Super Mario Bros. 3 (LuckyEmile edition)
Developer(s) LuckyEmile and Flandre Co.
Publisher(s) Nintendo and Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii
Release Date(s)
Mario: single player

Mario: 4P multiplayer

Pacman: single player

Pacman: 4P multiplayer


Age Rating(s)
3+ ERating
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Super Mario Bros. (LuckyEmile edition)
Predecessor Super Mario Bros. 2 (LuckyEmile edition)
Media Included video Game
Super Mario Bros. 3 (LuckyEmile edition) is the second sequel of Super Mario Bros. (LuckyEmile edition). It has many more features, which is similar to what Super Mario Bros. 3 did.



Name Image Description
Super mario by mintenndo-d62lh70
The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom is back once again! He now has loads of allies and is ready to save the princess again.
Luigi Alpha
The cowardly bro. of Mario. He has come along way, and isn't giving up now.
Blue Toad
Blue Toad is back, and this time, is going to save Princess Peach. You can play as him in 4 player mode.
Yellow Toad
YellowToad MP9
Blue Toads brother, Yellow Toad, is finally coming on an adventure. and, oh boy, what an adventure it is...
Retro Pacman
Pacman has returned from holiday with some friends. They too are going to save the princess.
Red Pacman
Pacman red
Red Pacman is, well, a red Pacman. He is going to help Pacman save the princess.
Cyan Pacman
Pacman cyan
Cyan Pacman is a friend of Pacman and the brother of Magenta Pacman. He is playable in 4 player mode of Pacman mode.
Magenta Pacman
Pacman magenta
The magenta Pacman is gonna show off his moves too. Of course he would help out old Pacman.
Yoshi egg
The dino friend of Mario is back to help Mario and has learnt some new moves! He can't wait to try them out, and what better time than a new adventure?
Glowy is back too, and can't wait to go on a second adventure. Of course, like Yoshi, he has some new moves up his sleeve...or shoe.
After hearing of Yoshi and Glowy's adventure, this red Yoshi fought he too should go on an adventure. He is the trusty dino pal of Blue Toad.
??? The fourth dino pal is undecided as of now. He will be paired with Yellow Toad, but no good colour can be found.
Princess Peach
Fire Peach
The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom has been Kidnapped time and time again. She can never catch a break.
File:Project Universal Rosalina.png
The truely pretty princess of the Marioverse. She helps Mario on his adventure. Although, she isn't actually going on the adventure.
Sonic the Hedgehog
The speedy hedgehog who is said to be the fastest thing alive (but is beaten by RainbowDash and some others). He is the blue-blur and was sent to the Mushroom Kingdom. While he is here, he might as well save princess Peach
Of course this cute little star sprite is back. She will help Mario, but from a distance... [or does she?...]


Name Image Description
The meanicing King of Koopas. With his fiery breath and increasing army, the huge leader wants the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom at his castle yet again.
MP9 Select Kamek
The highest levelled Magikoopa and assisstant of Bowser (as well as his former care-taker). He has found Bowser is getting darker and darker by the day. He used to kidnap the princess for his for her, now it is just out of cruelty.
The money-loving rival of Mario. He will do anything for money, and upon seeing the pay-rate of the Koopa Troop, he signed right up.
The equally greedy brother of Wario and rival of Luigi. He has a thing for cheating and joined the troop with Wario.
Pacman's arch-enemy. This ghost joined the Koopa Troop a while back and is still signed up. Well...good to see him back
The evil genius with an IQ higher than Sheldon Cooper! Wow! But to be honest, he doesn't seem THAT smart, maybe he cheated on his IQ test, as villians would do.
Metal Sonic
Metal Sonic r
argueablly one of Eggman's greatest creations. It is still going strong! And it's still out to get Sonic...

Story (Intro)

Mario, Luigi and Peach are seen walking up the hill with the tree where they usually go. A warp-pipe comes up and out jumps Pacman. 

"I'm back from holiday!" exclaims Pacman. Then, out of the piep jumps three more Pacman, a red one, a cyan one and a magenta one. Pacman explains that they are his friedns and they have come to live with him. Mario, Luigi and Peach introduce themselves and greet the newcomers. However, a blue warp-pipe comes out of the group and out jumps a blue Hedgehog. It was Sonic. 

"Hi old buddy, how ya' been?" he asks Mario.

"Okey Dokey" Mario replies.

Sonic explains that eggman took some of his badnics and travelled to the Mushroom kingdom. They then go to Peach's Castle for a meeting.

Meanwhile, in the dark realm, Bowser is talking with eggman. Only mumbling can be heard. They shake hands and Eggman enter a room. Bowser then walks up to Goomba, Boo and Kamek. The three "salute" him and Bowser tells them they are going to kidnap the princess again. Kamek asks if Bowser misses her, but Bowser grabs him and roars at him angrily and tells him to "shut up". He them drops Kamek and walks off. 

"My my, Bowser is getting much more sinister." says Kamek, curious and worried. 

"Don't worry, sir Kamek, he's probably going through a phase" replies Goomba, attempting to calm Kamek down.

"Let's hope, ever since that Eggman has got here, he seems to be very serious..." says Kamek.

Bowser is shown entering his Koopa Clown Car and has the troops board the airship. He then orders them to travel to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario, Luigi, Peach, Rosalina, Toad, Pacman, Red Pacman, Cyan Pacman, Magenta Pacman, Sonuc, Yoshi, Starlow, Glowy, Speedy, ..., Blue Toad, Yellow Toad and Toadsworth are all at the meeting. Sonic enlightens them all on Dr. Ivo Robotnic, better know as Dr. Eggman. They all seemed shocked by the information and they head out to stop him.

However, once outside, they clouds turn purple. The Toads and Yoshis panic and run inside the castle. A huge hand appears from Bowser's now-visible flagship. it grabs Peach and Bowser orders Koopa to tie her up. He does so and then she is put into a sack. Bowser says that the best way to keep her out of Mario's hands is to lock her up. Koopa locks her in a chest and places the chest in an airship, which he pilots back to the Dark Realm. They then leave the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser laughs.

Mario and the gang set out to rescue Peach.


World Name Theme Bosses Description
1 Mushroom Plains Grassland

Fort- ?

Castle- ?

2 Cacti Desert Desert

Fort - ?

Castle - ?

3 Spooky Woods Ghost

Fort - ?

Castle - ?

4 Watery wetlands Beach

Fort - ?

Castle - ?

5 Giant Jungle Giant/Jungle

Fort - ?

Castle - ?

6 Shy Guy Moutains Mountian

Fort - ?

Castle - ?

7 Icy Snowy Dream Ice

Fort - ?

Castle - ?

8 High Skies Clouds

Fort - ?

Castle - Kamek

9 Dark Realm Lava

Fort - ?

Castle - Bowser

Story (ending)


Here are Mario's controls:

Button Effect
D-pad (left or right) walk, enter sideways pipe
D-pad (down) crouch, enter pipe
D-pad (up) enter door
1 run, shoot projectile (certain power-ups), toungue (Yoshi)
2 jump, fly (certain power-ups), flutterjump (Yoshi)

Here are Pacman's controls:

Button Effect
D-pad (left or right) walk, enter sideways pipe
D-pad (down) crouch, enter pipe
D-pad (up) enter door
1 run, shoot pac-dot (projectile power-up)
2 jump

Here are Sonic's controls:

Button Effect
D-pad (left or right) walk, enter sideways pipe
D-pad (down) crouch, enter pipe
D-pad (up) enter door
1 run, spin attack (whilst in mid-air)
D-pad (down) + 1 spin ball
2 jump


There are some power-ups new to the Super Mario Bros. (LuckyEmile edition) series in this game. Here is a list of all of them:

Name Image Item Effect
Super mario by mintenndo-d62lh70
Super Musroom
Fire Flower
Ice Flower
Cape Mario SMWU

Cape Feather

Coming soon
Frog Suit
Hammer Bro.
Hammer Bro. Suit
Starman Mario
Superstar Mario
Green Star

The green star power-ups are back! Because there are new power-ups, that means new Green Star power-ups!

Name Image Items/combonation Effect
Starman Mario
Green Star + Small

Mario gains the effects of a Super Mushroom and a Starman

MegaMario NSMB2

Green Star + Super

Mario grows in size and destroys EVERYTHING in his path! It only lasts for fifteen seconds though...

Super Fiery


Green Star  + Fire

Mario gains the ability to throw a huge fire-dragon at will. It is very similar to Kirby's Monster Flame. It lasts until the end of the level.

TBA N/A Green Star + Ice TBA

Green Star + Cape

Mario can now fly infinitly! It lasts until the end of the level.

TBA N/A Green Star + ??? TBA

WInged Frog


Green Star + Frog

Mario can now control like he is underwater in any level. He flies through the air as easy as he swims. It lasts until the end of the level.

TBA N/A Green Star + Hammer Bro. TBA
Superstar Mario

Green Star + Starman

Mario can fly, shoot fireballs and is invincible! It last forever, but can be turned off in the menu screen or the pause screen.

In this game, Pacman has some power-ups, they are:

Name Image Item Effect
Retro Pacman
Pac-dot rises one HP to a maxium of five
Retro Pacman
Power Pellet enlarges Pacman for ten seconds, he can eat any enemy.
Projectile Pacman
Projectile-dot allows Pacman to shoot pac-dots as projectiles until hit.



Items and objects


In World 1-1, Rainbow Dash appears in the background. She appears in the background for the whole of the level. If the player beats her to the flagpole, she will fly to the foreground and call you. She will award you with 99 lives for beating her (but say she was only doing a "warm-up" in her defence). In order to beat her, the player must speed run the level. She doesn't appear until the player has beat the level and has gotten all the ace coins in the level, so to keep it more of a secret.