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Super Mario Anime (working title)
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Genre(s) Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Comedy
First Air Date(s)
Country of Origin Japan
Original Language Japanese
Runtime 25 min
Status In production

Super Mario Anime (working title) is an upcoming Japanese anime series based on Nintendo's video game franchise, Super Mario. The anime will be closely supervised by the same people who worked on the games and previous Nintendo anime adaptations. The aim was to create an anime that could be enjoyed by newcomers to the series and fans the same as the games.

The production company revealed some info that the anime series will have character development, surprise returness and an original story and setting. They also said that the artstyle will stay close to the original games, but with a more "anime-ish" look, similar to the animation of the japanese Mario Kart Super Circuit commerical and the Wario Land: Shake It! cutscenes. The first four episodes will have the simple princess rescuing formula.


characters exclusively introduced in the anime

Theme Song




  • M.A.R.I.O


No. Title Original air date
1 "Here we go! Welcome to Mushroom Kingdom!" 2018
Mario and Luigi once again have to rescue Princess Peach!
2 "Oh! Here Comes the Koopalings!" 2018
3 "What? It's the Shy Guy Army!" 2018
King Bowser orders General Guy and the Shy Guy Army to stop letting Mario and Luigi saving Peach.
4 "Mamma mia! Let's Fight Bowser!" 2018
The Mario Brothers will fight Bowser once again, but will they? After that, Bowser decides to stop kidnapping Princess Peach and he meets a more stronger villain which can help him.
TBA "Wrahahaha! Wario and Waluigi's Great Misadventure!" 2018
Wario and Waluigi were recently sent to jail. They managed to escape, but things aren't as they seem.                    
TBA "Uh-oh! Your Spooky Mansion!" 2018
TBA "Wah! The Not-so-Peaceful Woods" 2018
Wario once again invades the Peaceful Woods, so it's Toad's time to stop him with his pals.
TBA "Oh no! Super Kartastrophe! - Part 1" TBD
TBA "Oh no! Super Kartastrophe! - Part 2" TBD
Mario and Peach battles Metal Mario and Pink Gold Peach once and for all, while karting.
TBA "Ugh! A Despicable Movie Trouble!" TBD
A movie based on "Super Luigi" was announced, but Luigi isn't happy.
TBA "Wait, what! It's the Star Road Warrior!" TBD
TBA "No Way! General Guy Strikes Again!" TBD
The Shy Guy Army was reorganized and they are stronger than ever.
TBA "Stop! Stop! The Endless Train Ride" TBD
TBA "Daw! A Story of Two Goombas" TBD
Goombario falls in love with Goombella, which both of them are shy and awkward with each other.
TBA "Haha! Bowser Jr.'s Day Out" TBD
TBA "Let Me Star! Everyone Loves Kamek!" TBD
Kamek decides to leave Bowser alone and tries new things.
TBA "Wow! Bowser's Origins" TBD
Bowser finally tells his story of when he was young, how he became the leader and most powerful of the Koopas, but most importantly, what happened with his parents.


  • It is unknown if the voice cast from the video games will reprise their roles in the English dub.

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