The WarioWare Employees is a team in Super Mario All-Stars Baseball. The team is captained by Wario, and sub-captained by Waluigi. Although named WarioWare Employees, the team is also called Wario Bikers, Epic Developers, Wario Winners and Garlic Lovers. The team consists of many members of WarioWare, Inc. along with his brother, Waluigi. The team practices at WarioWare, Inc. or at Super Slick Stadium.


The members of WarioWare Employees consists of 9 main teammates and 3 backup teammates, who are unlockable for Exhibition Mode.

Wario Captain Waluigi Sub-Captain
Mona Jimmy T.
Dribble Spitz
9-Volt Orbulon
Young Cricket Kat Backup Teammate
Ana Backup Teammate Ashley Backup Teammate


  • WarioWare Employees comes from the fact that all members of the team (except Waluigi) all were, at one point, members of WarioWare, Inc.
    • Epic Developers also comes from this same reason.
  • Wario Winners comes from Wario's Arrogance.
  • Wario Bikers comes from the fact that Wario is seen riding a motorbike.
  • Garlic Lovers comes from the fact that Wario loves garlic.

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