Super Mario Bros. is a movie that will be released in 2015 made by Golden Ring Studios.


On Mario's birthday, a green pipe suddenly appears from the ground, and monster turtles begin to invade Brooklyn. While investigating the pipe, Mario falls down it into a different world. His brother Luigi jumps after him, and they wake up in the Mushroom Kingdom, a place full of mushroom people known as Toads, where a princess named Peach rules with the Mushroom Retainers.

There are monstrous turtles there, also, who are turning the residents into blocks. They kidnap the Mushroom Retainers and Princess Peach, then head back to their land. Mario, Luigi, and two Toads who survived the attack follow the turtles. Once the turtles reach their land, they enter a castle. Mario, Luigi, and the two Toads break into the castle and find that it is ruled by a King named Bowser.

Bowser is a giant monster turtle, and he calls the other monster turtles "Koopa Troopas." He then reveals to the Koopa Troopas that he is planning to expand his army by adding Lakitus, Cheep-Cheeps, Bloopers, etc. He notices the Mario brothers and the two Toads, and then calls for somebody named Kamek. Kamek uses a Magic Wand to blast them all away, and Bowser sends the Koopas to where they were sent to, along with some other enemies such as Goombas and Bullet Bills.

Mario and Luigi wake up with the two Toads, who say their names are Yellow Toad and Blue Toad, in a valley known to the Mushroom Kingdom as World One. Blue Toad gives everyone a map of World One, and tells them that the only way out is through one of Bowser's fake castles, which Peach might hopefully be in. Now that World One is invaded by Koopas and Goombas, they must escape to a pipe at the end of the kingdom. A Goomba charges at Mario, who jumps in horror, and hits the Goomba. Blue Toad says that most of Bowser's minions are teleported back to his castle when they are attacked.

Luigi then jumps on a Koopa Troopa, but it just hides in its shell. He jumps on it again, and it starts spinning out of control, chasing the Mario brothers and the Toads. The shell almost hits Yellow Toad, but he quickly jumps and hits a yellow block with a question mark on it. A flower pops out of it and falls on him. The flower allows him to shoot fire from his hands, and aims at the Koopa, who then disappears after being defeated. There is a sign pointing forwards, and they all head that direction.

They find the pipe, and all jump in it, going to the underground area, which Blue Toad claims is a shortcut. They find the shortcut also invaded by Bowser's minions. Yellow Toad sees a Bullet Bill cannon, which fires a Bullet Bill at him. He shoots fire at it, but it doesn't affect it. At the last second, Luigi jumps on it. Yellow Toad thanks Luigi, but is attacked by a Koopa while being distracted. The Koopa makes him not able to use his fire powers anymore, and the group runs to the exit, which is another pipe.

After exiting the pipe, they find Bowser's fake Castle and enter it. A giant lava monster known as a Blargg chases them, and when they finally find a door, they discover that a "False Bowser" is inside. The Bowser shoots fireballs at them, which they all duck under. Luigi jumps off the top of Blue Toad over the False Bowser. Everyone does the same, except for Blue Toad, who jumps off a wall over Bowser. They fall on a big red button that makes the False Bowser fall into a pit of lava.

In the back of the castle, they find one of the seven Mushroom Retainers. The Mushroom Retainer tells them that the princess is in Bowser's Castle, which happens to be near World Eight. He gives them a map of World Two, the area right next to the castle's exit. They find themselves near the water, with many Cheep-Cheeps jumping out. Mario hits his head on a block while trying to avoid one, and it releases a Starman. When he touches it, it grants him invincibility. He touches everyone else, and they become invincible as well and run quickly to the end of World Two.

In the castle in World Two, the group finds themselves cornered by Goombas on one side and Bullet Bills on the other. Luigi tells everyone to jump, and the Bullet Bills and Goombas charge at each other. They then enter the room where another False Bowser is. They perform the same technique, and another Mushroom Retainer gives them a map of World Three. When they exit the castle, they enter World Three, but they instantly fall underwater.

The group follows a Blooper underwater to the entrance to Bowser's fake castle in World Three, but the Blooper soon finds out and makes it difficult for them all to follow him. Eventually, he splits them all up, each in different Worlds. Mario, however, made it to Bowser's fake castle. Inside the castle, he can't do the thing he did in the last two castles since Blue Toad is not there, so he takes a risk by jumping over the False Bowser and hitting the red button. A Mushroom Retainer greets him and hands him the map of World Four.

Luigi, in World Six, finds that it is now nighttime, and wakes up right next to the False Bowser's castle. Before entering, he is attacked by several Bullet Bills. He rushes in, and this time, he has to hop across the lava and avoid Podoboos. The False Bowser attacks him, and Luigi learns he can jump really high, and he jumps over Bowser and lands on the button. Another Mushroom Retainer gives him a map, this time of World Seven.

In World Four, Mario meets up with Blue Toad in a shortcut underground area. At first, they seem to be alone, but Buzzy Beetles are raiding the area. A Mushroom Retainer that claims to have escaped helps them get to the end of the underground, and shows them a secret entrance with three pipes. Blue Toad and Mario each jump in different pipes, Mario going to World Five and Blue Toad to World Eight.

Yellow Toad meets Mario in World Five. The World is very cold and snowy, but highly infested with Bullet Bills and Piranha Plants. Yellow Toad and Mario each hold on to a Bullet Bill, but a Piranha Plant swallows Yellow Toad and spits him to Bowser's Castle in World Eight. Mario crashes into World Five's False Bowser castle by chance, but flies right into the room with False Bowser. He jumps off the Bullet Bill onto the button, and a Mushroom Retainer gives him a map to World Six. However, Luigi appears from a pipe and takes Mario to World Seven instead, saying he already freed the Mushroom Retainer in World Seven.

Hammer Bros. throw hammers at the Mario brothers while they are trying to escape. Mario hopefully jumps on a block to see what it will give him, but all he gets is a Mushroom. Luigi grabs the Mushroom, hoping it will help for later. A Hammer Bro. kidnaps Luigi and takes him to World Eight. Mario, now alone, hits another question mark block to see what it will give him. He gets another Fire Flower, and shoots all the enemies with fireballs.

Reaching the World Seven castle, Mario finds it strange that no enemies are there. He then sees several firebars that he tries to jump over. He almost fails at jumping over the last one, but he makes it into the room with the False Bowser. Instead of pressing the red button, he alternatively hits the False Bowser with fire several times, and he eventually disappears. Mario continues on his journey after saving the final seventh Mushroom Retainer. He gets a map for World Eight, but it falls into lava before he leaves.

Mario climbs up a hill to get to World Eight, and finds himself at the back side of a castle. He tries to get to the front, but must avoid hammers, Bullet Bills, pipes, etc. He finally enters the castle, and finds himself locked inside. He runs through the place, but finds himself in an endless path. He chooses a different path, but he finds he must then choose two more paths to complete the puzzle. Once he finally does, a Thwomp smashes the ground, and the force knocks him into the final section of the castle.

Bowser shoots fire at Mario very quickly. Mario tries to jump over him, but when he hits him, he shrinks, but still smashes the button. When he goes to save Princess Peach, Kamek revives Bowser, and this time he is bigger. Mario hears the princess yelling "Somebody! Help me!" and runs to save her. The giant Bowser chases him, smashing everything in sight. Mario sees Princess Peach, Yellow Toad, Blue Toad, and Luigi all trapped in a cage. Bowser is about to smash Mario when Luigi yells, "Mario! Catch!" and throws the mushroom at him.

Mario jumps up when he gets the mushroom, and becomes larger again. He lands on Bowser's hand, who screams and stumbles backwards. He then hits the only support left in the whole castle. Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad, Blue Toad, and Princess Peach quickly escape while the castle falls down on the gigantic Bowser. When they get out, the castle completely falls down.

Back in the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach asks Mario what his name is. Mario answers her question, and then tells her he has to go home. Luigi suggests that they could stay in the Mushroom Kingdom for a little while, but Mario disagrees, saying that they have to save the real world from the Koopas, but they will be able to return any time after that. Mario and Luigi leave through the pipe, but a frog from the real world hops out of the pipe. Peach looks at the frog, which quickly hops away. She follows the frog to a place far away from the Mushroom Kingdom, and says, "Subcon."


  • Charles Martinent as Mario and Luigi
  • Samantha Kelly as Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, and Princess Peach
  • Scott Burns as Bowser/False Bowsers
  • Motoki Takagi as Hammer Bros. and Koopa Troopas
  • Scott Drier as Bullet Bills
  • Deanna Mustard as Daisy
  • ??? as Blooper
  • ??? as Kamek


After a series of SEGA movies, Golden Ring Studios asked for rights to making films in the Mario series. Shigeru Miyamato was unsure if he should do another movie, as the last one didn't turn out so great, but he decided to see how the first movie was and, if the movie got positive receptions, he would allow Golden Ring Studios to create two more movies.

The film was originally planned to have a small piece of live action in it and a longer beginning, but both ideas were cut. The first one was cut because of how the first movie had turned out, and the second was cut because Golden Ring Studios thought the film was long enough already.

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