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Super Mario Adventures: The Game is a 3D Mario Fan Game in Super Mario Adventures: The Series created by Red Inc. The Super Mario Adventures game is for the Nintendo Wii and was released sometime in Summer 2010, shortly after Super Mario Bros. 2010. This Super Mario game allows multiple character choices and allows the player (you) to play multiplayer in the "CO-OP Mode". Plus, every time you finish a level, you get ranked on how well you do. (Rankings: 3 Star, 2 Star, 1 Star, A+, A, B, C, D, E, F, F+) Even though this is a 3D game, there are a few levels that are side-scrollers.




Peach's Castle

Boss: None


Boss: Tatanga

Daisy's Castle (Sarassaland II)

Boss: Petey Pirahna

Sarassaland III

Boss: Dino Pirahna (Egg Form)

Wario City

Boss: Bob-omb Machine

Wario Factory

  • Boss: Shake King

DK Jungle

  • Boss: King K. Rool

Koopa Troopa Town

Boss: None

Yoshi's Island

Boss: Dino Pirahna (Hatched Form)

Baby Park (Yoshi's Island II)

Boss: Bowser Jr.

Midair Palace

Boss: Kamella

King Boo's Haunted House

Boss: King Boo

King Boo's Haunted House II

Boss: Bouldergeist

Battleworth's Battleship

Boss: Topmaniac

Battleworths Battleship II

Boss: Tarantox

Leaf-fall Forest

Boss: Wiggler

Waterfall World

Boss: None

Donut Plains

Boss: Koopa Kid

Donut Plains II

Boss: Mega Goomba

Bowser's Castle

Boss: Bowser Jr.

Bowser's Castle II

Boss: Bowser