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8-Bit Heroes is a team that appears in Super Mario All-Stars Baseball. The team is captained by Mario and sub-captained by Luigi. The team consists of many allies of Mario. Although named 8-Bit Heroes, the team can also be named NES Players, Super Players, Power Players and World Runners. The team practices in Delfino Stadium or Luigi's Mansion.


The members of 8-Bit Heroes consists of 9 main teammates and 5 backup teammates, who are unlockable for Exhibition Mode.

Mario Captain Luigi Sub-Captain
Pauline Geno
Mallow Kooper
Goombario Goombella
Koops Rosalina Backup Teammate
Lubba Backup Teammate Lakitu Backup Teammate
Neil Backup Teammate Ella Backup Teammate
MIPS Backup Teammate Whittle Backup Teammate


  • 8-Bit Heroes and NES Players are both references to the Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo's first gaming console.
  • Mario and Luigi both being the captains of 8-Bit Heroes could be a reference to the fact they were the main characters in Super Mario Bros on the NES.

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