A list of voice overs for the characters in Super Mario Bros. (2012 TV Show)

Mario and Luigi

Super Mario Land 3 - Oh Brother (Part 1)06:08

Super Mario Land 3 - Oh Brother (Part 1)

This video shows the voices that will be used for Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros (2012 TV Show). They will be voiced by the guys that did them in the old TV show.


TMNT Voice Clips - The Shredder04:22

TMNT Voice Clips - The Shredder

Bowser will be voiced by the same guy that did The Shredder in the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlescartoon. His name is Scottie Ray.


Totally Spies Sam's Study Secrets00:31

Totally Spies Sam's Study Secrets

The actress that did Sam from Totally Spies will voice Peach. Her name is Jennifer Hale.

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