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Super Mario Brawling Changeformers
Developer(s) Ye Olde Baker Boy Productions
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
TBA 2013
Grand Prix, VS, Time Attack, Wi-Fi
Age Rating(s)


Genre(s) Racing
Media Included Wii U- Optical disc

Super Mario Brawling Changeformers is a game for the Wii U developed by Nintendo with the help of Ye Olde Baker Boy Productions. It's heavily based on the upcoming Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, as the characters drive vehicles that can transform to run through land, sea and air.


Grand Prix

You'll race with 7 opponents to get the first place. In order to do this, you must score as most points as posible!

Time Attack

Go solo in your favorite track and try to get the best time. Then, you can claim your bragging rights by submitting your best times through Miiverse.


Up to 5 players can fight with computer controlled racers in an user-made Grand Prix to get the most points. You can save up to 4 custom Grand Prix that can have from 4 to 8 tracks.


Available for Single Player and Multiplayer. You can play several modes: Capture the Flag, Last man standing and Coin Battle. In Capture the Flag, two teams try to reach a certain score before the opposite team does (Team only). In Last man standing, the player must pop the enemies' balloons with items to take them out of the arena (Free-for-all and Team). In Coin Battle, the player must gather the most coins possible within the time limit (Free-for-all and Team).


Play races and battles worldwide alone or with a friend.

Playable characters


Artwork Name Vehicle Weight Special Item
Mario 1 Dasher- Red buggy with white lines and protectors for the wheels' top halves. Its exhaust pipe resembles a Warp Pipe Middle Fireball- In a similar fashion to Mario Kart Double Dash, Mario throws a set of 5 fireballs
Luigi MP9
Luigi Spectral Mobile- Green F1 car whose front resembles the Poltergust 4000's Middle Thunderball- Similar to Mario's special item. Howeve, Luigi shoots bolts of electricity instead of fireballs
Princess Peach
Princess Peach Perry Speeder- Streetcar made after Perry the Parasol. Perry actually appears during the vehicle's flight form Light Heart Shield- A pair of hearts surround Peach's car. If an item collides with her, one of the hearts will transform into said item for Peach to use
Toad FunGo Kart- Super Mushroom-themed kart with Mushroom wheels Feather Poison Mushroom- Toad throws a Poison Mushroom. Whoever collides with it, will shrink and lose top speed
Yoshi art YBA
Yoshi Egg 2- Modified version of the Egg 1 from Mario Kart DS Light Yoshi Egg- Yoshi throws an egg that rolls towards the next opponent like a Red Shell. It breaks and reveals three random items
Donkey Kong DK Super Jumbo- Modified version of the DK Jumbo from Mario Kart Double Dash. It appears to be powered by a Crystal Coconut Cruiser Giant Banana Peel- Donkey Kong leaves a big Banana Peel on the road. Upon hit, it splits into 3 regular Banana Peels
Wario The Yellow Wrecker- Yellow and purple jeep with tank-like treads Heavy Bulky Bob-Omb- This bigger version of the Bob-Omb will cause an explosion radius bigger than its regular counterpart
Bowser Koopa Monster- Koopa Clown Car with Monster wheels. In flight form, the wheels hide and its propeller comes out from the underside, resembling the clown car's original appearence Heavy Bowser Shell- Bowser throws a giant shell that resembles his own shell that only breaks after hitting the walls for too long
Mii Super Duper Zoomer- Modified version of the Super Zoomer from Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Feather/Middle/Heavy Randomizer- Gives a random special item


Artwork Name Vehicle Weight Special Item How to unlock
Princess Daisy Power Flower Mk II- More aerodynamic version of the Power Flower from Mario Kart DS Light Heart- Similar to Peach's Special Item. However, Daisy's hearts are orange-colored
Rosalina Cosmic Chariot- Turquoise Honeycoupe from Mario Kart Wii Cruiser Starbit Shot- Rosalina throws Starbits forward and backward at the opponents
Waluigi SMW
Waluigi Purple Punisher- Purple car that resembles the Bruiser from Mario Kart 7 Cruiser Walking Bob-Omb- Waluigi lets loose a Bob-omb with longer legs that goes after the next opponent, jumps onto his/her car and explodes.
Diddy Kong DK Express- Aerodynamic version of the Barrel Train Light Giant Banana Peel- Similar to DK's Special Item
Bowser Jr. Koopa Beast- Resembles Bowser's vehicle. However, the body is made after Bowser Jr.'s own Koopa Clown Car Light Bowser Jr. Shell- Similar to Bowser's Special item. However, it's a bit smaller though it doesn't have a regular shell's one
Green Koopa New
Koopa Turbo Shell- Car made after his own shell Feather Koopa Parade- A bunch of different colored Koopa Troopas grab his car and give him a boost of speed as they topple any incoming oppoent
Vivian Siren's Wagon- Dark purple version of the Zucchini from Mario Kart 7. Its front has pink and white stripes after Vivian's hat Middle Shadow Shuffle- Vivian uses her magic to shuffle the positions with the opponents and herself.
Pauline Crimson Cabriolet- Crimson-colored version of the Blue Seven from Mario Kart 7 with dark red tires. Her parasol appears during flight mode Middle Purse Smash- Pauline smacks incoming opponents with her purse
R.O.B. Nintendo Generations- R.O.B. drives several vehicles from Nintendo games: A pipe frame kart from Super Mario Kart for land, an Arwing from the Starfox series for air and a waterbike from Wii Sports Resort for water Heavy Scope Fire- R.O.B. pulls out a Super Scope and fires at will
Sonic the Hedgehog Speed Star- Sonic's vehicle as it appears in Sonic & All-Stars Transformed Middle Super Sonic- Sonic uses the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic and plow through the opponents for a brief time Have a save file of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed in your Wii U's memory
Mega Man Rush Racer- Kart made after his robot dog, Rush. The water form is the Rush Marine, which appeared in Mega Man 3 Middle Buster Shot- Megaman fires a charged shot from his Mega Buster that goes straight forward In the title screen, hold L and R on the Wii U Gamepad until you hear a 1-Up sound from Mega Man's NES games


The tracks haven't been revealed yet. But the developers revealed that they would recreate locations from the Super Mario series and its subseries (Donkey Kong, Yoshi and Wario) and, instead of cups, the tracks will split into eras (NES/GB era, SNES era, N64/GBC era, Gamecube/GBA era, Wii/DS and 3DS/WiiU era)


  • The developers revealed that the game would have two 3rd party characters. One of them was Sonic, who was revealed the same day. However, the second one was kept into secret. But people had speculations about who would it be along with Mega Man:
    • Sniper, Soldier and Scout from Team Fortress 2. It was thought that Sniper would drive the land form, which was a small version of his camper van
    • Chell, from the Portal series
  • At the beginning, R.O.B. wasn't meant to drive the Nintendo Generations and, therefore, the vehicles would be driven themselves in a similar fashion to AGES from Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

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