Super Mario Battle Area is a Mario RPG game made by EEA Inc. for the Nintendo Wii. It is a Mario version Pokémon in which a team of Mario characters will battle each other.


Much like the Pokémon Series' gameplay, the player will get the group of Mario characters together, to battle other characters. In this game, the player picks ether Baby Mario or Baby Peach, depending on the gender of the player. The player them goes around the Mushroom Kingdom to find Mario partners who will join your team. To "catch" partner, the player must weaken the character and then ask the character to join his or her team. The character will accept or decline the offer, depending on how low it's health is. Characters can also evolve. Ex. Baby Mario evolves into Mario and then Super Mario at a certain level, just like Pokémon. Baby Mario or Baby Peach are the only characters that can travel on the map and they will always stay with the party. The player can only have up to 10 characters in there party (not including the starter). All the characters that are caught are not in the party, are stored in the PC. To heal the characters, the player must travel to a Mushroom Hospital, which is run by Dr. Mario or Nurse Peach. Items can to bought at the Toad Shops to heal the characters in battle and give them special attacks. Castles replace Gyms and one of the Mario bosses is the leader of that castle. The game also has Wi-Fi in which the players can battle and trade Mario characters with their friends.




Baby Mario and Baby Peach are the only starters in the game.

Party Members

Party members can be found walking around the Mushroom Kingdom. Some are harder to find then others.

  • Baby Rosalina - Rosalina

List in Progress

Castle Bosses

Castle Bosses are extremely rare as party members. There replace Legendary Pokémon.

List in Progress



Sign Up

Anyone can sign up for this game. However, if something doesn't seem right, I will delete it.

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