Super Mario Bros. 2 (film) is the sequel to the much hated Super Mario Bros. film released in 1993. This sequel was released in 2003 (10 years after the original) and, like the original, recieved negative review scores. The actors are the same as the original


Mario and Luigi are doing their usual plumbing job. It is seen that Princess Daisy and Toad (in his normal form) help them advertise. Suddenly, a black hole appears. The four hear a call for help from it and decide to enter to see what's wrong. They get teleported to Subcon and it is revealed that Wart has kidnapped the Subcon King, in hope of ruling the land himself. They set out to stop his evil plot.


Mario-Bob Hoskins

Luigi-John Leguizamo

Princess Daisy-Samantha Mathis

Toad-Mojo Nixon

Wart-John Fifer

Subcon King-Lance Henriksen

Birdo-Francesca Roberts

Anthony Scapelli-Gianni Russo


After the original film didn't sell so well, the development team, much to some of the actor's dissapointment, decided to "try again" and make a sequel. If the sequel got good reviews and sold well, they said it would be likely a Super Mario Bros. 3 film would be developed. If the opposite occured, a Super Mario Bros. 3 film would not be developed.

The Future

Since the sequel got negative reviews, a third film in the series will not be developed.

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