In Super Mario Bros.: One Last Life, every level has a Toadstool's Blessing; a special power held by Princess Peach. This mysterious power has a different effect in every level, and this page provides a list of every level's version of Toadstool Blessing as well as a description of said level.

World 1

The Timeyard

  • Mario and the gang end up crash-landing in a secluded yard of Bowser's Empire. It's here where they begin to learn the basics of what to expect in the future.
  • Bridge Switch - Within the level, there are two different types of color-coded bridges: red ones start off destroyed, while blue ones are able to be used. Toadstool's Blessing switches the bridges between available for use and being destroyed, allowing new paths with the bridges to be made.

Training Grounds

  • Bowser has tons of minions in his disposal to try and stop Mario, and this area is where the lowest of the lowest are put under rigorous training. They might be weaker than normal, but they won't give up easily.
  • Spring Charge - Scattered throughout the Training Grounds are giant springs that can't be moved. Toadstool's Blessing pulls down the springs and releases them, which can send the players and other enemies up high in the air.

Frontline Battalion

  • By this point, Bowser has been made aware of the presence of Mario. He's sent out Boom Boom and an army of tanks to try and defeat them quickly.
  • Push Blocks - Within the level, there are two different types of color-coded blocks: red ones start off higher up while blue ones start off lower. Toadstool's Blessing switches the blocks between high and low elevation, allowing new paths to be accessed with the different heights.

Empire Entrance

  • It's time to stop wasting time outside - Mario and the other heroes are nearing the main gate to Bowser's Empire, and will soon begin their way through the maze of a castle...
  • Gate Switch - Within the levels, there are two different types of color-coded gates: red ones start off raised while blue ones start off lowered. Toadstool's Blessing switches the gates between raised and lowered, allowing new areas to be accessed with the open paths.


  • The Pipeyard is a collection of what could be assumed to be broken pipes. However, some of them are barely functioning, and the Pipeyard is a connection point to every world.
  • Special Worlds - Using the Toadstool's Blessing inverts all the pipe colors. This dictates that the pipes lead to "Special Worlds", which are exactly the same as the older levels but with a different arrangement of enemies. A Special World is unlocked when its normal counterpart has been cleared with all levels.

World 2

Moving Conveyor Fort

  • Reznor guards this part of the fortress - Bowser clearly isn't messing around. The tower is filled with tons of objects on conveyor belts, likely being taken to other parts of the castle.
  • Conveyor Swap - Toadstool's Blessing will reverse the direction in which conveyor belts move, allowing for objects on it to travel in different directions.

Ascension Tension

  • A long set of stairs lies between our heroes and the next level, but who needs stairs? With Peach's help, you can flip gravity and take different paths.
  • Gravity Schmavity - This version of Toadstool's Blessing flips the player's gravity, so that they would walk on the roof if they were on the floor and vice versa. This opens up new paths that can be used to continue ascending throughout the level.

Survivor's Shop

  • A few of the remaining Toads have been held hostage in Bowser's Empire. These prisoners secretly house a store for our heroes in exchange for money to help them escape.
  • Also In Stock - Flips between two different shelves in the stock. One shelve contains power ups to purchase, and the other contains game tokens for trying one's luck at the lottery machine at a later point in time.

Drumroll Dome

  • The domes are home to a familiar Koopa jester known as Motley. His type of levels are often very crazy and silly, and this one is no exception; being based on instruments such as drums and trumpets.
  • Drumroll Summon - If any marked doors are around, using the Toadstool's Blessing will open them up, revealing the titular "Drumroll". These rolling instruments will not stop moving and must be guided through the level in order to proceed onward.

Rocket Engine Airship

  • Bowser has already brought out his army of Airships to take on Mario. In charge of these fleets is Pom Pom, a powerful foe who knows how to confound Mario.
  • Rocket Rotation - Some of the Rocket Engines featured in this level have large, semi-circular or circular bases rather than cylindrical ones. Using Toadstool's Blessing near these Rocket Engines will rotate the engine around to a different side, allowing paths to be cleared.

Current Craze

  • Water is constantly rushing throughout this level, and some of them are too powerful to walk through. Luckily, with the help of the Toadstool's Blessing, our heroes can turn into metal to outpace these rapids!
  • Metal Caps - The Toadstool's Blessing in this level sinks the player, allowing them to walk underwater. They aren't affected by the current as much, but are much slower and floatier than before. The sinking effect is so strong that it can even drop right through upwards currents!

Sandy Spike Hike

  • Spikes are spread out everywhere, and Mario is given two ways to try and avoid them: sticky platforms that Mario can attach himself to in order to follow their paths, or springy platforms to reach new heights.
  • Switch Spikes - Within the level are special color-coded platforms that have 2 sides - the red side has a sticky surface while the blue side has a springy surface. Using the Toadstool's Blessing flips the platforms over to change the order of the surfaces.

Thwomper Stomper Castle

  • Bowser's advisor, Kamek, resides in the castles of Bowser's Empire. He's set up a host of traps involving the heavy Thwomps within his residence, but sometimes this weight can prove to help more than hurt!
  • Thwomper Wire - Throughout the level are giant square stones of iron attached to wires. Toadstool's Blessings will make these stones travel across their wires and reach the end of it. The stones are extremely heavy and are effective in hitting switches, requiring players to make a path for the iron blocks.

Shortstop Shortcut

  • A super small path that can only be accessed with a small being.
  • Teleportation - Flips the player over to Pintsize Path as a shortcut to World 4. Only works if a Mini Mushroom is equipped.

World 3

Pintsize Path

  • It's too big to fit through normally. Find some way to shrink yourself down.
  • Teleportation Reverse - Flips the player over to Shortstop Shortcut as a shortcut to World 2. Only works if a Mini Mushroom is equipped.

Screwtop Hop

  • This level is divided into two halves that make a whole. It's littered with screws and mechanical parts everywhere; could it have been a factory of sorts before?
  • Screwtop Slide - This level features a left and a right side, but one of them is normally blocked off because of a wall being pushed outwards. Toadstool's Blessing will push in the side that sticks out while bringing out the wall that was pushed in before.

Snake Block River

  • These mysterious blocks travel in a set path, slithering like a snake. They carry Mario and the others over a dangerous poison river, seemingly unaware of the danger below them.
  • Snake Block Split - While riding the Snake Block through the level, Toadstool's Blessing can be used to split the Snake Block into two, smaller Mini Snake Blocks. They go on different paths, allowing alternate routes to be opened at the cost of less leg room.

Crusher Glove Fort

  • It's time to play a game of cranes! Giant gloved hands move on a set path in this fort, and can crush or grab anything in their paths. Can you reach Reznor at the end of the level?
  • Glove Pickup - As the name implies, robotic crane-like gloves play a large part in this fortress, moving across a wire. The Toadstool's Blessing will stop the glove in it's place, open the hand, and bring it down to grab anything that might be below it, allowing objects to be picked up and placed elsewhere.

Bombastic Blast Off

  • A household for all things explosives, Bob-ombs and their relatives are the main feature here. A word to the wise - be careful with usage of fire!
  • Cannon Fuse - Cannon Pipes make their debut in this level, which can be entered and aimed around, along with the ability to store enemies and items inside. Using Toadstool's Blessing will light the fuse of any nearby Cannon Pipes, causing it to burst out.

Hypersonic Battalion

  • Boom Boom is back, and he brought some new and improved tanks with him. These tanks have Footlights, which act as a security system as well as a mean of crossing pits.
  • Footlight Switch - Throughout the level are Footlights, which are walls and floors that would light up and become solid if you approached them. This level's Toadstool Blessing has the power to disable and enable the footlights in the batallion.

Slip Sliding Away

  • While the level is normally a frozen winter wonderland, try using the Toadstool's Blessing and that will all change. These drastic temperature changes are key to advancing further.
  • Heat Stroke - Toadstool's Blessing will summon a heat wave, which will naturally have a large impact on a frozen level. It will melt any ice on the floor or walls into water, which makes the ground rather slow to walk through. Using Toadstool's Blessing again will reverse the effect.

Haunted Dome

  • A spooky, specter-filled dome where Motley has covered the entire view in a pair of curtains. Only the player's shadows can be seen through here, which means it can be tough to distinguish platforms from fake walls!
  • Strobe Lights - A unique gimmick featured in this level only is the presentation, which shows everything as a dark shadow. Toadstool's Blessing will quickly light up the area, allowing you to distinguish where walls are and where traps have been placed, before returning to normal.

World 4

Beanstalk Relay

  • There are plenty of gaps waiting for prey to fall in them, so watch your footing! Use the mirrors to grow a path in the form of a beanstalk, and then make your way through.
  • Mirror Spin - Mirrors that are placed around the level can influence the direction in which a beanstalk can grow. Toadstool's Blessing will move the mirrors in a 90 degree clockwise motion, allowing new paths to be made.

Hot Hot Donut Dips

  • Pro tip: lava is hot. Here's another pro tip: Donut Blocks are not the most reliable stepping ground either. You'll have to rush your way through this stage if you don't want to feel the burn!
  • 4-Way Gravity Schmavity - Similar to the Toadstool's Blessing in Ascension Tension, this Blessing will change the gravity of the level. However, it also affects the direction in which the Donut Lifts fall, and can be used in 4 different directions.

Warp Zone

  • This Warp Zone looks to take you to a different level depending on the way you curve the pipes...maybe there's a certain path that's best taking?
  • Pipe Switch - Using Toadstool Blessing curves the pipe, changing the direction in which it will lead, and thus potentially taking the player to a different level.

Piranha Sewers

  • Looks like someone forgot to clean out these they're all infested by Piranha Plants. This pipe land is full of secret exits and hidden secrets if you can connect the dots.
  • Red and Green - Switches the active pipes from red to green, and vice versa. These pipes may hold new enemies or items to use inside.

Bill Blaster Castle

  • A staple of the Koopa Troop's military army, this castle is filled with all sorts of Bullet Bills. To make matters worse, the Toadstool's Blessing draws all Bullet Bills towards you...How on the Mushroom Kingdom is that helpful!?
  • Detector - Using this Toadstool Blessing, you will initiate a small detector signal that will turn around all nearby Bullet Bills and have them travel in your direction. These Bullet Bills can break open new areas.

Ball and Pain

  • Giant ball and chains are swung within the corridors of this water-filled level. You're able to freeze the water into ice if you want to move faster, but those ball and chains might ruin your momentum either way...
  • Freeze Over - Freezes the whole level over with a snowstorm. This snowstorm lowers your jump and traction but freezes enemies and water in their track.

Warp Zone II

  • This Warp Zone looks to take you to a different level depending on the way you curve the pipes...maybe there's a certain path that's best taking?
  • ​Pipe Color - Switches the color of the two available entrance pipes. This allows you to take a different route based on color and ultimately changes where your destination will be.

Electro Dome

  • This huge dome resembles some sort of walkway more... There are all sorts of flashy lights and large crowds scattered about. Both are pretty scary - especially since the lights can make certain platforms disappear!
  • Strobe Three-Way - There are red, yellow, and blue strobe lights that move around through the level. If these lights shine up on a platform of their color, they will turn tangible, but being shone on by a color of another light will make them disappear. This Toadstool's Blessing makes the lights swap colors.

Chomp Romp Fort

  • This part of the castle seems to be where huge Chomps are directed... It also looks like some sort of warehouse for the smaller Chain Chomps. Be very careful when moving around here - woken Chain Chomps are pretty brutal!
  • Flash Direction - The Chain Chomps follow a strict path shown by arrows. Using Toadstool's Blessing switches the direction of the arrows, allowing them to take a different route.

Skydive Airship

  • These airships are pretty frightening...You'll need pitch-perfect jumps to make your way through. The wind also constantly blows you backwards, so you'll have to keep moving in order to not fall!
  • Gust of Winds - Using Toadstool's Blessing will cause a huge gust of wind upwards for a brief moment. This does things like raise elevated platforms, slow your descent, and more.

Block Step Battalion

  • This level is full of Blockstompers! These giant blocks travel across panels, instantly defeating anybody that gets crushed beneath them. You'll have to crawl through their hollow innards to stay safe.
  • Blockstomper Swap - Giant Blockstomper obstacles move through the course, instantly killing you if you're smushed. You can use Toadstool's Blessing to rotate them, and some have holes for you to crawl through.

Warp Zone III

  • This Warp Zone looks to take you to a different level depending on the way you curve the pipes...maybe there's a certain path that's best taking?
  • Pipe Stretch - Switches the Stretch Blocks present in the Warp Zone to a different position. This opens up new paths and ultimately decides your final destination.

Next Level Games

  • Apparently, Koopas are pretty good when it comes to sports. There are all sorts of huge sports equipment laying around, and other enemies can knock around the giant soccer balls that are present! 
  • Soccer Orb - Giant, metallic soccer orbs are a huge part of the level, as they can be kicked around to defeat enemies and open goal doors. Using Toadstool's Blessing creates a Soccer Orb near a marked door.

Woodwind Wilds

  • This level is full of oversized woodwinds. They'll play to the music of the stage, creating gales of winds that can raise you higher. Use this knowledge to carefully climb upwards!
  • Blast Wind - Using Toadstool's Blessing creates a huge blast of wind that blasts you in the direction you're facing, allowing you to break through blocks, clear through large gaps in a single movement, and push things back.

World 5


  • It's so foggy! Foos scattered throughout the course will try to hinder your vision, which can really make any platforming much harder due to the lack of visuals. If only there was some way to drive that fog away...
  • Torque Lifts - Giant torque lifts are present throughout the stage, and using the Toadstool's Blessing causes them to spin upwards as long as you hold the button. This spinning can also whirl away fog.

Yoshi Keep

  • Looks like a few survivors managed to make refuge down here...and how thoughtful, for them to comfort the lost Yoshis. If you ever need a ride, this is the place to go pick one up.
  • Yoshi Colors - Using Toadstool's Blessing changes the color of your Baby Yoshi. This is merely cosmetic, however.

The Bowser Mobile

  • While fitting a train into a castle isn't the most ideal thing, it still looks fully functional. It's also armed by hordes of Hammer Bros. and other tough enemies, so be very cautious.
  • Flame Emitters - Giant smoke pipes can emit flames through Toadstool's Blessing. This can raise hot-air platforms, melt certain surfaces, and push certain obstacles.

Para Takes Flight

  • There's a rogue Parabeetle wandering around here...and it looks like it wants to help! Ride on little Para and soar through the skies in hopes of reaching the end.
  • Para Shield - Using Toadstool's Blessing will have Para hold his shell out, which can block enemy attacks.

Wet-Dry Downtown

  • The water levels don't look too solid over here...There are tons of drains and stuff lying around, so I'm sure there must be some way to escape. Of course, swimming has its disadvantages...
  • Wet-Dry World - Using the Toadstool's Blessing will raise or lower the water level, allowing players to swim and have lighter objects float upwards. This does not do anything when the level is Flooded.

Draining System

  • There's nothing in sight but a giant spinwheel...It won't even budge...
  • Flood - Using Toadstool's Blessing floods the entire level. This has a huge effect on Wet-Dry Downtown, Ghastly Sails, and Skull Bomb Castle, as they will all be flooded to the brim.

Ghastly Sails

  • All sorts of spectral sights haunt this ship. It looks like some sort of old airship for Bowser's personal use, but it doesn't have any motors on it. Is there another purpose for it being here?
  • Spotlight - Toadstool's Blessing will turn on any nearby lightbulbs hanging on the airship. When the ship is underwater, this light can illuminate circular areas, but when the ship is floating above water, it will travel straight down.

Muncher Oasis

  • Doesn't look like there is any reason at all that you want to be below ground. If there isn't Munchers, there's dangerous poison water lurking right below. If that wasn't scary enough, there are plenty of flying foes as well.
  • Tweester - Giant Tweesters travel across specific desert platforms. Toadstool's Blessing can get rid of them or summon them back at will.

Skull Bomb Castle

  • This underwater castle is flooded with Skull Bomb cannons. Smaller Skull Bombs will explode on impact, while bigger ones will break through blocks until they're ready to blow up.
  • Skull Bomb - The cannons in the level can spit either small or giant Skull Bombs, depending on Toadstool's Blessing.

Crystalline Fort

  • While it's a pretty looking place, those crystals will make projectiles all the more dangerous as they bounce everywhere. The crystal floors are pretty slippery despite being so hard, so watch out!
  • Crystal Laser - Crystal lasers can be fired from satellite dishes with the push of a switch. Use Toadstool's Blessing to make these satellites change direction.

World 6

Absorbant Swamp

  • These wetlands are put through strictly regulated conditions to make sure nothing goes haywire...who knew Bowser cared about the environments? Even then, he's forgotten to lock up the Nipper Plants...
  • Nipper Sprouts - Potted Nipper Plants are present throughout the level, which can be carried and will consume almost anything in sight. This Blessing will restore a Nipper Plant in any nearby pots, incase they were defeated.

Electrifying Spiral

  • Climbing up this spiraled tower will be no easy feat, with clouds rumbling outside. Mario and the other heroes will need to avoid lightning strikes and electricity currents if they want to keep standing!
  • Electric Gates - Many contraptions in this stage actually run on spare electricity; they can be turned on and off through the use of a Toadstool's Blessing.

Polar Ironworks

  • An industrial worksite that can't seem to decide between hot and cold. Bowser probably needs to fire his interior decorator sooner or later.
  • Lavaworks - Using Toadstool's Blessing will activate Lavaworks, large capsules that dispense streams of lava capable of melting ice and creating steam. Using it again shuts them off, refreezing the entire stage.

Vermin Grounds

  • During the journey up Bowser's Castle, it seems that one room in particular housed a host of betrayed enemies... and now, it's your chance to band together and take down the troublesome Koopa King, right?
  • Mind Swap - This level's Toadstool Blessing will switch an enemy's behavior from good to bad if they are nearby. Bad make them target and attack, while good has them stand still or avoid you altogether.

Solid Spotlight Castle

  • Kamek's magic has infected the spotlights with special powers. If these spotlights shine on blocks, it'll make them disappear: if they shine on block outlines, they'll come back!
  • Wax On - With this Toadstool's Blessing, all of the lights will turn on. Any block outlines will be filled in, and spotlights will turn into Anti-Spotlights that remove blocks.

Lucky Lottery

  • Remind me again why Toads are holding a LOTTERY inside BOWSER'S EMPIRE??
  • One More Spin - The Toadstool's Blessing switches the lottery minigame: The Silver Block is like a roulette that costs less, while the Gold Block is a riskier game of darts with higher costs and rewards.

Subsurface Reef

  • This reef is filled with sharp Urchin Bombs floating all about, almost as if they were sea mines just waiting to bump into you. Oh, look! There goes a Torpedo Ted...heading towards the Urchins...!!!
  • Deactivation - Urchin Bombs can be deactivated before triggered through a Toadstool's Blessing. They can be bumped and moved around before being reactivated.

Tracing Trails

  • In a dark and depressing castle hall, a single Flame Chomp acts as your candle. His long tail of flames are trapped within blocks, so you can walk across them and reach new paths.
  • Flame Beckon - If your Flame Chomp guide is accidentally defeated or if you want two Flame Chomps following you, you can use Toadstool's Blessing to summon another one. You can only have 2 Flame Chomps at a time on screen.

Meteor Battalion

  • It's raining outside...raining meteors! These fiery debris end up destroying parts of the battalion, but don't get cocky. One hit from an asteroid will take away a lot of health, and many of the enemies are equipped for the occasion!
  • Reverse Rotator - Throughout the level, there are large green blocks and large yellow blocks scattered through the level. Using Toadstool's Blessing will rotate them: clockwise for yellow and counter clockwise for green.

Silent Forest

  • Flowers once bloomed...birds once once thrived...
  • Clairvoyance - Toadstool's Blessing will shift the stage into two different forms: the Past, which features a life-filled forest with many enemies and strong platforms, and the Future, which is a burnt down wasteland that features undefeatable hazards and ghosts.

World 7

Para Storms

  • Para is back, and this time she will be ready to carry you through the approaching thunderstorm! With her shell shined and wings cleaned, you'll need to hold tight and be careful of Bowser's devious air traps.
  • Para Reflector - Para will hold out his shell as a shining shield, which can deflect attacks and reflect certain projectiles.

Sedimentary Eruptions

  • Advancing carefully through the empire, Mario begins to notice a slight tremble in the ground... Suddenly, lava begins to spew to the sky as gigantic holes erupt from the castle floors!
  • Force Eruption - Lava eruptions are common hazards in the stage, and Toadstool's Blessing actually forces powerful geysers out of the ground. This can lift up large platforms.

Flip-Flop Floats

  • Boing! Boing! All sorts of bouncy platforms are kept in this room of the empire. It seems even Bowser needs a break at times... but let's not worry about that! Use your Toadstool's Blessing to transform those platforms!
  • Covering Platform - The bouncy filter on many of the platforms in this stage actually hide a set of conveyor belts underneath. Toadstool's Blessing will remove or add this puffy coat to all platforms in the level.

Ringside Dome

  • Sumo Bros. are scattered through the, dome? They're looking for a good battle and someone who might match their power. But is Mario really able to handle that?
  • Flap Platform - Large platforms sticking out of the walls can block certain paths. Use Toadstool's Blessing once to pull them into a horizontal platform, and again to bring them back to their original shape.

Swinging Jam

  • The grassland groove has struck the many moving platforms and items within this stage. However, deep below, there lurks a mean Porcu-Puffer who didn't quite catch the rhythm.
  • Weights - Many ropes in this level will be pulled down by Mario's weight, but it can be decreased using Toadstool's Blessing. This makes them lighter, increasing jump power and knockback, and allows him to prevent triggering certain weight-based obstacles.

Clamber Cut-Through

  • A brand new world waits beyond this formidable dead-end wall. Perhaps if there was someway to climb up?
  • Cat Spinner - Two differently colored types of Cat Spinners are found in this level, activating different platforms. Toadstool's Blessing will switch which spinners are active. Acts as an optional path for goodies, and is connected to Scratchy Sidepath.

Rain of Bullets

  • Those Blasters aren't just for decoration: Bullet Bills will fire out of them at high speeds. You could probably build an entire extra floor of the Empire using JUST the bullets around here...
  • Reverser - Use your Toadstool's Blessing to reverse the direction of any nearby Bullet Bills. Great for avoiding danger and destroying obstacles.

Soaking Wet Airship

  • Things get very slippery as you board the flying fortresses through a heavy rain. Bowser will pull no stops at defeating you, even if the weather isn't in his favor. Take him down!
  • Storm Winds - A chilly storm wind will blow to the left with Toadstool's Blessing, freezing over certain terrain and pushing obstacles away.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  • The storms have taken a swift path and now you've ended up under their core, where everything is relatively relaxed. Use this chance to break through and reach higher grounds!
  • Screwtop Lift - This level features an upper path and a lower path, and both will need to be utilized in order to advance. Toadstool's Blessing will have the power to lift up the upper side or bring down the lower half at will.

Twisty Liftoff

  • High up in the skys, all sorts of confusing tracks were carefully twisted and woven together to form a complex labyrinth of clouds. You'll need a good memory and some Fuzzy repellent to get through this dungeon.
  • Track Swap - For the majority of the level, Mario will have the option to travel on a moving platform across a series of tracks to reach the end of the labyrinth. However, there are spots of the track that are colored red - they can be activated for travel or deactivated using Toadstool's Blessing.

Para's Last Flight

  • Para's last flight is approaching. Equipped with a new cannon thanks to the last of the Toads. as well as lifted spirits thanks to Mario's courage, you and Para will begin your trip to uncharted territory...
  • Para Bullet - Para will slow down her movement with shell facing forward. Hold the blessing to fire a stream of Bullet Bills at enemies, and move up and down to aim your shots.

World Bowser

Enemy Role Call

  • Battle after battle after battle... the final floors of Bowser's Empire are filled with tons of enemies, almost as a reminder of everything you've been through. But don't give up now!
  • Mushroom Gift - There are a few spotted Mushroom Doors in this level, that contain a single Mushroom for storing health. Using Toadstool's Blessing will release that mushroom.

Scratchy Sidepath

  • The lesser taken road is littered with cat scratches and the scent of cooked birds. OK...?
  • Cat Swapper - Two differently colored types of Cat Spinners are found in this level, activating different platforms. Toadstool's Blessing will switch which spinners are active. Acts as an optional path for goodies, and is connected to Clamber Cut-Through.

One-Hit Battalion

  • The greatest tanks at Bowser's disposal are no slouches: they will aim their cannons directly for you and fire. Meanwhile, Boom Boom's personal tank soars in the background, aiming to hit you with an instant knockout laser.
  • GravTank - For the majority of the level, Mario will have to ride through a hijacked tank and shoot down Boom Boom's battalion. Using Toadstool's Blessing creates the new GravTank form, which can float around and fire straight lasers.

Mast Airship

  • Even after the catastrophe that struck his last Airships, Bowser is perfectly fine with sending out his greatest ships in this stormy weather. Mario and the crew will have to climb to the top of this large flying fort.
  • Guardian Shield - Mario is equipped with a special Footlight Shield above him, and holding Toadstool's Blessing will activate it. It not only acts as a deflector but also as a platform to push and hold enemies upward.

String Shock Dome

  • Trapezes, tightropes, and lots of electrified enemies await in the dreaded String Shock Dome. Motley has brought along his largest audience yet for this final act.
  • String Launcher - Using this Toadstool's Blessing will pull all strings backwards before launching forwards. Any characters caught to the strings can be sent upwards until another string catches them, but it can also launch certain projectiles.

Rotation Fort

  • This large fortress is actually seperated into a bunch of smaller room, tightly compacted into the space and shape of a fortress. Built by only the most efficient of constructors.
  • Rotation - Toadstool's Blessing will revolve the entire stage around by 90 degrees clockwise.

Absolute Zero Castle

  • A freezing cold place that seems to lack any signs of hospitality. The walls of this large castle are much too large to scale normally...
  • Gravity Shazamvity - Toadstool's Blessing will initiate Zero-Gravity mode, allowing Mario to essentially swim around the entire level and reach new heights.

World 8

Door of Order

  • In order to unlock the Door of Order and dig deeper into the empire, many strange trials and tribulations must be overcome. However, this won't be easy with the door's special guard onto you...
  • Shadow Pass - With Toadstool's Blessing, the player will set a shadow wherever they were standing. A P- Switch timer will begin to tick, and at the end of the timer you will return to where you set your shadow. This is utilized for teleportation and puzzles.

Carbon Facility

  • A strange laboratory that seems to run on its own. Mock enemies can be seen running around the whole place, and some of them have even combined their powers.
  • Time Stopper - Time can be sped up or slowed down through this Toadstool's Blessing. It allows for certain objects to cross farther gaps or drop down certain areas, for usage in puzzles.

Virus Factory

  • Bowser's plan seems to be using these Viruses to change the effects of the 1-Up Mushrooms, and construct an immense army. Bring your Blessings, and head deep into the factory that creates the Virus!
  • Red Yellow Blue - Toadstool's Blessing changes the stage through three forms: Red is fire-based, Blue is ice-based, and Yellow is neutral. These three paths must be used to transfer elements between different forms and advance forward.


  • The last level.
  • Super Bridge Switch - Players can rotate and pull out red and blue bridges respectively using this Toadstool's Blessing. Essentially a better version of your first blessing.

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