Evil Toad.
Super Mario Bros.: Toads Gone Mad!
Developer(s) Logo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Wii

Release Date(s)
North America: April 23, 2011
Japan: April 25, 2011
Europe: April 27, 2011
Single player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer

Super Mario Bros.: Toads Gone Mad! is a video game for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii. It is a part of the Super Mario Bros. series, taking place in the Mushroom Kingdom. When Bowser invades the Mushroom Kingdom once again, he comes upon a book of skills he can do, and then turns all the Toads in the Mushroom Kingdom evil and as his own servants. Bowser hypnotized them so they would go after Mario and Luigi, and also have new powers that depend on what color their head, meaning Red Toads use fireballs, Blue Toads for ice, etc. There is also a new kind of Toad introduced in the Super Mario Bros. series, Rainbow Toad.

World One

  • Mushroom Kingdom
  • Level 1-1

Its a nice, Sunny day, Mario and Luigi are eating their daily bowls of Pasta and Pizza.

"Well Luigi, Another good day for pasta! And some good plumbing!" Said Mario. "Yeah, eh Mario..."Said Luigi. "Im gonna go over to the Mushroom kingdom and see Toad and Peach, you comin?" Asks Mario. "Sure" Answers Luigi.

Mario and Luigi both go to a warp pipe and transport to the Mushroom Kingdom.

"Well Luigi, lets go see Peach!" Says Mario

Mario and Luigi walk into the castle, guarded by Toads

"Mario, Luigi! Nice to see you, again.... I have a plumbing problem in my main bathroom, and none of my guards, not even Toadsworth, can you get it?" Says Peach on her throne.

"Princess, have we ever had a problem? We can surely fix it!" Says Mario. "Yeah eh" Says Luigi.

In the Bathroom.......

"Man, this is one [Struggles pulling] hard pipe....[Sweats hard]" Says Mario, "Yeah, same here Mario!" Says Luigi.

Meanwhile at Bowsers Palace........

" Hahahahahaha! Today I feel so evil! Like a good Mushroom invasion!" Says Bowser sitting on his throne. "You know, every time you do that, you usually fail, ever notice?" Says Goomba guard. "You Shut Up!" Says Bowser Mad.

"King Bowser Sir! Me and my comrades have just discovered a hidden room in th basement, behind a wall in the pipe room, though we do not know whats in it Sir!" Says a Koopa troopa guard. " What! I'll be right there!" Says Bowser

Bowser go's to the Pipe Room in the basement of his castle and investagates the room...

" Okay Guards, Open the door!" Bowser demands.

The wall opens slowly reavealing a room of sparkling Gold and books, Like a hidden library....

"Woahhhhh, look at all this gold! I will be rich! And all these books... I cant beleive I never knew of this room! Wonder what the books are?" Says Bowser Happy and excited

Bowser scavenges through the most collection of ancient knowlouge.... Searching even the most hidden corners....... Bowser picks a book and opens it....

"Hmm, this one looks nice...[reads cover] Book of spells Volume. 18? Hmmm. [opens to random page], Woah, it says, "Note from King Koopa the 4th, this page is the most valuble to all my descendents" says a note in the book, Woah! Thats one of my great ancsestors, Now the spell, it says " First, you need a red magic wand, and you shake it 2 times, throw, catch, say 1294495, then raddle it 5 times and shake it 2 times and shoot at a specific species, and every member of it will all be on your side untill the spell is broken...." Said Bowser repeating whats in the book.... "Woah! this is extreme, i think i know exactly what to do to take down all who challenge me! Hahahahahahahahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

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