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Super Mario Bros. (2008 film) is a 3D animated film for Movie Theathers created by New super sonic kirby X based on the popular game franchise. It was released by X-Productions with the license of Nintendo, and the help of Viacom and Paramount Pictures. It was the first installment of X-Productions Cinematic Universe.


In Brooklyn, New York, lived two american-italian builders named Mario Mario and Luigi Mario. One day, a giant gorilla named Donkey Kong attacked a building where Mario and Luigi were building and kidnapped a woman named Pauline. However, Mario climbed the building avoiding all the enemies using a hammer, finally, Mario climbed the building and punched Donkey Kong in the craneum, and he fell to the floor and Mario and Pauline shared a kiss, the two began a relationship.

Mario turned a hero in Brooklyn and shared his fame and fortune with Luigi, but one day, Donkey's young son, Donkey Kong Jr., freed his father and scaped of the zoo, but Mario, Luigi and their childhood friend and also a Bugman, Stanley, ran to protect Brooklyn, and Donkey kidnapped Pauline again, after fighting with Donkey and his son, the two gorillas scaped trough a green pipe with Pauline, and Mario and Luigi jumped to the pipe, and Stanley became Brooklyn's new hero.

The two crashed in a place full of Walker Turtles, Moskerellas and other enemies from the original Mario Bros. But the gorillas scaped with Pauline, Mario and Luigi avoided the enemies and crossed another pipe, and they fell in unconciousness into a green prairie. A bunch of Toads (red, green, purple, blue and Toadette) took the brothers and brought them to Peach's castle. Peach awakened Mario with a kiss on the front, and Toadsworth remembered a prophecy of two red and green heroes that wilk stop Mushroom Kingdom and Koopa Kingdom's war. 


  • Charles Martinet as Mario and Luigi.
  • Amy Adams as Princess Peach.
  • Tom Kenny as Toad and Bowsy/Bowser Jr. And Stanley the Bugman.
  • Michael Fassbender as Bowser and Master Toadsworth,
  • Scarlet Johanson as Princess Daisy.
  • Grey de Lisse as Toadette.
  • Tara Strong as Pauline. 
  • Jason Ritter as Larry Koopa
  • Jace Norman as Ludwig Von Koopa.
  • Miranda Cosgrove as Wendy Koopa.
  • Alex Hirsch (guest) as Metal Mario/Metal Luigi.
  • Shigeru Miyamoto as himself.


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