"Here we go!" -"The game's saying.
Super Mario Blowout
Mario Blowout 7654
Developer(s) NinRMAX
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Europe Winter 2017

25px-Flag of USA Winter/Spring* 2017*
25px-Flag of Japan Winter/Spring 2017
25px-Flag of Australia Spring/Summer 2018

Story Mode

Minigame Mode
Superstar Mode

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platform
​ Super Mario Blowout is a game for the Nintendo 3DS released in 2017, The game is a direct squeal to New Super Mario Bros X3. Just like NSMBX3, New characters and minigames are cut or added. Super Mario Blowout is being developed by NinRMAX
Blowout Screen Shot

Mario and Toad in a level.


One day in Toad Town, Mario, Luigi, and Toad wanted to invite Toadette to lunch at their place. Toadette agreed and walked with the gang. Then, When they were done eating, Mario and the gang hear somebody screaming in help. They look out the window and find Princess Peach trapped in Bowser's hands. Bowser won't let her go. Then, Bowser soon calls his kids. They all help their Dad out and run to Koopa Death Valley. (Final World) Mario, Luigi, and Toad could not do it without Toadette, They ask if she can help fight the Koopalings. Toadette agrees and follows the gang off to adventure. They all go to World 1 being brave.


He's the plumber in red and ready to beat up some of those evil Koopas!
260px-Luigi MP9
He has a big fear of ghosts. But, He will not stop helping his bro out!
269px-Toad Artwork - Super Mario 3D Land
He's the fastest of them all, It's Toad! The cute little guy also joins again.
Toadette MPNL
She's pretty in pink and ready to fight out some Koopas and save the Princess, too!


Mushroom Garden, A place that's very peaceful and full with items.
Cloudy Hearts, A place that is very soft. Because, It's made of clouds!!!
Goomba Forest, A place that's full with traps, So be careful!
Mount Stone, A place that's full with stones and rocks. Some may attack you, So be careful.
Sunshine Land, A place that's hot and where Angry Suns live.
Frozen Kingdom, A place where it is cold, Make sure to wear gloves!
Koopa Death Valley, Bowser's hangout. It's deadly so be VERY careful!!!


Packs are new to the Mario series, Packs are earn in Superstar Mode. Inside packs can be Characters, New Worlds, Outfits, Modes, And more. Here is a list of packs.

Miis as characters. 

Chrismas outfit.

Halloween outfit.
Earth Day outfit.
Sound Mode.
Mario Kart Power Up.
Superstar Road. (World)
Wario as character.
Easter outfit.
Picture Mode.
Waluigi as character.
Hop Hop Plains. (World)
2 Player Mario Blow Game

Two players in a level.

Beta Elements.

The game was never going to be a squeal of New Super Mario Bros X3. It was going to be a new series. But, NinRMAX added the game to be a squeal. Fantendo characters were going to be characters that you could play as. Such as, Fandro, White The Popopo, and more. This was took away from the game with unknowed reasons. Miis were never even going to apper in the game, They were going to be replaced by something called Horos. Horos were avatars you could create in the game. However, This was removed because NinRMAX didn't want to waste Miis in the game. Horos is a play on the word Heros. There was once going to be a level designer. However, It was removed. But, You can place coins in a level when people are playing with you.

Power Ups.

Super Mushroom for tlotll
The Super Mushroom can make you grow, This item is always found in levels.
File:Fire Flower MK8.png
The Fire Flower can make you shoot fireballs. This item comes in handy.
File:Tanooki Leaf K&K.png
The Super Leaf can make you fly in the sky. This item is very handy if you need help finding Star Coins.
Gold Flower
The Gold Flower is, Well...You know, Gold! It can help you earn coins.
Mini Mushroom
The Mini Mushroom makes you small. But, It makes you jump high!
Spike Mushroom NSMBDIY
The Spike Mushroom makes you shoot Spike balls, This item is very rare.
Ice Flower2
The Ice Flower makes you shoot ice balls, This item is handy.
File:Super Star NSMB.png
The Superstar is- Wow! This item can make you fast jump high and makes sure you never get damged!


A sequel for Super Mario Blowout is being made now, It will be for the Wii U. The rest is unknowed.

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