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 Super Mario Airship Mania! is a game for IOS devices, which will be coming out late 2014. In the game, you will be able to do 2D and 3D features, as well as being able to use brand new items and you get to drive your own airships. It will be mainly available for the iPhone 6, iPad Air, iPhone 5 S and C and the newest iPod. Once again in the game, you must defeat King Bowser, but in a totally different way, which shall be explained in further details below.


Once again, King Bowser Koopa kidnaps Princess Peach, and takes her aboard his Grand Airship, but this time, Bowser has sent hundreds of airships to take over different places of the Mushroom Kingdom, and it's up to Mario to stop them. Mario must play through 8 tough worlds of airships and enemies to get to Bowser's Flying Castle, where he must fight Bowser and Bowser Jr. and save the Princess, or else the Kingdom shall fall into utter darkness. Can Mario prevail?


Mario is sitting in his house, along with Luigi, Yellow Toad and Blue Toad, but then they get news from Messanger Toad suddenly that Bowser has kidnapped Peach again, and has sent hundreds if not thousands of airships to take over different parts and regions of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Luigi rush to the first airship, in Acorn Plains, and then they proceed to get past more and more, until they eventually reach Bowser's Flying Castle. There, only Mario must face King Bowser Koopa and Prince Bowser Jr. Koopa. Once Bowser has fell off the airship into the never-ending canyon and Bowser Jr. has joined him, Mario saves the Princess from the castle, which is now falling apart. Once they reach Peach's Castle, Peach kisses Mario on the hat, and he does his regular pose and one of his famous quotes: "Wah hoo!".





Yellow Toad (Minigames only)

Blue Toad (Minigames only)


Princess Peach (Character Mario must save from Bowser)

Princess Daisy (Character Luigi saves from Dry Bowser)

Bowser Jr. (Secondary Antagonist)

Bowser (Main Antagonist)

Koopalings (Final Bosses in every World apart from World 8)

Danka the Koopa (Boss every 2 Worlds, like Bowser Jr.)

Nabbit (A thief who you must catch with your airship every World)


World 1 - Acorn Plains

World 2 - Sandy Desert

World 3 - Shell Cove

World 4 - Icy Yogurt

World 5 - Giant Jungle

World 6 - Grumble Mountains

World 7 - Humming Clouds

World 8 - Lava Canyons


Super Mushroom - Chance 75%

Coin - Chance 90%

Mini Mushroom - Channce 55%

Mega Mushroom - Chance 15%

Fire Flower - Chance 65%

Ice Flower - Chance 50%

Super Leaf - Chance 70%

Lightning Cloud - Chance 5%

1-Up Mushroom - Chance 35%


Minigame mode is a one of the types of Modes in Super Mario Airship Mania!, along with Multiplayer Mode, Coin Rush Mode, Single Player Mode and Party Mode. In Minigames mode there can be four Players, (Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad and Blue Toad) who can play up to 34 Default Minigames and 16 Unlockable Minigames, making 50 Minigames in total. Here are all the Minigames: (Under Construction)


World 1-Tower - King Boom

World 1-Castle - Lemmy Koopa

World 2-Tower - Giant Pokey

World 2-Castle - Roy Koopa

World 3-Tower - Gooper Blooper

World 3-Castle - Larry Koopa

World 4-Tower - Mr. Blizzard

World 4-Castle - Wendy O. Koopa

World 5-Tower - Hye-Chomp

World 5-Castle - Iggy Koopa

World 6-Tower 1 - Monty Mole Tank

World 6-Tower 2 - Giga Goomba

World 6-Castle - Morton Koopa Jr.

World 7-Tower - Petey Piranha

World 7-Castle - Ludwig Von Koopa

World 8-Tower 1 - Queen Maagmargh

World 8-Tower 2 - Big Bob-Omb

World 8-Fake Castle - Kamek (Acting as a fake Bowser)

World 8-Bowser's Castle - Bowser and Bowser Jr. (Final Battle)


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