Super Mario Adventures: Epi. 2- Welcome to Baby Town part

After Mario changed into his swimsuit, the gang went to the beach to barbecue. The Koopalings and Bowser took of and then... Zap! Everyone turned into BABIES!

Baby Mario: Mama Mia! I'm a baby!

Baby Luigi: Me, too.

Baby Peach: We all are.

Baby Mario: Who could of done this?

Baby Yoshi: Yoshi, look.

Baby Yoshi pointed to Bowser's Airship.

Baby Mario: Bolognese Sause!

Baby Toadette: How are we going to get up there?

The babies turned around and they all saw a blue and white stroller. The jumped on and rode it with a rocket blaster behind the wheels.

The Babies: Bowser's airship...

Baby Mario: HERE WE... GO!

They followed the airship.

Bowser: BWAHAHA! It's working.

Iggy looked behind him.

Iggy Koopa: Umm... King Dad.

Bowser: This is a brilliant idea.

Iggy: King Daad!

Bowser: We will sure win this time.


Iggy yelled.

Bowser: What?

Iggy pointed out the airship.

Bowser: Blasting Jellyfish. LUDWIIIIG... STEP ON IT!

Ludwig went faster.

Baby Toad: This is Tricky.

Baby Mario: Nothing is tricky for me.

Baby Luigi: Hey? What about...

Baby Mario jumped on a mystery block and got a Tanooki Suit.

Baby Luigi: Me!

He said disappointed. Baby Luigi got a Tanooki Suit, too. He jumped on the airship, followed by Baby Mario.

Bowser: Dang it! Get away.

Bowser grabbed a broom and tried to shoot them away. Baby Mario jumped and clicked on the Self Destructed button.

Bowser: Why did I put that there?

BOOM! Went the ship! Bowser and the Koopalings fell.

Koopalings: Not again.


Baby Mario pressed the Grown-Up button on the Baby Machine. Everyone went to there normal sizes.

Peach: Good Job, Mario.

Luigi: GRRRRRRR! I tried, too. But Mario does deserve all the credits.

Luigi thought.

Luigi: Good Job, Bro.

Mario: Thanks!

There you go. That was the whole episode 2 on part 2.

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