Nico Corporation's Fan Game
This is an Nico Corporation fan game made by NicoL.
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Super Mario Bros. 4 is a game by Nico Corporation for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Full of new features, like playing simultaneously appear in this game, but also elements of Super Mario Bros. 3 will come.

Playable Characters

Non-Playable Characters


Wiggler SMB4-Wiggler Boss Mario is going to beat this boss. For this, he will jump on him three times.



While in a Level

  • NES Pad: Move
  • NES A: Jump
  • NES B: Dash/interact
  • NES Start: Pause

On the World Map

  • NES Pad: Move Mario Around the Map.
  • NES A: Select level/item
  • NES B: Open the item menu


Small Mario SMB4 Smallmario This is Mario's weakest form, but it is the standard form used whenever a new game starts. If Mario is in one of his upgraded forms and takes too much damage, he will return to this state. While in this state, if Mario takes damage once, he will lose a life.
Super Mario SMB4 Super Mario This is Mario in his full size after using a Super Mushroom. Mario gains the ability to break Brick Blocks in this state (which he will not lose even if upgraded further), and additionally he can take one extra hit before losing a life.
Fire Mario SMB4 Firemario After utilizing a Fire Flower Mario will turn into Fire Mario, giving him the ability to throw fireballs at enemies. He will not turn to this if he is Small Mario, in which case he will turn to Super Mario (international release only).
Invincible Mario SMB4 Rainbowmario After getting a Starman, Mario will become invincible, being unable to be harmed by any enemies and most obstacles and getting squished. Along with the bonus of invincibility, Mario can also defeat most enemies without jumping on or throwing projectiles at them.

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