Super Mario Adventure
Developer(s) TTYInclogogt
Publisher(s) Nin10
Platform(s) 53logogt
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure
Series Super Mario
Media Included Nintendo 53 Cartridge

Super Mario Adventure is a 3D Platformed Game for the Nintendo 53. It's going to have some different gameplay then usual Mario Games. It's going to have more then one Hub World, each one for each area. There are also some new characters introduced, such as Princess Helenia & Nico.



Once apon a time, there was a Princess named Princess Helenia. She was princess of the Mushroom Mountains. She had a great hero who protected her. But then, one day, she dissapeared...

Chapter 1

Princess Peach hands Lakitu a letter, who then flies off.  Once he get's to his destination, Lakitu gives Mario a letter. It reads:

Dear Mario,

I have made a cake for you. Please, come and enjoy yourself from your adventures.

From, Princess Peach.

Mario then jumps out of a pipe infront of Peach's Castle. After entering the castle, he bumps into Peach, who calls on the Toads to bring out the cake. The bring it out, and Mario licks his lips. He reach out to take some, when Peach slaps his hand, and puts a slice on a plate. She hands the plate to Mario. But when he reach's out, a new guy jumps from the celing, dirupting everything! Mario's cake flies over towards the celing, and Mario reach's out for it when it splaters agains the walls. He grabs Peach, and introduces himself. He says that he is Nico, and that he's there to take what's Mario's since he took what's his. He runs off with Peach, and Mario fallows. They get to the top of the stairs, and Nico tosses Peach into a pipe. He pulls out a wand, and casts a spell on the stairs, just as Mario starts to run up them. They seem endless, as he endlessly tries to run up. Nico laughs, and casts a spell on Mario, causing Mario to fly to the front of the castle. When he lands outside, he sees the roof of the castle open up. Peach & Nico fly out, and Peach calls out for Mario.

To Be Continued!



Image Name Description Unlockable by...
MarioHand Mario Mario, the red-caped hero of the Mushroom Kingdom is back to save the day! When Nico kidnaps The Princess, only one hero can stop him! Can Mario stop this new evil mastermind, and get the princess back? Only fate can tell! Default
LuigiNose Luigi Luigi, the man in green, is deciding to help his bro! Even though he's more of a scardy cat, he can still help out as much as he can! He has little traction, but jumps very high! ???


World How to Unlock Star(s) Star Information Boss(es)
Superstar Hill Default 20px-Smg icon powerstar The Superstar on the Hill Defeat Starchomp after getting to the top of the hill. Starchomp
20px-Smg icon powerstarOver the Rainbow & Through the Woods Cross over the rainbow, and find the star hidden in the woods. (None)
20px-Smg icon powerstar Island in the Sky Get to the Island in the Sky using the Canons. (None)
20px-Smg icon powerstarSuperstar Hill's Five Silver Stars Find the Silver Stars hidden in Superstar Hill. (None)
20px-Smg icon powerstar The Hidden Base

Find the Hidden Base, and defeat Starchomp, again.

(Hidden in Over the Rainbow & Through the Woods)


More Coming Soon!