Super Mario Bros.:The Mushroom Wars
Developer(s) Ghostrealm Studios
Publisher(s) Ghostrealm Studios
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
Campaign, Custom Battle,Wi-Fi Battle, Multiplayer Battle, Options.


Bonus Campaigns

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Strategy
Media Included 3DS Game Card

Super Mario Bros.: The Mushroom Wars is a game made by AVG Inc. It is a strategy game.


Bowser had spent many years planning to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom. Eventually, he planned to start a massive war. He declared war on the Mushroom KIngdom and prepared his army. The Mushroom Kingdom had no choice but to create an army. The Grand Army of the Mushroom Kingdom was then formed, and it was led by Mario, Luigi, and Toad, with Yoshi joining later.


Campaign: Choose your faction and fight in the Mushroom Wars!

Custom Game: Play a standard battle.

Multiplayer game: Fight against another player.

Wi-Fi Battle: Battle online!


Grand Army of the Mushroom Kingdom

Outpost: The outpost is your primary structure. Here you can buy Toad Workers.

Battle Station: This place is an upgrade of the Outpost.

Command Center: The command center is the final upgrade of the outpost.

Farm: This place makes food, allowing you to buy more units.

Barracks: You can train Toad Swordsmen, Toad Bob-Omb Soldiers, and Yoshi Riders.

Blacksmith: The blacksmith is where you upgrade your soldiers.

Yoshi Tribe Hut; The Yoshi Tribe Hut is where you train Yoshi Axelings, Yoshi Tribesmen, and Yoshi Shamans.

Factory: The Factory builds Toad Tanks, Toad Mortar Tanks, and Toad Jeeps.

Air Post: The Air Post builds Toad Airships, Toad Zepplins, and Toad Bomber Jets.

Mine: Place mines on fissures in the ground to allow your workers to harvest coins.

Port: At the port you may but Toad Battleships, Toad Transport Boats, and Toad Submarines.

Command Post: The command post builds the following heroes: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Toad.

Specialist Soldier Area: Toad Scouts and Toad Mini-Bill Riflemen are trained here.

Bullet Bill Turret: The Bullet Bill Turret launches Bullet Bills at your enemy. It can be upgraded into a Banzai Bill Turret, which is stronger but has a low firing rate, or a Freeze Bill Turret, which also freezes your enemy.

Koopa Troop Army

War Fort: The War Fort trains Goombas to work for you.

Battle Post: The Battle post is an upgrade of the War Fort.

Bowser's Castle: Bowser's Castle is the final War Fort upgrade.

Food Station: The Food Station gives food.

Mine: The mine must be built on fissures.

Barracks: The barracks trains Koopa Warriors, Shy Guy Cannoneers, and Koopatrols.

War Mill: The War Mill gives you upgrades.

Graveyard: At a graveyard, you may turn your Koopa Warriors into Dry Bones Warriors.

Workshop: At the workshop you can build Koopa Tanks, Koopa Mortar Tanks, and Koopa Assault Tanks.

Airship Factory: Builds Koopa Airships, Koopa Bomber Airships, and Doomships.

Specialist Trooper Zone: Hammer Bros., Magikoopas, and Koopa Commandos are trained here.

Bob-Omb Catapult: The Bob-Omb Catapult hurls Bob-Ombs at your enemies. It can become a Big Bob-Omb Catapult, or a Ice-Omb Catapult.

Training Post: The training post trains these Heroes: Bowser, Commander Koopa, Petey Piranha, and the Dry Bones Lord.

Port: The port builds Koopa Warships, Koopa Battleships, Transport Ships and Koopa Submarines.

Mushroom Kingdom Levels

Mission 1: Battle of Yoshi Island. The Koopas are attacking Yoshi Island. Stop them and form an alliance with the Yoshi Tribe!

Mission 2: Donkey Kong Island Defense. Bowser's troops have built a factory that produces a superweapon. Assault the factory!

Mission 3: Superweapon Blueprints. Several enemy cargo ships hold the superweapon's blueprints. Destroy the cargo ships!

Mission 4: Gate to Dark Land: With the superweapon assembled, use it to destroy the Gate to Dark Land.

Mission 5: Search for the Castle. Search for Bowser's Castle while avoiding enemy troops.

Mission 6: The Final Battle. You have found the castle. Assault it and defeat Bowser!

Koopa Troop Levels

Mission 1: Factory Defense. The Mushroom Kingdom is assaulting your factory. Defend the factory from enemy troops!

Mission 2: Stolen Weapon. Your Koopa Deathray Blueprints have been stolen. Defeat the Toad Scout carrying them!

Mission 3: Power of the Deathray. Use the Koopa Deathray to destroy the Toad Gate!

Mission 4: Search for Toad Town. Search for Toad Town.

Mission 5: Get to the Command Center. Search for the Command Center.

Mission 6: Got You Surrounded. Defeat Mario and destroy the Command Center.


The expansion, Rise of the Koopas, included two new units: The Toad Diver and the Koopa Diver. These units can attack land and air units, but they also posess the ability to go into water.

The expansion also included two new campaigns, as well as two bonus ones which are Founding of the Yoshi Tribes and Rising Koopas.

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