Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels 2 is a sequel to Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. It was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System 2 (as the game name implies) in May 18, 2010.


The game is divided in eight worlds. Each world have five levels, where Mario/Luigi should reach a Power Star by jumping over enemies and abysses, avoiding obstacles and entering in pipes, passing through block stairs, falling, moving, getting up, getting down platforms and underwater levels.

The game includes all enemies from Super Mario Bros. (except Buzzy Beetles and jumping Cheep-Cheeps). The brothers can get some items by hitting ? Blocks or Brick Blocks.

The game starts with Small Mario/Luigi. If the player hit and Item Block while this form, they will receive a Super Mushroom. If they hit a block while Super, they will receive a different item. The Bros. can also be invincible, by the power of a Star.

At the castle in the world's end, Mario/Luigi will confront an enemy costumed of Bowser. In the eighth world, they reaches Bowser. When Bowser's defeated, Mario/Luigi saves Princess Peach.

Returning Enemies

Enemies that were not in Super Mario Bros.

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