Chomp Pyramid: A level that acts like SMB3 2-4 and 2-5 together.

Honey Dunes-6: Lakitu Canyon: A level with Yoshi and Lakitus

Honey Dunes-Desert: A short level with Koopa Troopas and the Angry Sun.

Honey Dunes-Castle: Morton's Bullet Blast Castle: The castle of the second world. Spiked Balls and Bullet Bills are in this level. Morton Koopa Jr. is the boss who will ground pound and create spiked balls.

World 3: Aurora Glacier

Aurora Glacier-1: Slip n' Slide: This level introduces the Penguin Suit and you'll go sliding

Arorua Glacier-2: Frozen Wasteland: This level will have a few enemies but a lot of giant pits

Aurora Glacier-3: Cooligan Cavern: A level with Cooligans and Ice Bros.

Aurora Glacier-Fortress: Frozen Water Tower: A fortress with rising frozen water and undead enemies. Pom Pom will be the boss who will throw boomerangs and cloning herself.

Aurora Glacier-4: Flame Chomp Iceland: A level with Flame Chomps who will fire flames at the Ice Blocks

Arorua Glacier-5: Bullet Bill Mountainside: A sky themed level with Bullet Bills and weight like platforms

Arorua Glacier-6: Fliprus Lake: A short level with Fliprues and Cheep Cheeps

Aurora Glacier-Castle: Wendy's Ring Spinning Castle: The castle of the third world. Spinning platforms and Wendy's rings are in this level. The boss is Wendy O. Koopa who will skate and throw golden rings.

World 4: Splash Blast Beach/Underwater Sewers

Splash Blast Beach-1: Waterspout Coast: This level has waterspouts, Cheep Cheeps and Urchins.

Underwater Sewers-2: Grand Waterworks: A sewer level with Cheep Cheeps and Piranha Plants

Underwater Sewers-3: Piranha Sewer: A level with a types of Piranha Plants

Underwater Sewers-Fortress: Conveyor Tower: A tall level where you go up a tower with conveyor belts and steel blocks. The boss is Cheepskipper who will jump on the bridge and call Cheep Cheeps

Splash Blast Beach-4: Blooper Lagoon: An underwater level with Bloopers, Urchins and Cheep Chomps

Splash Blast Beach-5: The Sunken Ghost Ship: A ghost level with Boos and Fishbones

Splash Blast Beach-6: Dolphin Ocean: A level that's like Vanilla Secret 3 in SMW

Splash Blast Beach-Castle: Larry's Rainy Castle: The castle of World 4. It will have Skewers, Torpedo Teds, and a Boss Bass. It will take place in a storm. The boss is Larry who will dive in the water and fire flames that could turn to Koopa Troopas.

Splash Blast Beach-Airship: Bowser Jr.'s Bomber Blimp: The first airship in the game. The first half will feature Rocket Engines, Mechakoopas, and Cannons. The second half will features Torpedo Teds, Mecha Cheeps, and Marine Bros. The boss is Bowser Jr. who will ride in his Clown Copter with a spinning mace ball.

World 5: Toxic Jungle

Toxic Jungle-1: Piranha Plant Forest: A level with types of Pirranha Plants. Toxic water will be in this level too.

Toxic Jungle-2: King Sized Jungle: A level with giant enemies and giant blocks

Toxic Jungle-3: Haunted Forest: A ghost level with Boos and Peepas

Toxic Jungle-4: Freshwater Rapids: A water level with a raft, Cheep Cheeps and Spear Guys

Toxic Jungle-Fortress: Rising Magma Tower: The tower of World 5. Rising magma and Hanmer Bros. guard this level. The boss is Magmaeel who will swim under the battlefield and make lavaspouts.

Toxic Jungle-5: Wiggler Wonder: A level with Wigglers and Toxic water.

Toxic Jungle-6: Shy Guy Ruins: A long level with Shy Guys and Chain Chomps

Toxic Jungle-7: Jungle Clearing: An level with jungle like enemies and Buzzy Beetles

Toxic Jungle-Castle: Lemmy's Grinding Castle: The castle of World 5. It features Grinders and Poodoos. The boss is Lemmy Koopa who will trap you in a glass ball, throw bombs, and bounces on his ball

World 6: Malt Ball Mountain

Malt Ball Mountain-1: Bullet Bill Canyon: The first level of the sixth world. Bullet Bills and Stone Spike appear here.

Malt Ball Mountain-2: Monty Mole's Mine: A level that has a mining network. Monty Moles appear in this level.

Malt Ball Mountain-3: Huge Grassy Mountain: The biggest of the enemies appear here.

Malt Ball Mountain-4: Polar Cliffs: A ice themed level with Cooligans and Ice Bros.

Malt Ball Mountain-Fortress: Spiked Ball Fortress: A fortress level with spike balls and pillars. The boss is Boss Sumo Bro. who will make shockwaves and ground-pounds

Malt Ball Mountain-5: Porcupuffer Peaks: A water like level with a Porcupuffer and Hammer Bros.

Malt Ball Mountain-6: Whomp Mountain: The level is similar to the level in SM64

Malt Ball Mountain-7: Cloudy Clifftop: The hardest level in World 6. Bullet Bills, Sumo Bros and Sledge Bros guard here

Malt Ball Mountain-Castle: Roy's Crusher Castle: The castle of World 6. Lava geysers, pillars, and purple flames are in this level. The boss is Roy Koopa who shoots out fast missiles and tries to ram the player

Malt Ball Mountain-Airship: Junior's Foggy Battleship: The second airship. Clouds and nutscrews are in this level. You fight Bowser Junior again who this time uses a armored hovercraft.

World 7: Sugary Skies

Sugary Skies-1: Beanstalk Ascent: A canyon level that will advance the the clouds

Sugary Skies-2: Chain Chomp Clouds: A sky level with Chain Chomps

Sugary Skies-3: Water Bubble Hop: A level with Water Bubbles and Fuzzies

Sugary Skies-4: Flame Chomp Carnival: A nightime level with spinning wheels and Flame Chomps

Sugary Skies-Fortress: The Stormy Clouds: An outside fortress level with lighting bolts and Lakitus. The boss is Lakithunder who will throw Spinies and thunderbolts

Sugary Skies-5: Zipline Clouds: A level where you ride ziplines in order to reach the goal

Sugary Skies-6: Parabeetle Parade: A sky level with Parabeetles and King Bills

Sugary Skies-7: The Sky Factory: A metal like level with Bob-ombs and nuclear clouds

Sugary Skies-Castle: Ludwig's Electric Castle: A nighttime castle with Amps and Spike Pillars. The boss is Ludwig von Koopa who will teleport and make copies of himself.

World 8: Neon Bowser Resort

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