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Super Mario Beta Boxart

The official boxart.

Super Mario Beta is a game for the DS that uses beta elements from Mario games. Each character has his own gameplay mode. You play as Mario but you can do different things and you have new moves, enemies, and playable characters. The game is divided into stories for each character, It also has a free play mode.

Playable Characters



Character Abilities

  • Mario - Can jump high, double jump, punch, kick and charge up his Fireballs.
  • Luigi - Can punch, kick, fly, see in the dark, multiply and breathe underwater.
  • Yoshi - Can trample enemies, throw eggs and do melee attacks.
  • Wario - Can use all his powers from the Wario Land series, and punch very hard.
  • Okoru - Can shoot flames, water and lightning at enemies, jump on his foes, and hammer them with his fists.
  • Young Bobbery - Can order Bob-omb soldiers to attack his enemies.
  • Donkey Kong - Can shoot coconuts at enemies
  • Red Koopa 64 - Can use a charge attack on enemies and run fast.
  • Cosmic Toad - Can jump high, float and shoot ice balls.
  • Matter Guy - Can make platforms for Yoshi and pitfalls for enemies.
  • Wario's Face - Can create explosions, thunderstorms, tornadoes and other disasters.
  • Shadow Scream - Can teleport and shoot black flames at foes.
  • Flyzoom - Lets Okoru fly through the air.
  • Diddy Kong - Can shoot peanuts at enemies.
  • Goombario - Can headbonk and tattle.
  • Kooper - Can hit things with his shell.
  • Bombette - Can blow things up.
  • Watt - Can light up rooms and shock enemies.
  • Sushie - Can swim in water and shoot water at enemies.
  • Lakilester - Can carry Okoru across spikes and lava, and throw Spiny Eggs at enemies.

Boss Abilities

  • Mr. X - Flies around, hits you with a sword and bites you.
  • Koop - Moves around in his shell very fast.
  • Hammba - Can throw giant hammers.
  • Mega Goomba - Stomps on you and charges at you.
  • Dark Atomic Boo - (Miniboss) Spits Dark Boo's at you.
  • Blue Gooper Blooper - (Miniboss) Squirts you and hits you with tentacles.
  • Stompin' Stu - (Miniboss) Stomps on you.
  • Koopalings - (Minibosses) Shoots magic blasts at you and jumps on you.
  • Big Guy the Organic - Spits lava at you and ground pounds on you.
  • Evil Mario - Shoots black fireballs and jumps on you.
  • Kamek - (Miniboss) Shoots magic at you.
  • Bowser - Attacks with his minions.
  • Haxxor - Can do everything above and can blast you with lightning.

Free Play

In Free Play mode, you can select what gameplay you want to use and then you get to choose the character you get to play as. The stats of the character depends on how good they are at the gameplay.

Custom Mode



Mario's Story

In Mario's Story, you take control of Mario and go through extremely tough levels from his past adventures. Luckily, mario gained some super-strong powers they are: The ability to punch and kick, the ability to double jump, and the ability to charge his fireballs. These are the games that the levels are from: Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros. The Boss for Mario's Story is Koop. If another player has the game, though wi-fi, they can join in and play as Cosmic Toad. Mario's gameplay style is Platformer.

Luigi's Story

In Luigi's Story, you become Luigi and set off on a quest to recover the 7 Flying Golden Mushrooms. He goes through castles, fields, and even circuses in his story. Through wi-fi, a second player can join in and play as Red Koopa 64. The Boss in Luigi's story is Hammba. Luigi's gameplay is Adventure. In his Story, he gets the ability to fly, breathe underwater, see in the dark and multiply.

Yoshi's Story

In Yoshi's Story, you play as Yoshi and go through dark lands to rescue the other Yoshies. Yoshi is extremely powerful in this game and has many attacks that include throwing eggs, melee kicking, ground-pounding and much more. The wi-fi partner for Yoshi is Matter Guy. The Boss for Yoshi is Evil Mario. Yoshi's gameplay is Action.

Wario's Story

In Wario's story, you start off as Wario and combat thousands of evil monsters. You drop into an area and fight a monster and you must battle it using your Mighty Moves. The Boss in Wario's Story is Mega Goomba. His partner is Shadow Scream. His style is Mugen with small cutscenes.

Okuro's Story

A new character in the mario series. Okuro's Story is a game where Okuro explores lush environments and battles enemies. Along the way, he will gain new attacks, and become the ultimate robot. Okuro will also gain several partners in his adventure. The Boss for this story is Mr. X. Okuro's gameplay is RPG.

Young Bobbery's Story

Young Bobbery's Story is full of tactics, you are on a field of battle and command your troops to overcome missions. You gain a vast variety of troops and soldiers each with unique Abilities. Young Bobbery's partner is Wario's Face. The Boss is Bowser. Young Bobbery's gameplay is strategy.

Donkey Kong's Story

In Donkey Kong's Story, you complete levels using your trusty coconut gun. You walk around in a third-person style and shoot enemies that come at you. Another player can join in and play as Diddy Kong. Donkey Kong's boss is Big Guy the Organic. DK's gameplay style is shooting.

Games & Storylines

Mario's Game

Mario is taking a walk with Princess Peach when, suddenly Bowser Jr. runs up and steal Peach. Mario runs off to rescue her.

The gameplay is just like any basic Platformer. You run through the course, collect items, defeat enemies and complete each level. Once you get to a castle, you have to fight a Koopaling. There are 8 worlds, each dominated by a Koopaling with the exception of World 8, which is run by Bowser Jr. and Koop. At the end of the game, you must battle Koop and rescue Peach.

World 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Boss Lemmy Koopa Roy Koopa Larry Koopa Morton Koopa Jr. Wendy O. Koopa Iggy Koopa Ludwig von Koopa Bowser Jr. & Koop
Theme Mushroom Kingdom Mirror Rope Marsh Sky Ocean Planet Dark
Difficulty * * *** ** *** **** *** *****

Luigi's Game

Luigi gets called upon by the Star Spirits to recover the 7 Flying Golden Mushroom from the Monsters of Past and Future.

Luigi's gameplay is more complicated. You run around a 3-D environment and fight enemies and retrieve the Mushroom within the level. You collect power-ups to fly, see in the dark, breath underwater, and multiply. There are 7 levels, one for each Mushroom.

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Theme Mountain Circus Desert Dungeon Prehistoric Space City
Enemy Baba Yaga Harlequin Crippo Boshumutt Mastablasta Super Spike Hammba

Yoshi's Game

Yoshi's friends have been captured by Giant Shy Guy's, led by an evil version of Mario. Yoshi sets off with Matter Guy at his side to rescue his friends.

Yoshi has the most intense gameplay of the characters. You constantly have to jump and attack enemies with your acrobatic dinosaur attacks. You build up speed at the start of the level and then spring into action, using the right attack for the right enemy

World 1 2 3 4
Theme Plains Desert Ocean Darkness
Boss Giant Shy Guy Giant Snifit Giant Sub Guy Evil Mario



Everyone liked it, but few people loved it. It was praised for it's characters, gameplay, etc. But they didn't like the fact that the game was far too short to be loved. People said "If they made it longer, it would be terrific." Other than the short gameplay, it was greatly enjoyed.

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