Super Mario Bros.
Director Tigertot
Studio(s) Ghostrealm Studios Productions
Writer(s) Tigertot
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Genre(s) Action/Adventure
Music Koji Kondo
Theatrical Release Date(s)
Home Edition Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Runtime 2 hours
Series Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. is a movie being developed by Ghostrealm Studios Productions, the recently-founded movie development division of the company, and will be distributed by Nintendo. It is the first in a trilogy of three.


Although 1993's Mario movie flopped, Ghostrealm Studios, a video game company that often worked closely with Nintendo, began working on a script.



For years, the Mushroom Kingdom has prospered as a powerful nation, led by King Toadstool III. However, the king is assisted by his advisors, with one of them being known as Governor Bowser II, one of the king's closest allies. At one point in time, the kingdom was suffering an economic crisis, with jobs being lost and companies declaring bankruptcy. Even worse, there were rumors circling around that some of the king's advisors were corrupt. Bowser decided that the king's rule was weakened, and believed that he should attempt a coup, so that he can bring the kingdom back to it's former glory.

Bowser then attacks the Mushroom Palace alongside citizens who seek to overthrow King Toadstool as well, but he and his troops are arrested and put on trial for treason. Bowser and his troops are given life sentences, but Bowser's ideals continue to circle around the Mushroom Kingdom.

Part 1

Two years after Bowser's imprisonment, the terrorist organization known as K.O.O.P.A., founded by citizens who want to fufill Bowser's goal, has become a major threat to the Mushroom Kingdom. While King Toadstool plans out a course of action, his daughter's bodyguards, Mario and Luigi, capture a K.O.O.P.A. soldier who was sent by their leader, the "Koopa King", to assassinate King Toadstool. Because of this, the king demands that his daughter, Princess Peach, should be heavily guarded at all times.


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