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Super Mario Bots is a 2015 platformer for the 3DS. It incorperates elements from the Luigi's Mansion series while still keeping the classic Mario touch.


It all starts at Donkey Kong Jungle where Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are exploring. They end up at a temple ruin with  a huge King Boo shrine in the middle of it. On a broken part of the roof, there is a giant banana. Diddy goes to get the banana and jumps on top of the shrine. When he lands on it, the shrine shatters and King Boo is in its place.  He has a rope attached to him that is tied to the giant banana. When he flies out of the temple, Donkey and Diddy grab on to the banana. King Boo drags the banana behind him. Suddenly, the king takes off at warp speed. Rosalina is seen falling on top of the banana, and then Birdo . When the king finaly lands at the Mushroom Kingdom , the banana disintagrates. 

Meanwhile at Peach's Castle, Mario , Luigi , Wario , Waluigi , and Yoshi are all saying goodbye to Peach, who is going on a vacation to Wuhu Island. When she leaves, Professor E. Gadd runs inside the castle. He runs to Luigi and tells him that King Boo has been sighted in the area. The gang rushes to find King Boo, who is gobbling up Super Mushrooms galore. He grows huge and powerful. Suddenly, Donkey Kong, Diddy, Rosalina, and Birdo fall from the sky. Rosalina explains that King Boo erupted from a shrine in  Donkey Kong Jungle and that she is scared. E Gadd. says that he has something that can help everyone defeat the super powered King Boo. He shows them a collection of giant robot suits, each with a different power.  Everyone steps through a scanner that personolizes the robots to look like the character that will use it. Everyone gets in their robo suit and leaves for battle.

When the gang finds King Boo, they battle him and he shrinks down to regular size. He is furious and warps to Peach's Castle. The gang is  hot on his trail. When he reaches the castle, he starts breaking things and throwing them at the player. The player must catch the debris and throw them back at King Boo several times. When the last piece of debris hits him, he explodes, destroying the robot suits and ruining Peach's castle. Where King Boo once stood, is a tiny shrine, and Mario throws the shine far away.

When Peach returns from Wuhu Island, She is shocked to see her castle in ruins. and the game ends with Peach yelling at everyone like a mother.

Character Gallery

Robo mario

robo mario



Robo luigi

robo luigi

Regular luigi

Regular Luigi


Robo wario

Regular Wario

Regular Wario

Robo waluigi

Robot Waluigi

Robo yoshi

Robo toad


Robo donkey kong


Robo diddy


Robo rosalina


Robo birdo


Special Abilities

Mario- Extra Jump Damage

Luigi- Extra Jump Height

Wario- Aim while throwing

Waluigi- Kick attack

Yoshi- Flutter Jump

Donkey Kong- Ground Pound

Diddy Kong- Barrell Jet Pack

Rosalina- Spin Attack

Birdo- Egg Shooting