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This is the Story of Super Mario Bros. 1, Click Here to read Super Mario Bros. 2 The Story. This is my opinion of how it all started, So if yours is different, you don't have to read it if you don't want so please enjoy it

Brooklyn, New York

'Mario is sitting at his desk working out schedules and files, while Luigi is feasting on Pasta watching Wheel of Fourtune.....'

Mario: Luigi, All you do all day is eat pizza and watch that show!

Luigi: Well im becoming smart while yor sitting over there scraping lead all over tree paper!, any way the girl who makes the letters appear is hot!

Mario: [ Not- Surprised face]

'Phone rings, Mario picks it up...'

Mario: Mario Bros. Plumbing, you Colg em we Plumb em, Hello?

Caller: Hello there, My shower has a plumbing problem and it needs fixed, could you help, im on 243 West Ave., i'll pay $33.00 Dollars

Mario: Okay, Good, Bye! [Hangs up phone]

Luigi: Im guessing were going, aren't we.....

Mario: Yep.....

'Mario and Luigi walk out of the Apartmant to there Old Pickup Truck sitting on the street, with the letters "MARIO BROS. PLUMBING SERVICE, YOU CLOG EM WE PLUMB EM!" With Letters covering the back part saying "STUIPD PLUMBERS!" and "YOUR PIPE SUCKERS!".'

Mario: Awww, teenagers wrote all over my car again! I just cleaned that to!

Luigi: I drive!

Mario: Oh no you dont!

[Mario and Luigi rush to see who gets in the front seat, they open the door and are smushing each other..... until Luigi makes it first]

Luigi: Haha!

Mario: [Looking other way] Yeah, yeah...Just go....

Mario and Luigi pull out of the drive and go down the street.....Aftera short drive Mario and Luigi pull in to the lot of the house and get out with there stuff.....

Mario: Its A-Mario time!

Luigi: Its A-Luigi time!

Mario: You know Luigi, that is not funny, and it sounds horribly wrong from your mouth....

Luigi: Sorry Mario....

[Mario and Luigi walk up to the door....and knock..]

Luigi: Luigi Bros Plumbing, You Clog em, we Plumb em!

Mario: Dont you ever do that again!

Luigi: Sorry...

[The Door opens]

Elderly Woman: Hello Boys.....the showers right down the hall, do good!

Mario: We will!

Luigi: Well, this is the bathroom, and a nice good shower that smells like old woman...

Mario: Wait till you find out that she put Voice sensors in here......


Mario: Haha! I got you like that time you put dead rhino beetles on my pizza that looked like olives, Haha!

Luigi: Yeah, funny....not really....

Mario: Okay, You start on the water dumpage while I check the drain....

Luigi: Okay...

Mario: Um Luigi, Get your foot off the darin....

Luigi: Oh, sorry I just didn't di-DI- UMM, MARIO

Mario: Luigi, I said get to work!


[Luigis foot starts to suck down the drain and the water splahes everywhere]



[Luigis leg and body is now in the drain]


Mario: HERE WE GO!

'Mario and Luigi both quickly spurt down the drain and the water calms leaving a silent bathroom....'

The Mushroom Kingdom

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