Super Mario Bros. (2008 film) is a GCI animated film for Movie Theathers created by New super sonic kirby X based on the popular game franchise. It was released by X-Productions with the license of Nintendo, and the help of Viacom and Paramount Pictures. It was the first installment of X-Productions Cinematic Universe.

Super Mario Bros: Legend of Heroes
Director New X
Studio(s) X-Productions
Writer(s) New X
Based on Super Mario Bros.
Distributor(s) X-Productions Cinematic Universe
Genre(s) Animated, Fantasy
Country of Origin USA/Japan
Age Rating(s)
PG (USA/UK/Australia)




Original Language English and japanese (two original versions)

Dubbed to Spanish, French, etc.

Runtime 105 minutes aprox.
Series Super Mario Bros.

X-Productions Cinematic Universe

Prequel(s) N/A
Sequel(s) Sonic the Hedgehog: The First Adventure (Cinematic Universe)

Super Mario Bros. 2: The Dream World


In Brooklyn, New York, lived two american-italian builders named Mario Mario and Luigi Mario. One day, a giant gorilla named Donkey Kong attacked a building where Mario and Luigi were building and kidnapped a woman named Pauline. However, Mario climbed the building avoiding all the enemies using a hammer, finally, Mario climbed the building and punched Donkey Kong in the craneum, and he fell to the floor and Mario and Pauline shared a kiss, the two began a relationship.

Mario turned a hero in Brooklyn and shared his fame and fortune with Luigi, but one day, Donkey's young son, Donkey Kong Jr., freed his father and scaped of the zoo, but Mario, Luigi and their childhood friend and also a Bugman, Stanley, ran to protect Brooklyn, and Donkey kidnapped Pauline again, after fighting with Donkey and his son, the two gorillas scaped trough a green pipe with Pauline, and Mario and Luigi jumped to the pipe, and Stanley became Brooklyn's new hero.

The two crashed in a place full of Walker Turtles, Moskerellas and other enemies from the original Mario Bros. But the gorillas scaped with Pauline, Mario and Luigi avoided the enemies and crossed another pipe, and they fell in unconciousness into a green prairie. A bunch of Toads (red, green, purple, blue and Toadette) took the brothers and brought them to Peach's castle. Peach awakened Mario with a kiss on the front, and Toadsworth remembered a prophecy of two red and green heroes that wilk stop Mushroom Kingdom and Koopa Kingdom's war.

In Bowser's Castle, Bowser, the King Koopa, discovered that the prophecy was true and the red and green heroes will stop him, so Bowser orders Kamek to found the two heroes and destroy them, in the way to Mushroom Kingdom, Kamek finds Donkey Kong, DK JR. And Pauline were in the Pokey Village, then, Kamek attacks Pauline and the two gorilas, Kamek brings DK and Jr. To Bowser while Pauline was trapped on the Koopa Jail. Bowser made a deal with Donkey Kong to help him to invade Mushroom Kingdom, DK Jr. opposed, but was thrown to the Koopa Jail against Donkey Kong's will.

Meanwhile in Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi were being trained by Master Toadsworth and they learned to use items. Peach sended them to their first mission: stop a Koopa band in the Mushroom Store. Mario and Luigi found the Koopa Brothers attacking the store, so the two brothers fought them and Mario defeated them using the Fire Flower, so the Koopa Brothers ran scared.

The two brothers followed them riding a Yoshi, so Kamek flied to Mushroom Kingdom kidnapping Peach and apparently killing Toadsworth, a Toad with a red-spot hat tried to seek Kamek and Peach, meanwhile, in Koopa Jail, Pauline used her cellphone to call Mario and tell him that she was kidnapped by Bowser, Koopa Brothers scaped through a pipe and entered to the Underground and the two brothers, alongside Yoshi, followed them, after crossing the Underground, they entered on the Snow Land. 

In the Snow Land, a native Toad told Mario, Yoshi and Luigi that Toadsworth died at Kamek's hands. Mario and Luigi got furious and unleashed their secret fire powers to attack the Koopa Brothers, nearly killing them, however, Snowmad Kingappeared and tried to attack them, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Koopa Brothers combined their forces to defeat Snowmad King, Mario and Luigi warned him about Koopa Invasion, so Snownad King promised to help them. After that Koopa Brothers decided to join Mario and Luigi, turning into traitors of Koopa Kingdom.

The group entered to the Bob-Omb Kingdom, where a Pink Bob-Omb named Stacey told them that they are opressed by the King Bob-Omb, a dictator and his Black Bob-Omb Army, the group and Stacey were trapped by King Bob-Omb in the jail, however Yoshi was able to scape and thrown King Bob-Omb through a window of his castle and after that, exploded freeing Black Bob-Ombs and Pink Bob-Ombs of his mind controll, then, Mario told Stacey of Koopa Invasion and Stacey promises them to help to fight Bowser.

After entering to Koopa Kingdom, they were intercepted by Bowser Jr. and captured, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi were trapped on the Koopa Jail where they met Daisy, Sarasaland Princess while the Koopa Brothers were prepared for execution. Luigi fell in love with Daisy, while Mario and Peach shared a kiss, and Pauline fell in sadness and scaped but was took by Kamek and prepared for execution, however, Stanley, alongside Toadsworth (who survived), Toad, and Toadette appeared and saved them. 

Donkey Kong ran to the Koopa Jail and freed Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, DK Jr, Koopa Brothers and Peach, King Snownad and his snowmen army appeared to fight Bowser. Also Stacey, who turned into the new Bob-Omb queen appeared alongside the Pink, Black Bob-Ombs and Mushroom Kingdom battle troops to stop Bowser, begining the final battle. Bowser Jr. appeared to help Bowser and the Koopa Army.

After a chaotic battle, Mario and Luigi (with the Fire Form) decided to finally destroy Bowser, who ate a Smash Ball as a last resource, turning into Giga Bowser, Giga Bowser told Mario and Luigi that now, he has the power to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom with only one jump, however, Bowser was shut down by Kamek, then, Bowser lose his powers and fell to unconciousness, and finally Kamek took the Smash Ball, however, the Smash Ball took dark colors, and Kamek was possesed by a evil spirit turning into a supreme being named Magic Lord. 

Magic Lord told the brothers that he wants to destroy the Multiverse and cause a dimensional cataclism, to reach his goals, he should fuse all the universes into one, so he opened portals to all the universe, but Peach gave Mario and Luigi the sacred elements that were stored on Mushroom Kingdom by millions of years: The Mushroom, The Star, The Flower, the ? Block, and the P-Wing. They took the elements, turning into Light Mario and Light Luigi, then, they fused their energies creating a light laser that impacted on Magic Lord, destroying him returning Kamek to his normal form.

Mario and Luigi returned to their normal forms, the Koopas were defeated and the two villains fell into unconciousness. Mario found Pauline to apologize with her, but Pauline replied him that it doesn't matter if he loves Peach, that she just wants that he would be happy. Both shared a hug and Pauline and Stanley returned to New York by a pipe.

After that, Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi were on a party at Mushroom Kingdom because Bowser was defeated and thrown to the jail alongside Kamek, a Koopa made a peace treat with Peach declaring peace between Mushroom Kingdom and Koopa Kingdom, then, the Koopa Brothers appeared and decided to stay in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi would stay in the Mushroom Kingdom too and they turned into the Kingdom's heroes, and then, the party continued.

Post-Credit scene

After the credits, it is seen the Mushroom Castle during the night, a mysterious hooded woman appeared and storaged the Sacred Elements again in a secret room of the Castle, a Luma Star appeared and asked the woman where she would storage the Star, the woman revealed being Rosalina, snd she told her Luma Star that she'll storage the Star, the Element of Mario Universe in the Star Palace, a safe place where him would never find the Multiversal Elements.

Voice Cast