Super Mario Bros. 3 (film)
Distributor(s) Paramount Pictures
Type Computer Animated
Genre(s) Action
Country of Origin United States
Walker Boone
Tony Rosato
Grey DeLisle
John DiMaggio
Age Rating(s)
Original Language English
Series Nintendo Cinematic Universe
Prequel(s) Super Mario Bros. 2 (film)

Super Mario Bros. 3 is a film by ElectricMayhem. It is the sequel to Super Mario Bros. 2 and introduces the Koopalings into the Nintendo Cinematic Universe.


Mario and Luigi are in the Mushroom Kingdom, when Peach invites them to her castle. They show up and go to her garden, where all her pet Yoshis are. They are all gathered around a Yoshi egg. It begins shaking, and hatches into a Baby Yoshi. There is a celebration in Toad Town for the birth of the new royal Yoshi, when screams are heard. Mario and Luigi rush to the scene. Professor E. Gadd's laboratory is burning down. Mario and Luigi run inside and Gadd tells them to take the F.L.U.D.D. Machine. Mario does so and puts out the fire. To thank them, Gadd lets Mario keep the F.L.U.D.D. and lets Luigi take his new invention, the Poltergust 4000. Gadd says he was just experimenting with Kamek's Magic Staff when some little creatures attacked him and took it from him, then set the place on fire with the staff.

Meanwhile, underneath the Kingdom in the Warp Pipe Maze, some Goombas drag Kamek into a small chamber full of tiny pipes running along the walls. The Koopalings, Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Ludwig, and Lemmy. Wendy gives Kamek his staff as Ludwig wheels in Bowser's skeletal remains on a big wagon. Larry tells Kamek to revive their father, Bowser, or else. Lemmy pulls out a sword and holds it to Kamek's throat. Kamek asks what's in it for him, and Wendy tells him he can have what's left of Toad Town and Peach's Castle when they're done.

Back at Toad Town, the ground begins shaking. Everyone looks up in horror as a big, gigantic "monster" attacks. Mario, Luigi, and Peach are relaxing at Peach's Castle, eating  a great dinner kicked by the royal Toad Chefs, when the castle is attacked. A giant mechanic hand drops down from a Doomship and crashes through the ceiling, grabbing Peach and taking her away. The Doomship then launches Bob-Ombs at Mario and Luigi, blowing them up.

The Toads all scream in terror as the Doomship flies away into the night sky, carrying Peach. Mario and Luigi wake up just in time to see "Giga Bowser" destroy Toad Town like Godzilla. When he's done, Giga Bowser laughs evilly and walks away, following the Doom Ship. Mario and Luigi run into the Yoshi Garden and see all the Yoshis have been slaughtered. They look around and fine the sole survivor, Baby Yoshi, hiding behind a bush. They take Baby Yoshi and go to get their weapons Gadd gave them earlier.

They run to Gadd's lab, which is pretty much just a bunch of scrap metal and a few computers on the ground. Gadd is sobbing miserably. They ask Gadd which way the Doomship went and he tells them it's going toward Bowser's old abandoned castle.  Before they go Gadd gives both of them "Super Leaves", which he says can help them, but Mario and Luigi just think he's being crazy, as they are just ordinary leaves. They take off with Baby Yoshi, and go to save Peach... again. Right at the end of town, Kamek approaches them, and attacks them with his Staff. He fires lightning bolts at them but they all dodge. Mario blasts Kamek with the F.L.U.D.D., knocking the staff out of his hand, which Luigi sucks up and destroys with the Poltergust.

At Bowser's old abandoned castle, the Koopalings lock Peach up in the dungeons, and Ludwig asks Giga Bowser what's next. Giga Bowser explains that it's not just about Peach anymore, and that they're only using her as bait for the Marios, so he can personally finish them off himself. Meanwhile, Mario, Luigi, and Baby Yoshi arrive at an old mansion, where they decide to stay for the night. As they are asleep, Luigi is woken up by a strange noise. He wanders off into the hallways. He hears footsteps behind him, so he turns around, but sees nothing. He looks back, but hears the footsteps behind him again. He turns around, but still nothing's there. He continues walking down the hall, but feels somebody breathing on the back of his neck. He turns around and comes face to face with a giant, floating, round, white ghost. They make eye contact for a split second, before the ghost yells "BOO!"

Mario hears Luigi's screams and runs to rescue him, but first he grabs the F.L.U.D.D. and the Poltergust just in case. He goes into the hall and sees the ghost chasing Luigi. He tosses Luigi the Poltergust and Luigi sucks it up. They high five eachother, but suddenly a hunchbacked, limping, skeletal Koopa Troopa comes walking down the hall, and they run off screaming. They wake up Baby Yoshi and grab the Super Leaves, and get out as the old mansion implodes on itself. The next morning, they are still walking, and are getting exhausted, when they see a beach. They go at the beach and relax, letting Baby Yoshi swim in the water. After a while Mario goes into the water to find Baby Yoshi, who has disappeared. He is suddenly attacked and pulled under by a giant eel named Unagi, who works for Bowser. Luigi runs to save him, but several Hammer Bros. jump out and surround him. The Mario Bros. are taken prisoner and brought to Bowser's Castle, where they are thrown in the dungeon with Peach and Baby Yoshi until their execution. They all reunite for a second, but realize that their doom is just right around the corner.

Back at Toad Town, Kamek has taken over and is ruling over the citizens with an iron fist. Toad and E. Gadd are sitting on a bench and talking about Mario and Luigi. Toad says he wonders how they're doing on their journey, and E. Gadd says it must not be good because Kamek took some of his robot blueprints and sent them to Bowser. In Bowser's old Trophy Room, Ludwig and Larry are working on making something for their father. Using Gadd's robot blueprints, they create a few Mecha-Koopas from old junk Bowser used to collect. They make tiny prototype Mecha-Koopas, and Wendy takes them. Wendy has gathered all the Shy Guys, Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and now Mecha-Koopas, and tells them to guard the castle in case anyone tries to rescue Mario and Luigi. In the dungeon, a guard walks by with a key, and Baby Yoshi gets an idea. He shoots his tongue out at the key and pulls it back into the cell, giving it to Mario. The guard calls for backup as Mario unlocks the cell door, freeing everyone. A bunch of Goombas attack, but Mario and Luigi manage to overpower them. Mario tells Peach and Baby Yoshi to escape through the back of the castle and let him and Luigi deal with Bowser.

Mario and Luigi get to the top floor of the castle, but are attacked by the Mecha-Koopas. They try to fight them off but the Mecha-Koopas are too strong for them. Luigi remembers the leaves, and tells Mario to take his out. Mario hesitates, but Luigi convinces him to just do it. Mario and Luigi take out their Super Leaves and grasp them in their hands, which activates the leaves' secret powers, transforming them in Raccoon Mario and Raccoon Luigi. They destroy the Mecha-Koopas easily with their new abilities, and go to face Bowser. Meanwhile, Peach and Yoshi are on their way back to Toad Town when they see a group of civilians, led by Gadd, who have come for them. Gadd tells them they escaped from Kamek to find Mario and Luigi. They go back to Toad Town to fight Kamek, who has been prepared. Kamek sends his newly conjured up Mega Goombas to get them, but Baby Yoshi just eats them all.

Mario and Luigi make it to Bowser's Throne Room, where Giga Bowser is waiting for them. He tells the Marios this will be their one last battle, for old times' sake. Giga Bowser charges at them, but they dodge it and he crashes into a pillar, knocking it down. He turns around and attacks them again, but they both hit him at the same time with their tales, sending him flying shell-first through the wall and into another pillar. He breathes a fireball at them but they dodge it and it hits a pillar behind them. Suddenly the whole room starts to shake and the ceiling begins to cave in. Giga Bowser roars at Mario and Luigi, but is too late as the entire castle collapses and explodes. Mario and Luigi crawl up from the rubble, covered in ashes and severely injured, but still alive.

They get back to Toad Town in time to see Baby Yoshi tackle and devour a helpless Kamek. Everyone cheers besides Mario and Luigi, who still fear Bowser may come back some day. However, Gadd cheers them up by showing them his new invention, a genetically altered Piranha Plant made to protect the kingdom... Petey Piranha! After Toad Town is rebuilt everyone begins celebrating again, with Bowser gone for good.

After the end credits, we see the Koopalings crawl up from the rubble, pretty much unharmed, when a meteor falls from the sky and crushes them.

Voice Cast

  • Walker Boone - Mario
  • Tony Rosato - Luigi
  • Grey Delisle - Princess Peach
  • John DiMaggio - Giga Bowser
  • Michael Gough - Professor E. Gadd
  • Jeff Bennett - Unagi the Eel
  • Quinton Flynn - Toad
  • Nancy Cartwright — Lemmy
  • Tom Kenny - Iggy
  • Tara Strong — Wendy
  • Jess Harnell — Larry
  • Kevin Michael Richardson — Roy
  • Rob Paulsen — Ludwig
  • Bill Fagerbakke — Morton
  • Jim Cummings - Kamek