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Intro: (Again) Bowser captures the poor damsel in disstress but before that she offers Mario to marry her but then the attack began, but Bowser goes to his castle then (again) Mario defeats him but Bowser crashes on a POW Block causing the chain on Peach's cage to break causing her to fallto her death. So then Mario became the King of the Mushroom Kingdom but still felt guity. This all happens to be a dream and Mario woke up surprized to see: Luigi, Toadbert, and Toadsworth! "Master Mario!" Toadsworth sighed with relief. "Sorry Mario we can't seem to wake you, but Luigi was already awake! So we lifted your bed all the way here by boogity!" Then Mario explains to his friends about his strage dream. "The princess is gone? Don't be silly Master Mario!" Toadsworth replies, "Oh yes! I almost forgot! The princess wants to have a word with you! Oh how silly of me that I have forgotten..." Then Mario enters the Throne Room to hear Peach say "Mario! What was taking you so long!" After explaining to her why (including his very strage dream) her Highness says "Mario I want to tell you that..." But in a blink of an eye Bowser crashes in "Gwahahahahaha!" He roars "Mario I just wanna tell you that you will never see your 'girlfriend' again now she is MINE!" Then he crashes out! Leaving our hero stunned. Then you go to Toad Town and see Blabladon waiting for you and says "Mario! Long time no see! I saw Bowser coming and I thought you might need a ride! So I came all the way here!" Just then Prof. E. Gadd comes and says: "Mario! I knew you would go on another adventure so I thought Stuffwell could tag along!" So then Blabladon, Stuffwell and Mario starts to soar in the sky, but then the Koopa Cruiser fired the Koopa Cannon at Mario! They woke up and found they're toes (and claws) on Grassy Hills! Blabladron damaged his left wing and explained that he can handle flying low but Bowser's Castle is in the sky and he can't go there anymore! "Mario!" Stuffwell exclaims as he jumps out "I've heard about Star Spirits that will grant you a wish if you collect all the Power Stars! Maybe we should find them first if we search in those doors! Anyways BACK TO ADVENTURE!"


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