Super Mario Bros. is a film series by Roads based on the Mario series. Each film involves the Power Star.

Note: These will remain as descriptions until further notice. I may not make them into fully written-out pages.

Super Mario Bros.

Mario and Luigi find themselves in a mysterious mushroom world in another dimension. Meanwhile, a giant turtle thing named Bowser has kidnapped the princess, knowing that she is the only one who knows how to the Power Star's power to breach the dimensional barrier and take over the "real world."

Super Mario Bros. 2

Purple mushroom-like aliens called Shroobs invade the Mushroom World, carrying with them an artifact known as the Cobalt Star. The leader, Princess Shroob, thinks that rather than being kidnapped, her mother, Queen Shroob, was sucked into the Cobalt Star. However, only the power of the Power Star can crack it and release her. Mario and Luigi have to stop Princess Shroob from completing her plan before it's too late.

Super Mario Bros. 3

After the last movie, the Cobalt Star was split into six pieces, each one going to a different area of the Mushroom World. The Power Star, however, was locked back up in Peach's castle's underground vault. Bowser wants the Cobalt Star as well as the Power Star to power his Mega-Doomship, but a Shroob-infested Peach wants it to attempt to release Queen Shroob... again. After a fight between Bowser and (stronger than normal) Shroob-Peach, the Cobalt Star is shattered, releasing a purple cloud that floats over to the Power Star, fusing with it. What is formed is... the Dark Star?

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