Super Mario Battle is a 2016 multiplayer game released for the Nintendo 3DS eShop. It heavily expands upon the Multiplayer in New Super Mario Bros.


See also: New_Super_Mario_Bros.#Mario_vs._Luigi

As said before, the gameplay is an expanded version of the Mario vs. Luigi mode in the original New Super Mario Bros. However, this time there are more power-ups, stages and gamemodes, in addition to an online mode. Unlike most Mario games, there is no singleplayer mode. Also, it reuses the original NSMB graphics rather than those from NSMBW onwards.


  • Ground pounding a brother will now deal actual damage.

Game Modes

Star Race

The same as in NSMB. The bros. race to get the most stars, and can attack each other to steal their stars and/or hinder their progress.


There are no stars this time around; the aim of the mode is to defeat the opponent in all ways possible.

In addition to a lives option, there's now also a Hearts setting; each bro. will now have three hearts, which have to be depleted by causing damage. Normal jumping and fireballs don't deal any damage to the hearts; to actually deplete them, the players have to ram each other with Blue Shells or Penguin Suits, throw Koopa shells (or Bob-ombs) at the opponent, ram (or throw) them into enemies or hit them with superballs. In addition, touching the opponent while under the effect of a Starman or a Mega Mushroom or drilling on top of them after being launched from a Spin Block will instantly defeat them (this rule also applies for the other game modes.)


A race to the finish ! But it wouldn't be fun if you could ratten your opponents (in the same ways you can impede their progress or hurt them as in the other gamemodes) ! In addition, there's also a Termination Race mode, in which opponents can be defeated by damaging them, causing them to respawn in a pipe a little earlier in the stage.

Coin Freaks

Collect more coins than the other ! Sabotage them to your heart's content !


It's a race to the top ! Make sure your opponent doesn't win by jumping on them or hurting them in other ways.






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