Super Mario Battles is a game for the N64. It is like Super Smash Bros., but with only Mario characters.



The Plumber of Might has to be in a Mario game-- it's named for him, after all! Mario is a well-balanced character.


Mario's brother Luigi is stronger than you think! He's along for the fight. Luigi has good speed and jumping, but he isn't the strongest.
Bowser Mario's fierce enemy, Bowser has come to finish the fight! Bowser's strong, but he's slow.
Peach Whoever said that the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom didn't pack a punch? Peach is fast and can jump really high and float down slowly, but she isn't very powerful at all.
Goomba Goomba's sick of being called a wimp! He can't jump high and he isn't that fast, but he does have decent attacks.
Koopa This turtle terror isn't very terrifying, but if you say that to his face he'll unleash fast and powerful shell attacks! He can't jump very high, though.

Talk about an upgrade! This Goomba can fly. He isn't too strong, but he's fast.

Paratroopa It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a paratroopa! This flying shell-back can deliver powerful but slow air attacks.
Hammer Brother Hammer Bro's a living hammer! At least, he thinks so. He's slow but can jump high and throw hammers. Too bad he isn't very good at hand-to-hand combat.
Toad Toad wants to prove he can fight too! Toad is fast, but can't jump high and isn't the most powerful guy.

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