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Super Mario Adventure U is a videogame made by Adricorp and published by Nintendo. It was released in July 13, 2013 made for Wii U only. It has some new features not found on New Super Mario Bros. U.

Super Mario Adventure U
Official Boxart
Developer(s) Adricorp
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Wii u
Release Date(s)
July 13, 2013
Sinple-player, Co-op Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Everyone Wordmark
Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Platformer
Media Included Wii U Disc


One day, Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad, Red Toad, Blue Toad went to the park and played for few hours. When they went back to Peach's Castle, Peach is gone and is missing and they go out of the castle. Suddenly Bowser is seen grabbing Peach in his Koopa Clown Car along with Bowser Jr. outside of the castle and takes Peach into Bowser's Castle. The five heroes must travel through the adventure and rescue Peach and beat Bowser and Bowser Jr. to freedom. After their adventure, they finally went to Bowser's Castle and defeat them. After they defeat Bowser and Bowser Jr., they are now freedom and return to Peach's Castle.


Players need to complete series of levels with the opposing timer, otherwise they will die. Super Mario Adventure U includes a newly minted power-up called Knight Mushroom. It allows them to slash enemies, break bricks (similar to Raccoon's tail) and able to bypass spikes.



Play the adventure alone.


Play the adventure with your friends up to 5 players.


Play with friends in Coin Battle and Race to Flagpole.


These lists the worlds from this game. All of the worlds are:

- World 1 (Grassy World)

- World 2  (Desert World)

- World 3 (Palm World)

- World 4 (Swamp World)

- World 5 (Chocolate World)

- World 6 (Ice World)

- World 7 (Mountain World)

- World 8 (Sky World)

- World 9 (Lava World)

- World 10 (Rainbow World, extra world)


D-pad/Analog stick: Move, Ground Pound (D-pad down, in air)

2/A/B: Jump, glide (hold)

1/Y/X: Run, shoot fireballs/iceballs carry items, slash sword, run up and down walls (Mini Mario)

Shaking the Wii Remote: Spin Jump.

D-pad down: Crouch


Each playable and unlockable character has different stats.

Strength - Characters who have higher strength can break 2-4 bricks (1 if low) at the same time. (Only in non- small form)

Speed - Characters who have higher speed can move quicker and faster.

Jump - Characters who have higher jump can jump higher and wall-jump easier.

There are 6 playable characters in this game (including mii's). Among who are playable is:



The well-known red hero, he is the strongest of the 5 but the slowest of all.

Strength - 5/5

Speed - 1/5

Jump - 2/5



Mario's brother, he has the highest jump of all.

Strength - 2/5

Speed - 3/5

Jump - 5/5

Yellow Toad

This toad is the fastest of the 5 but the weakest of all.

Strength - 1/5

Speed - 5/5

Jump - 3/5

Red Toad

This toad has an enhanced power but he is the worst jumper of all.

Strength - 4/5

Speed - 4/5

Jump - 1/5

Blue Toad

This toad is good at jumping but poor speed. 

Strength - 3/5

Speed - 2/5

Jump - 4/5



Unlockable after getting at least one star in the file.

The mii's stats varies depending how fat or how tall. A mii with medium height and weight have these stats:

Strength - 3/5

Speed - 3/5

Jump - 3/5


- Normal Yoshi - A yoshi without any special abilities.

- Red Yoshi - Can run the fastest.

- Blue Yoshi - Can jump the highest.

- Pink Yoshi - Can lay up to 2 eggs.

- Orange Yoshi - Has the longest tongue.

- Cyan Yoshi - Easiest to control.

- White Yoshi - Has the best flutter.

- Black Yoshi - Can ground pound.

- Purple Yoshi - Can do triple jump.

- Gold Yoshi - Has all special abilities.



The one who must be rescued and the only damsel in distress.


A supporting character who appears in Toad houses.

Mushroom Retainers

These help Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad, Red Toad and Blue Toad through their adventure.

Bosses and Enemies


-Bowser (Bowser's Castle)

-Bowser Jr. (Bowser's Castle)

-Boom Boom (World 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, airships)

-Pom Pom (World 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, airships)

-King Mr. Triangle (Towers)


All various enemies in previous games.

New Enemies

Mr. Triangle - Green-colored triangle creature that is similar to goomba's personality (but doesn't chase player)

Big Baddie Box - Similar to normal Baddie Boxes but releases Mega Goombas instead of normal Goombas.

Fiery Bully - Bullys that has fire on them, can only be killed in Knight and Invincibility form.



-Super Mushroom

-Fire Flower

-Propeller Mushroom

-Ice Flower

-Mini Mushroom

-Super Acorn

Temporary Power-Ups

-P-Acorn (wears off until the player finishes a level and return to Super Acorn form)

-Knight Mushroom (wears off until the player finishes a level and return to Super form)

-Super Star (lasts 15 seconds)




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