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Super Mario Bros. 3 II
Developer(s) Omega Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Omega X
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of USA May 15, 2013

25px-Flag of Japan May 16, 2013
25px-Flag of Europe June 20, 2013
25px-Flag of Australia July 2, 2013

Single Player: Normal Mode

Single Player: Plus Mode

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Remake
Media Included Omega X Card

Super Mario Bros. 3 II is a remake of the successful Super Mario Bros. 3, and has a New Super Mario Bros. Wii engine with better graphics and new power-ups.

This game was originally going to be called New Super Mario Bros. 3, but it has been heard that there is already a game called New Super Mario Bros. 3 and is said that they needed to change the name. The second name was Super Mario 99, but like the first one, there is already a game called Super Mario 99. The third and final name was Fantasia (not to be confused with the Disney movie) but they had to change the name (also) to avoid copyrights by Walt Disney Productions. The final name was perfect, with Super Mario Bros. 3 II. 56% voted "yes" and 44% voted "no". Then the game started being worked on.

When the game was 50% complete, there was originally going to be original worlds, but they had to change it because one person felt unsatisfied about the game process. Then they removed the original worlds, and replaced them with the worlds from Super Mario Bros. 3.


When Peach got saved from the evil Bowser, Mario gave her a present. However, the Koopalings snuck into the present before Mario saved Peach. She was about to open the present, then, the Koopalings jumped out of the present, Luigi got frightened, and then Bowser jumps out and grabs Peach. Mario runs to save Peach, then he realized he forgot Luigi. When Mario got back, Luigi was still frightened. Mario said that Luigi needs to come along to save Peach, but he doesn't respond. Then Mario goes without Luigi to save Peach.

Plus Mode

After you beat the game once, Plus Mode will be unlocked. It is the same as the regular game, except more difficult and new power-ups. Plus, it is the only way to unlock Luigi and Blaziken.


Image Name How to Unlock
Mario with a Propeller Box Mario Default.
Luigi with Coins Luigi Defeat Bowser twice.
KirbyWiiNew Kirby Buy at the shop.
NessHD Ness Buy at the shop.
Blink Link Buy at the shop.
BrawlMarth Marth Buy at the shop.
PPW Pikachu Pikachu Buy at the shop.
Agentp Perry N/A
Blaziken Blaziken Defeat Bowser twice.


Image Name Purpose
Toad3DLand Toad Used in the Plus Mode final battle
RosalinaSSB4 Rosalina Teaches how to use the power-ups


Image Name Form
SuperMushroom Super Mushroom Super Mario
FireFlower Fire Flower Fire Mario
Ice Flower Ice Flower Ice Mario
ThunderFlower Thunder Flower Thunder Mario
HammerSuit Hammer Suit Hammer Mario
TanookiSuit4 Tanooki Suit Tanooki Mario
MetalMushroom Metal Mushroom Metal Mario
BlooperSuit Blooper Suit Blooper Mario
FrogSuitSME Frog Suit Frog Mario
SuperLeaf2 Super Leaf Raccoon Mario
BoomerangSuit Boomerang Suit Boomerang Mario
GoombaShoe Goomba Shoe Shoe Mario
Robo Flower SMG2.5 Robo Flower Robo Mario
Star Starman Invincible Mario
BooMush Boo Mushroom Boo Mario
Agile 'shroom Agile 'Shroom Agile Mario
BrickMushroom Brick Mushroom Builder Mario
TubaFlower Tuba Flower Tuba Mario
SpringMush Spring Mushroom Spring Mario
BlueShell Blue Shell Shell Mario
Parashell Para Shell Para Shell Mario
Cape Feather NSMBVR Cape Feather Cape Mario
BulletSuit Bullet Suit Bullet Mario
Earth Rock SMWU Earth Rock Earthquake Mario
ClassicMushroom Classic Mushroom NES Mario
Magic Flower Magic Flower Magic Mario
Shark Mushroom Shark Mushroom Shark Mario
Draglet Suit SMW3D Draglet Suit Draglet Mario
Cheep-CheepSuitNew Cheep-Cheep Suit Cheep-Cheep Mario
Brush Flower Brush Flower Paint Mario
Banditmask Bandit Mask Bandit Mario
BurningMushroom Burning Mushroom Burning Mario
LiquidMushroom Liquid Mushroom Liquid Mario
P-Balloon P-Balloon Balloon Mario
CloudFlower Cloud Flower Cloud Mario
MegaMushroomSM3DW Mega Mushroom Mega Mario
MiniMushroom LTL Mini Mushroom Mini Mario


  • On September 3, 2014, a Omega Games U-Grade was added to include even more power-ups than the original game did.

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