Mario is at home, and he gets a letter from Princess Peach.


Dear Mario,

I would like for you to come to my castle for a dinner.

We havent been together in a while. We will have delicious

treats! I hope to see you soon!



Mario excitedly goes to Mushroom Kingdom. Now playing as Mario, make your way to the castle. Once you geet there, Toadsworth will let you in, and tell you to go get Peach. Once up at her room, a cutscene will start.

Mario knocks on the door. Peach comes out and they walk away together. Suddenly they jump when they hear a lound "THUMP!". They look at eachother and run to the window. They see none other than Morton Koopa Sr. walking toward the castle, and he's HUGE! He yells "THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM WILL BE MINE!" and burns down houses. He spits fire to the castle, and they run out of Peach's room, which is now in flames. Now you must escape the burning castle, looking out for falling planks and holes. Also, obviously, dodging fire. Peach will follow you out. Once out another scene will start.

Morton Koopa knocks down the castle, all the toads that once lived there, Mario and Peach look at the castle collapsing under Morton's claws. They escape to an island on a boat, and Morton laughs evilly.




Known Bosses:

More soon!

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