Super Mario Adventure: The Secret of the Seven Star Shards (Commonly shortened to Super Mario Adventure), is a video game that is a blend of the Role Playing genre and the Platforming genre. It is a blend of Mario & Luigi series, Paper Mario series, and Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It is created by Wario Inc.
Super Mario Adventure: The Secret of the Seven Star Shards
Developer(s) Wario Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo;Brock Publishing
Platform(s) Nintendo Omega, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
December 25, 2013
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG; Platformer Elements
Media Included Nintendo Omega Disc, Wii U Disc, Nintendo 3DS Cartridge, Downloadable on the eShop




"Today, I have a very important story for you. It all started at the beginning of time...

There was only darkness, nothing more. Then, a spark happened and a new kind of darkness came. It had feelings, opinions, and much, much more. It created a place to live using darkness. Then, a spark of light came, balancing the dark and the light. The light and dark battled, and the light won, making the darkness flee. So, the light made more light, and soon the Mushroom World and the other planets were made. Meanwhile, the darkness was very sad that his property and shelter was stolen. So, he made a castle, and decided to plot his revenge, and to get his property back...

That's how our adventure begins...."

Part 1: An Adventure Begins

Mario wakes up one morning, and tries to wake up Luigi, but Luigi is not coming out of the deep sleep. Mario steps outside to see a letter. It reads:

"Gwarharharhar! Hey, Super Stupid Bros! I've once again captured your precious princess, and I'm NOT letting her go! I DARE you to come and try. I'll be waiting.


Ultra Epic Mighty King Bowser Koopa the I"

Mario shakes his head, and is greeted by Toad, who tells Mario that the Shroom Ship will be waiting, to take Mario to Bowser's Castle. Toad the runs off, and Mario heads off into Mushroom Plains, when Luigi hops up and catches up to Mario. Mario tells Luigi what happened(through some humorous fake italian), and the two run off into Mushroom Plains. There, the two learn the basics, when a Hammer Bro named Ham smashed down. He proclaimed the area as his territory, and the two refused to go home, so a battle ensued. Mario and Luigi were able to defeat the enemy, who ran off, proclaiming that it wasn't over. Ham left behind two of his hammers, and Mario and Luigi were able to use them to clear the rest of the long area. They soon arrived in Toad Town and saved and healed. After exploring, they entered the Castle, and boarded the Shroom Ship. They arrived at Bowser's Castle to find a Princess Peach in terror. Mario, once again defeated Bowser. That's when a mysterious figure arrived, and captured Princess Peach in a small bubble, and disappeared. However, not without attacking Bowser's Castle, which collapses, as Bowser, Mario, Luigi and everyone else scramble inside the Shroom Ship. Before long, it is shot down, scattering everyone.


Bowser Interlude 1

Bowser wakes up in a forest, and walks around for a bit, exploring, when he discovers an injured Kamek stuck in the trees. Bowser rescues Kamek, but not after making Kamek beg, and make many promises to Bowser, like rubbing his feet and being his slave. Kamek is finally rescued, and he uses his magic to find the way out of the forest. They then end up in Toad Town.

Star Haven Interlude 1

In Star Haven, everyone is in distress, and Twink is running around screaming "THE SKY IS FALLING!", while the seven star spirits are in distress. Eldstar shows them all a vision of Mario, and they all agree that Mario is their only hope. Mamar gives her power of sleep, Skolar gives his power of knowledge, Muskular gives his strength, Misstar gives her power of love, Klever gives Mario his wit, and Kalmar gives peace power to Mario.

Peach Interlude 1

Peach wakes up, in a castle. She is confused,but she soon remembers that she was kidnapped by Bowser, and then by a mysterious man. She looked and explored, but couldn't find any secret exits. Then, she wished for someone who could help her. The wish power summoned Twink, who was now more powerful. Peach and Twink reunited, and Twink used his power to open a portal to Star Haven. That's when the kidnapper came in, and closed the portal. Twink tried to fight the kidnapper, but was simply beaten. He fled, but promised he would return to help Peach.

Part 2: What lies underneath Toad Town?

The part begins with a short clip of all of the Toads banding together. They all kick Bowser and Kamek out. Then, the part flips to Mario, who is faceplanted into the forest. Mario jumps up, and finds his hammer in the bushes, but Luigi is lost. Mario then heads out to explore the new area "Mushroom Forest". Mario wanders around the forest, defeating new enemies, and leveling up. Eventually, Mario sees a small star, who is alarmed and flees. Now, Mario has to find the star 3 times, getting increasingly harder each time. The star then disappears. By then, Mario is near the forest exit. At the exit, Mario is attacked by Fawful. Fawful is easily defeated, and drops a medal. Then, Toad appears and teaches Mario what medals are, as they are basically badges. Mario then moves on, and is greeted by everyone in Toad Town. They all ask what happened, and Mario tells them. There, Mario can save, rest up, collect items and more. Mario is not sure where to go next, but is visited by Jinx from Super Mario RPG. Jink is mysterious in his help, but tells Mario this: "The first problem lies underneath your very feet". Mario is puzzled, but eventually finds out that that means to go underground to Toad Town Sewers. Mario has many trials there, but eventually finds something mysterious. It was a small shard of a glass-like crystal that was colored with rainbow colors. Mario picked it up, but not before awaking Big Bloops, the fabled monster of Toad Town Sewers. Luigi then runs up, and explains that he was right there in plain sight, even though he wasn't. Together, the two heroes take down Big Bloops, and collect the strange object, not sure what was.


Bowser Interlude 2

"Those stupid little mushroom heads!", Bowser grumpily complained. Kamek tried to calm him down, but was not successful. The two were in Toad Town Outskirts. "Where's my castle? I wanna go home!", Bowser pouted. That's when Kamek saw a part of the Koopa Klown Car. Kamek explained that if the two could find all of the pieces of the Koopa Klown Car, they could go home. Bowser then took his idea, with no recognition to Kamek.

Star Haven Interlude 2

Twink returns to Star Haven, and informs the seven Star Elders of the villain that kidnapped Princess Peach. Eldstar questions Twink's big injuries, and Twink tells Eldstar that the villan easily overpowered him. Eldstar is about to give power to Twink, when a large rumbling sound happens. ♥♪!?(Geno) then tells everyone to gather up, ending the interlude.

Peach Interlude 2

Peach waited and waited for Twink, when a package appeared with a star on it. Peach opened it, to find something crumpled into a small bit, Peach unravels it, revealing it to be Perry. With Perry, she exits her room, and explores the castle. She can even find a small secret machine and a Super Shroom. She can put in the machine. Soon, she finds herself at a large door,that seems to lead people to a throne room. She listens and hears the kidnapper talking to a magikoopa, calling her Violet. Violet is then sent away. Violet catches Peach, and they fight and Peach wins, but Violet's magic teleports her back to her room.

Part 3: The Star Shards

Mario and Luigi took the mysterious object to a good friend. That friend was Merlon. Merlon looked at the object, and was shocked. He explained tha it was a Star Shard, which forms the ground of Star Haven, and without it, Star Haven will eventually fall onto the Mushroom World, unleashing an ancient evil. Merlon also explains that the ground of Star Haven is made out of 7 Star Shards. Mario and Luigi then conclude that they must collect all 7 Star Shards in time. Merlon then awakes the power of the Star Shard, giving Mario a new ability, and gives the two a map. This map shows their location and the areas in the world. Mario and Luigi then head out of town, and encounter Ham at the exit. He is stronger, but is defeated. Mario and Luigi see an illusion in the distance. They go through the desert area, solving puzzles and more. There, they find the illusion. It is Eldstar, who tells Mario that Star Haven is hurting badly from the attack on Star Haven. Eldstar gives Mario a gift, the second Star Shard. That's when it is swooped away. Eldstar then fades away, as the illusion's time has run out. The brothers follow the thief into a town named Seaton. It is a calm peaceful town where the two can rest up, heal, and collect items. They then ask around the town, and after a long time, they meet someone who can REALLY help. The man's name was Murphy, who told the two that he was old, and knew everything about Seaton. Murphy tells them that te theif's name is Crane, a former marine koopa who was loved by all. Then, Murphy said that an evil man(The kidnapper of Peach too), kidnapped Crane, and when Crane returned, he was an evil general for the evil man's army. This saddens Murphy, but the two promise to make things right and defeat Crane. They then headed to Blooper Bay, where they found Crane running away, about to board a biplane. That's when the two caught him. "What's a happened to a you? We heard-a that you a were a good guy-a, until a bad guy kidnapped you!", Luigi asked not wanting to fight. "That man, I mean koopa, is gone. Now, you will pay for meddling with my plans!", Crane responded, as he got in the plane. The battle was very hard, but the two defeated him. Crane was then spit out of the plane. As Crane follows a code of honor, he gave up the Star Shard, and fled in the biplane. The town of Seaton rejoiced, and the part ended.


Bowser Interlude 3

Bowser and Kamek ventured into Mt. Monty, where they found all of the rest of the Koopa Klown Car parts. They took them, but Monty Master, the tyrant leader of Mt Monty, who said "Finders keepers, losers weepers!". Bowser argued, but Kamek reminded Bowser that he follows the same rule. Bowser punched Kamek,and then fought Monty Master(Humorously, in Arm Wrestling). Bowser loses, but Kamek uses magic to make Bowser win Monty Master whines, and says that Bowser cheated., Bowser disagrees and so does Kamek, and Bowser says that because it's 2-1, he gets the pieces. Monty Master then stomps off. They assemble the vehicle, but they realize they still need an engine, ending the interlude.

Star Haven Interlude 3

The interlude flashes back to when they were all gathering, and they saw the kidnapper. "Stop, Shadini!", said Eldstar, he was backed up by the other 6 Star Elders. "Theives! Liers! Villains! My revenge is coming. Soon, Star Haven shall fall and IT will rise!", Shadini said. Shadini then disappeared. "Sir, we should prepare!", Twink pirpoed up in a scared small voice. "Yes...yes.", Eldstar quietly said as he floated away. Everyone was questioning Eldstar.

Peach Interlude 3

Peach's room is a lot more secure now, so she uses Perry to sneak out of the window, and she uses a path along the castle to explore. However, there are search lights that she has to avoid. Eventually, she makes it up to the top of the castle. She sees a tower and enters it. After climbing the long staircase, she makes it to a dark room with fancy designs. She picks up a file and starts to read. "He took it from me, everything, all of my....",Peach stopped as Shadini entered. "Silly princess! You have no reason to be here! Punishment time!", he said, as he used powerful magic to KO her. "Hahahahah! You silly mortals don't have a chance", he said, as he teleported her back to her room. Shadini then read the file, looking sad.

Part 4: Rival Reuniting

Mario and Luigi returned, and visited Merlon. He examined the Star Shard, and then looked in his crystal ball. "Over the seas, a rival will help you." The two wondered what that meant, so they wandered around. They found Toad Town Harbor, and went to the S.S. Salty Slapper. However, the captain told Mario that the anchor was somewhere. So, the two went underwater to a forgotten kingdom named the Aqua Kingdom. The town welcomed the two brothers. Soon, a mysterious shark named Draco asked the brothers for all of their coins, as he was poor and hungry. The brothers did this, and soon discovered that Draco was an evil prince who wanted to take over and rename the place Draco Kingdom. He used the money to make a gigantic submarine mech called Sub-Smasher. The two defeated Sub-Smasher, and Draco was kidnapped. However, he blabbed that Mario and Luiig came him the coins, so they threw the two in the arena. The two worked there way up to the "Kracken"(Really just a giant blooper). The two defeated him, and the bros. got a chance to explain what happened. King Fin gave the brothers the anchor as a reward. The ship then took off, and ended up on Volcano Island. They saw the Star Shard at the top of Mount Magma. The two needed someone to fry the bushes to get through to Jumping Jungle. They found Bowser in the beach, and he attacked them. They won, and Bowser agreed to help them if they found the engine on the way. They agreed, and went off while Kamek went off to have a vacation(Even though he said he was going to look for the engine). Their trio went through the jungle and reached Mount Magma. There, Ham jumped out to destroy them. Ham was easily defeated with Bowser's help. They reached the top, and were stopped by the Boxhead Brigade, a large group of X-Naut like troopers. They were defeated, and were about to come back and destroy the trio with the magical power gave to them by Shadini. That's when they were eaten by the Volcano Island Blargg, a mythical creature that was feared. They battled it, but barely survived. It sank in the pit of lava, as it was dead. It burped out the Star Shard. Bowser comically said "Boo-yah, Blargg Boy!", ending the part.


Kamek Interlude 1

Kamek went off to have a nice relaxing vacation, when he bumped into Violet. Violet was nice, but Kamek wanted a fight. Violet summoned the large army of Shadini. Kamek tried to summon Bowser's army, when he realized it was destroyed. The army defeated Kamek easily and left. Kamek saw that his broomstick and wand were snapped in half. Kamek became very angry,and stumbled off, looking for Violet.

Star Haven Interlude 4

As Eldstar went away, Muskular lead the army. Kalmar argued, but no one was on his side. Kalmar wanted no wars, but it was inevitable. "Geno" rounded up everyone, and they all manned the Star Cannons, the only defense of Star Haven. Kalmar, went to see Eldstar then. As Kalmar walked into Eldstar's room, he saw that Eldstar was in tears. Kalmar comforted him while war started.

Peach Interlude 4

Princess Peach woke from her knocked out state, and remembered what happened. "That fiend! ", she said. "I need to find more about him so I can help Mario.", she then added. This time though, everything was locked tight. Her wishes however, summoned Twink, who unlocked a new exit, which she didn't see. Peach thanked Twink, and the two used the secret exit to find a closet. Disguising herself as a Boxhead, the main grunts of Shadini's army, she made it into the dinner hall, where she found two Koopatrols. "Did you see Master King Almighty The Very Great Shadini? I think he went Star Haven.", one said. "Really? Rumor is that he has a grudge with those dudes.", the other responded. Shadini, hearing this came forward, and yelled at the Koopatrols. Shadini walked forward, and talked to Peach(disguised as a Boxhead). He found her suspicious, and quizzed her in the 68th Annual Trivia Quiz-Off. She aced every question learning in the process, that Shadini's plot is to collect the seven Star Shards so Star Haven will fall, releasing a great evil. Peach then ran off, using the" Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom" excuse. She went into the bathroom to change into her normal dress, when Shadini walked in. He got really angry, and chased her. She escaped into her room, locking the door.

Part 5: Into the Sky

The trio headed back to Toad Town, where they found the engine rolling around. Bowser took off, but upon arriving at Bowser Castle, he found that it had been replaced by Shadini's Castle. Shadini saw Bowser, and shot a cannon, at him, shooting him back to Toad Town. While that was happening, the two brothers looked for the next Star Shard, when they returned to Merlon. He brought great news, and said that he saw that the Metal Parakoopa, a large plane that took groups of people on tours, had returned. Merlon suggested that maybe there the two could find things there. The team headed to the Toad Town Airport, where they found Bowser kidnapped. The kidnapper was Grato, a swiss cheese like humanoid monster, who worked for Shadini. He said that he would release Bowser, for all of the Star Shards they collected. They say no, and fight him. However, early on he turns himself invincible with Shadini's magic, and the two are forced to flee. Mario and Luigi go back to Merlon, who gives the brothers decoys, and the power to break the magic. The duo head back, and give the decoys to Grato, but Grato lied, and attacks the two. He is surprised and scared when he learns of the duos new powers. The two defeat him, and get back Bowser, who permanently joins them. Once they reached the Metal Parakoopa, it was flight time. By then, it was almost night, and the trio got some sleep. Next morning, they woke up to discover that the gears on the plane were stolen, and that if too much time passed, it would crash. Mario, much to Bowser and Luigi's distain, volunteered the trio to help. They went down, fighting enemies and solving puzzles, when they found the theif, which was Bowser Jr, who was brainwashed by Shadini. Bowser said "Your gonna get a spanking for this, son!", and a battle ensued. Bowser Jr turned into Shadow Mario, and beat the team easily. He then used the graffiti to erase the platform the team was standing on. They landed on Mt Chill, where they landed in Chill Town. They healed and saved, and headed up the mountain, where they solved puzzles, and made it through more trials. At the top, they used a cannon to launch up to the plane, where they encountered Bowser Jr. again. This time though, he summoned a Chilly Yeti to fight them. Using Bowser's flame breath and fire flowers, they were able to defeat the hard monster. Everyone cheered for the trio., as they fixed the plane, which landed, ending the part.


Kamek Interlude 2

Kamek went so far that he ended up at Volcano Island. By then, he was very tired and took a rest at the Toad House nearby. However, poor Kamek's bad luck wasn't over. The runner of the Toad House was realy a duplighost who stole all of Kamek's coins. When he woke up, Kamek was kicked out by the disguised duplighost. He was knocked into Mount Magma, because of the duplighost's force. Kamek landed in the dead Volcano Island Blargg's stomach, where he found various citizens. One was trapped in the ribs, and Kamek reluctantly saved the stuck koopa. The koopa was Crane, who crashed in there after his failed flight. Crane gave Kamek his wand back, and transported only himself away, making the others angry. Once Kamek arrived back at Toad Town, he accidentally uncovered Shadini's lair, which was at Bowser's Keep, when he got a spell wrong. Kamek was going to report that to the trio, after Bowser forgot about the lair of Shadini from his fall, but didn't think it was important.

Star Haven Interlude 5

Star Haven was easliy winning the battle, as the power of wishes made their weapons very powerful. However, in eldstar's house, there were problems. Kalmar asked Eldstar what was wrong, but all he said was "It's all my fault...", and walked away. Kalmar went back to is house to figure out what this meant. Eldstar toughened up, and led a full assault on Shadini's Castle. However, Shadini then enchanted his castle and made it invincible. The seven star spirits did the same. For now, it was uneasy peace. However, not all was right.

Peach Interlude 5

A while after the incident, Shadini finally found the right charm, and unlocked the door. Peach was very scared, but Shadini was calm. She was taken into a small cage, and waited with nothing else. Until, Violet came by. Violet felt sympathy for Peach, and brang her things and food and enertainment. Shadini caught Violet and angrily sent her away. That's when, Shadini recieved a letter, and walked away.

Part 6: The Floating City Falls

The ship landed on a small port called Dooloo Factory. The trio got out, and saved, healed, and bought some things at the small shop set up. The ship then flew back, promising it would come back soon. At Dooloo Factory, everyone was walking around, while the team went into the factory itself to loo for the Star Shard. Inside, strange enemies called  Darkos appeared, and stole all the Star Shards. The team went through many trials and puzzles but soon defeated the four thieves. Bowser then flamed the group, sending them away. Much to Luigi's distress, Mario suggested(through fake italian) that they followed the Darkos to see if they had a Star Shard, which would explain the fascination with the Star Shards. The team went deep down, and encountered a swarm of Darkos, which melted into a gigantic abstarct monster called Shadarza. Bowser wondered how they mixed, when after Luigi hid behind Mario, he acidentally left behind his flashlight(a reference to Luigi's Mansion). The flashlight showed that the heart was replaced by a star shard. they then teleported away, and found  a torn out switch. The trio went back to the outside and asked Gus, the rocket pilot at Dooloo Factory to take them back to Toad Town. They mentioned Shadarza, and Gus told hem that he saw Shadarza going to Aeron, a floating city.  So, Mario asked to takes him there. However, Gus said he couldn't because the switch that activated the rocket was taken by Shadarza. Luigi then pulled out the switch they found in the factory. Gus said that because they retreieved the switch, they could go free. The group soon arrived at Aeron, where they were able to relax and buy stuff. They then saw Prince Peasely, who was taking a vacation there. However, he was jet black, had yellow eyes, and a bland personality. Everyone was confused, so they headed to Smar T. who was recomended by many people. Smar T was a famed professor. So, Smar T. asked to see this strange new version of Peasely. Smar T. came to a conclusion. The prince had Shadow Fever, an illness that made creatures jet black, yellow eyed, and bland. Smar T said that it was given to him by a Darko. That would make sense though, because recently Shadarza was spotted. They followed Shadarza's tracks with special tech that Smar T. made. Smar T. gave it to the team for "research". They tracked Shardarza to the electricity generator. He then went into the Power Towers where it was housed. Through many trials and fights, they found the generator, but it was knocked down! This made Aeron fall down. Soon, it crashed in the middle of nowhere. Luigi then woke up alone, and had to find his friends. By doing little quests, he made the city  more functional, but still in need. Luigi found Bowser in a glue factory, where he was stuck. Luigi's hammer was not enough though, so he had to explore. Soon, he found a way to break the glue. He found the one Fire Flower that survived the crash, through solving a puzzle that brought back the wrecked store. Then, he flamed the glue, drying it and making it crack. Next, they found Mario who got trapped in the ice skating place. Bowser easily melted the ice, and with Mario, the team continued on. After much work, the city was much better. However, the city was still crashed and the power was still gone. They saw a windmill in the distance, and visited it. After many puzzles and challenges, they reached Shadarza. This time though, Shadaraza was electrified, and had taken all the power. They couldn't make direct contact with him, making things hard. However. he was beat. Shadarza then exploded into various parts, and released the electricity, also curing Prince Peasely. They went back to Aeron, and with the elcetricity they flew the city back up again, and they presented the Star Shard they got after defeating Shadarza. Then, with a large cheer from the crowd, the part ended.

Kamek Interlude 3

Kamek was angry, so he decided to relax by visiting Mt. Chill. On the way, he saw his broomstick and wand which were stuck and frozen. Kamek was going to use fire magic, when the fire was put out by the wind. Kamek, stumbled off to Chill Town, There, he met Osaka, a shy guy anime fan. He said that he would help with his wind-proof flamethrower, for a life-sized Bella Hearty doll, who appeared in his favorite anime. Kamek thought this was stupid, but did it anyway. Kamek ventured into Mt. Chill, and found Bowser Jr, who was repairing his Koopa Klown Car. Still brainwashed, he was using the parts of the Bella Hearty doll to repair his Koopa Klown Car, calling Kamek an old geezer and refusing to share, the two battled. Without his arsenal, Bowser Jr was beat, and Kamek got the Bella Hearty doll, and reassembled her. Once he returned to Osaka, they made a trade, and Kamek got his wand and broomstick back, when a bird swooped down and took it. Kamek then chased it to Toad Town Airport.

Star Haven Interlude 6

Geno rounded up the wounded stars, and Misstar healed them. Eldstar seemed much happier now, for some reason. Shadini walked up to the Star Spirits, and coldly pushed the letter back to Eldstar. Then, he left. Eldstar went to rest, and the others chased after him, while Geno and Twink felt something strange. They felt the power of wishes, and tracked them to Merlon. Geno and Twink arrived there, and Merlon simply wished for the trouble to end. Twink asked why Eldstar was so sad. Merlon did not need the crystal ball, and vaguely said "Regret haunts him." The two were confused, but couldn't stay, when they were alerted and came back to Star Haven.

Peach Interlude 6

Peach waited, and waited, and waited, until two Koopatrols led her back to her now 100% secure room, when she told the two Koopatrols she could bake them cake. The two were easily manipulated, and the two made a deal with her. If she baked a cake for them to split, they would let her go into Shadini's Trash. She had tough directions though. She had to sneak around and collect these things: Life Shroom, Lemon Candy, Cake Mix, Frosting, Sprinkle Packet, and lastly 2 candles.  Then, she had to bake, whihc didn't work until she stealthily found the oven. After baking for a long time, she had a Lemon Cake,. The koopatrols started eating, and gave her the key, from which she unlocked the Trash Pit. Inside, she found various letters. From everything she collected, she finally put together, "Eldstar has wronged me." Peach was confused, when Shadini appeared, and he trapped her in a bubble. With it, she couldn't do anything. Shadini then came to the two koopatrols who failed, and he zapped them both, and then told Violet to put them in the Trash Pit. Violet had a tear in her eye, but did so. Peach felt sad, while Shadini looked perfectly happy.

Part 7: Mines of Maramik

Mario, Luigi, and Bowser were soon on their way. They boarded Gus's ship and flew back to Dooloo Factory. There, they felt watched, as if someone was there. That's when they learned that the Metal Parakoopa had lost it's battery, so the trio had to find a new one. Using the rocket, they went Cloudy Island. There, they learned that the magical seed was stolen from their floating island. Foggy Fields had footprints there, so they explored there, fighting monsters and solving puzzles too. Soon, they found who stole the magical seed. It was Popple! His new rookie was Croco. A battle ensued, and the duo was easily defeated. The magical seed was returned and Mayor Froggy gave Mario his lucky battery. With it, the tea, returned to Dooloo Factory and with the battery flew back to Toad Town. There, they were invited by Moree, a strange hooded human visitor. The trio met, as Bowser says, the "freak". Moree was calm and kind, but told them that Maramik, his home, had been put into a fierce rivalry over a treasure buried in the mines. The description was similar toa Star Shard, so the trio told Moree that they would help. They boarded a train to Maramik, where they had to cross the Mountains of Maramik. It was a hard trial, but the team crossed over the mountains, adn they had to venture through Maramik Plains. After many trials, they found a star stuck to a bush. It had amnesia, but remembered his name. It's name was Starren, and he was grateful for the trio saving him. In gratitude, he joined Mario's party. With Starren, they were able to go through Maramik Tunnels. At Maramik, they met Mori, Moree's girl friend. More's was embarassed, but releived when she told them that the enterance to the mines were open.  After taking a trip through the mines in a mine cart, they encountered Trylo, a miner who was greedy, and called the group "noobs", and bullied them. Then, a battle ensued. Trylo was easily defeated, and got knocked into a mine cart, and was sent down into Bubbling Pit. His crew were celebrating, but then realized that he had the gear. The group reluctantly help0ed and venture into Bubbling Pit. There, they had to avoid the Tar Pits. Soon, they caught up with a dazed Trylo. Trylo was rude, but the five went back up to the top of the mines. Trylo knocked his head on a sharp crag when the five rode back up. It caused a new area to fall down, and the Star Shard was there, however, a fort smashed down over it. Trylo ran in, so the team chased him. After a dangerous game of hide and seek, they found Trylo. Then, he was stole by bandits. They chased the bandits, and had to face many enemies and puzzles, but keep up so they wouldn't lose tyhe bandits. Soon, Luigi, Bowser, and Starren were stolen. Mario alone chased the team down, and rescued them. However, Trylo was still kidnapped, and they pursued him to the top of the fort, called Fort Bandito. At the top, Bandito Bubba, the gigantic spanish bandit leader came out. He said that they kidnapped Trylo so they could use him as a slave, and are going to sell the Star Shard for money. Starren, whow as unafraid and brave, attacked Bubba and accused the leader of being extremely selfish. Soon, the team attacked. Bandito Bubba was  extremely big and tough, but with the power of Starren's Star Beam, Bubba was bested! Trylo ran out sacred, and let the team collect the Star Shard, restoring peace to Maramik. As they left the mine, Moree thanked the group who proudly showed the Star Shard to everyone!

Kamek Interlude 4

At Toad Town Aiport, a dizzy Grato was hallucinating and thought that Kamek was the trio. Grato was weak and easy to defeat, when Grato disappeared, leaving a mask in his place. Kamek put it on, and was shocked. Tons of ghosts flew everywhere, damaging the arport. Kamek saw the bird who stole his things. His name was Beezo, and he was the manager of the airport. He said that if Kamek captured all the ghosts, his wand and broomstick will be returned. Kamek went through the airport, capturing big and small ghosts until he reached Arojam, the ghost who was actaully the mask itself. Kamek struggled, but defeated Arojam, and Beezo returned his equipment. That's when a bandit ran through, taking Kamek's stuff and knocking him into the Metal Parakoopa, ending Kamek's Interlude.

Star Haven Interlude 7

Geno was missing his brother , so Twink went to help him. They searched the nearby desert area,as they saw Star Dust at it. They journeyed through, when they found a hidden treasure chest. Inside, lied a strange star-like being. It said that it was a Spirit of the Past. It said that if the two collected all three of them, the past would be revealed. It then disappeared, leaving a path of Star Dust. It led them to Seaton. There, Francis who had recently moved there, captured the two stars, leaving the player with a cliffhanger.

Peach Interlude 7

Peach was finally put up in her completely secure room. There, slept, and when she woke up, she found a key under her bed. There was a note, that said this:

"Use this. It will give you the key to the next piece of the puzzle. You must do this.-Sincerely, X".

Peach wondered who X was, but was happy that she could search more. She used the keys on every thing, but nothing worked. That's when she fell through the floor. It was dark, but she saw 3 doors. Also, she saw a machine that was shut down and was sparking. She tried the key on the first door and it opened. Inside was a statue of a happy man. She investigated, and pulled the statue apart. There, she found a secret passageway, where she encountered a small bolt. It said "Know his past.", and exploded. She had questions, but heard Shadini coming to check, so she had to rush back.

Part 8: Tick-Tock Terror through Time!

The team were heading to Toad Town, when Moree ran to them. He gave them a shadow necklace in reward. Bowser said, "Stupid black thing! It's worthless!" and was going to crush the necklace, when it shined. The world became shadowy, and they saw Shadini as king, destroying the Mushroom Kingdom in a giganitc airship. They tried to intervere and sucsessfully boarded the airship. They went to Shadini, but when they tried to fight him, the world went back to normmal, and the team were back at Toad Town. They realized that the necklace had magical powers, and traveled to Professor E. Gadd. However, they had to go through Spooked Woods, where ghosts and monsters awaited, as well as a confusing maze. They finally made it to the Gadd Mansion, when they saw a beat-up Gadd on the doorstep. He said that hostile ghosts, including King Boo, took over. He offered to help if they made his mansion free of ghosts. Luigi was reluctant, but they forced him in. At the kitchen, they found a Boo hiding in the ove. He was firey, so they had to fight him with water and ice attacks only. Soon, they found a hard secret area. It was the library! In every book there was boos! They all flew out. Luigi ran away so the others were left to fight the combined collosus. He was too powerful though, so the remaining trio had to flee. They chased Luigi around, playing Hide and Seek almost, when they caught him outside. Gadd had the Poltergust to help, and they went back. Easily, they sucked up the giant boo monster. Next was Gadd's office. Inside, Boos were all around. They played tag, and the team won, so the boos gave up, allowing them to suck the boos up. Lastly, they had to head to the balcony. King Boo attacked, anxious to get revenge on the team for all the past battles. Luigi ran away like a coward, so only Mario, Bowser, and Starren could fight! King Boo was tough, but they could beat him. Luigi then came back, still shaking. With that, the team went to Gadd, who examined it, and when tinkering with it, they were sent 27 years into the past. The team were all turned into baby versions of them selves. They were also accompanied by Yound Gadd. Then, they were stormed by an attack by the Koopa Troop, ignoring Prince Bowser's presence. They were all knocked into the underground. They encountered many boos, going through various paths. Finally, they saw a Star Shard. However, they couldn't grab it, as time then changed, going 15 years back. Teenage Mario and Teenage Luigi were in Brooklyn, and then learned that their rivals Goober and Bones were going to steal a plumbing job. However, they remebered where they should be. They beat the rivals, when they learned that Mario's old girlfreind Pauline was kkidnapped by Donkey Kong. After playing a mini game of "Donkey Kong", they  were transported to the future. Everyone was on the Koopa Kruiser, and they all had to find the pilot, who fell through the celing. After exploring the dark depths of the ship, they found the pilot. There was another pilot too! The first one shapeshifted into a giant alien dragon. His name was Gryo, who was Shadini's best friend. Gryo said that he must destroy the necklace, as it gives the heroes great power. A battle ensued. Gryo was powerful, and stole the heroes appearances. Each hero was in peril, but soon the brawl was over. The Koopa Cruiser collapsed, and they grabbed the Star Shard, as Gryo was smushed by the wreckage. Just as it seemed like doom, the necklace exploded and sent them back in time. However, it destroyed the powerful necklace.  With the Star Shard, they left, thanking Gadd for his help.

Kamek Interlude 5

The Metal Parakoopa took off, leaving Kamek in distress. He rushed throuhg everything, when he accidnetally knocked over Kent C. Koopa. Kent got angry and smashed Kamek through the floor, and he landed in Maramik. He had amnesia, and was taken in by Popple. Then, calling him his rookie, they robbed the Maramik Museum, but  faced Moree. They were whooped and put away. In the process, he hit his head again, giving back his old memory. Using the magic wand that was left by the Magikoopa Police, he escaped. Popple did too, and chased Kamek, who called him a "whippersnapper". He saw the bandit, and chased it to Toad Town. That ended the interlude.

Star Haven Interlude 8

Twink and Geno were bored, as Francis simply took pictures of them. Their wishes summoned Jylo, their big star friend. A battle engaged between Francis and Jylo. Jylo won, aadn the trio escaped while they could. Then, they saw the illusion of a Spirit of the Past. They chased it, but it disappeared, leaving a note. "Ot Glitz Rfence", it said. They wondered what it meant, and let the player decide where to go. The options were Maramik, Aeron, and Volcano Island. If the player chose Maramik or Volcano Island they had to start over, so only Aeron was right. Once they arrived there, the Spirit of the Past came to them. It said "The past is waiting, come and find it.", and disappeared. The trio then headed off for more adventure.

Peach Interlude 8

The next day, Shadini was feeling good, as Peach wasn't doing anything mischeivous(well at least for his knowledge), so he brought her a cake. Inside was an X-Naut. However, it was deadly, but had a key with it. He was also fat because of all the cake he ate. All he said was, "X wanted you to have this",  before disappearing. She tried to get back to the X-Naut, when she fell down through a floor. There, the same three doors were there. However, only two were unopened. On the third door, it worked. In the room, water started to fill the room. It was soon time for a 2D retro-styled stage. Peach made it through, and at the end there was a wire being. It said "One to go, but know how it goes, Shadini is rough for a reason.", then it exploded. Peach was left with many questions, when she was threw back up by a mysterious figure.

Part 9: Approaching Darkness

With all seven star shards, the team had one last place to visit before thye confronted the evil Shadini. To get acsess to the castle and actually stand a chance against his frces. From previous expirience they knew they had to visit Star Hill first. On the way there a giant monster came. His name was Shard, and he was a gigantic glass man. Shard made a glass barrier and told them that after "The Invasion", security is tighter. So, he wouldn't let them go further. They needed to find Staar, the prince of stars. Then, Shard would let the heroes pass. So, they headed to Merlon for some directions. Merlon told them that Staar lived in Dust Sanctuary. The path to Dust Sanctuary was long, so the group quickly got on the run. Dust Path was filled with enemies, not to mention they had to find water every 10 seconds, or they would die. After a tough journey, the three heroes(and one villain) were kidnapped! Starren woke up alone, and he found his three teamates thorugh puzzles. He had to put together a puzzle for Mario, had to play jumprope to get Luigi, and had to defeat three powerful Bowser clones to get the ungreatful Bowser. Once together, they got out and met Kapp'n Kong, a villainous kong captain that wanted them only to sell them for 1,000,000 coins. They had to fight through waves of gladiators and finally battled the evil Kapp'n. Kapp'n let Mario, Luigi, and Starren pass, but Bowser had to stay behind. They said they would help, but thye didn't know when. As they continued on, Dust Samnctuary semmede like it was getting closer and closer. However, the paths were intertwining so they had to go the right way. To get to the Dust Sanctuary, they had to go left, right, right, up, down, up, up, up, down, right, left.  After they FINALLY made it, a golem named Stone Guardian atatcked. However, it was a friendly fight,as it was to see if the trio were worthy of coming in Dust Sanctuary. It was hard, but the golem was defeated. Inside Dust Sanctuary, they listened to Staar's voice to track him. Finally, they had found him. He said he would come, but only if they could play The Song of The Stars. The heroes went back to Toad Town, only to catch a sly bandit. "I heard that you need some help with a song! Take these directions to a friend of mine.", and ran away while they weren'tlooking. Starren suggested they should listen to the bandit. After going through the Banddit Beach, they hopped on the great S.S. Silver. The ship was full of secret evil. The trio had to take out Pengu the theif, Crock the tyrrant leader, and lastly Moro the captain of the ship who wanted to sell all the passengers for  coins. In return, the engineer gave the trio his secret portal. They used it to go straight to Ice Sea. After many trials, Mercina the musical shaman deemed them worthy. After talking for a while, she moved right on.  To play the song, the player had to press Y,A, X, X,A,Y,Y,X,X,X. The song of the stars teleported them back to the Dust Sanctuary where Staar was pleased that they had the lyrics. After playing the song, Staar summoned Bowser realizing they were a heroic team. Staar said that he bought Bowser from Kapp'n Kong to save Bowser from Hubba Bloo, a Jabba the Hutt like clubba. Bowser was ungreatful, but Mario kept him quiet so he didn't ruin everything. Staar then came with them to go to Star Hill. Shard was surprised to see that the heroes had returned with Staar. "G-greetings, your stary. May the visitors came along?", a starstruck Shard asked. "Yes, Shard. Let them pass." Staar told the glass guardian. From there, the climb of Star Hill was easy. At the top, the seven star spiritswere happy to see Staar and the trio. Eldstar hugged Staar, and the heroes learned that Staar was Eldstar's son. While that happened, the others greeted Mario and Luigi, but atatcked Bowser because of his previous crimes. Eldstar calmed down everyone with a loud BOOM! With everyone in order, the spirits told the five about the invasion. Shadini launched a major attack on Star Haven. Star Haven was heavily damaged and it is still being repaired. The spirits had to go now, but left the Star Bridge for the heroes. The climb was calm and peaceful, until Boxheads came and jumped down on the bridge. There were repeatedly spawning Boxheads. However, with great skill the villainous minions were overcame. At Star Haven, the place was ravaged. Everything was detsroyed and  smashed. Boxheads overran the previously safe haven. The heroes had to be careful, but learned that the sanctuary the Star Spirits rested in was controlled by Boxheads now. The Star Spirits were gone! Inside the Sanctuary, stealh was key. If they were found out, by the Boxheads, it was Game Over! However, Staar gave the power of Star Cloak only three times. It would get the heroes out of tight spaces. With a couple close calls, the team made it to the Star Spirit Prison. To unlock them, they would have to solve the Boxhead Prisonkeepers riddle. "What is rugged and rough and never gives up? What was changed by a selfish star that made him flee far?", the mysterious soldier asked. After lots of questions, they decided on Shadini. The Prisonkeeper was angry that ther heroes solved the riddle. He then attacked. The Prisonkepper was no regular Boxhead. He had a flamethrower, potions and a powerful dark wand to conjour up Dark Magic. The team was in trouble, but defaeted the overpowered trooper. He smashed into the door, releasing the Star Spirits. Greetings were stopped when the group were kidnapped.  Everything was dark, when the heroes awoke.  The Star Spirits and Staar were trapped in a large capsule. There, Tuan, the overconfindent and bulbous leader of the Boxhead Brigade appaered. He said he wanted revenge on the team after they were eaten.  Tuan was the only survivor and went crazy after being eaten. He said that he could have kidnapped the heroes too, but he wanted to personally fight them in honor of his squad. Bowser admired his code of honor, but also attacked him. Tuan was easily defeated. He only had 10 HP! "Oh, I forgot something! THIS!", Tuan yelled. He then used a wand to make him grow to gigantic sizes. He also gained immense strength. Tuan was powerful and even Bowser was in peril. However, he had a secret weakness. Attack his wand and he is temporarily weakened. Even with the secret, battle was tough. Soon, Tuan fell. As he shrunk and was defeated, he said, "Darkness approaches..." He then was unconcious. After releasing the Star Spirits, they wondered what he meant. After exiting the snactuary, the center of Star Haven shined, and Star Haven was restored to it's former glory. Everyone said goodbye and the squad left.

Kamek Finale

Running as fast as he could, Kamek ended up lost in the Mushroom Forest. It was a mind-boggling maze. The  game turned topdown and Kamek had to escape the maze. After a long time, they made it out. Toad Town was crowded and busy and a mailtoad rushed by with the news knocking over Kamek. Kamek was unconcious and started to dream. Things became all retro and 2D, but Kamek was at Shadini's castle. After a very difficult level, Kamek encounters dream Shadini, when the Mailtoad smashed into Kamek again. This woke Kamek up, and he saw the newspaper Mailtoad left. It said "THE COMING OF SHAIDNI-Doom is coming now! Heroes needed!". Kamek  went to go warn Bowser but then saw Bandit who ran down the sewers. An angry Kamek vchased after the bandit. Once deep into the sewers, and after Kamek faced many challenges, The Bandit attacked. Kamek easily defeated the bandit, when a robot rose from his place. The Bandit got in and said he was done with Kmake's bothersome qualities. "You WHIPPERSNAPPER! You'll get it now!" Kamke replied. The robot only had 20 HP, but nulified Kamek's magic abilities. The only way the elderly magikoopa could attack was by hopping on the robot. The Bandit had the upperhand, but Kamek eventually prevailed. The Bandit then fell from the robot, which exploded. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Just...let me go! I'll give you your stuff! AH!", the scared Bandit said as he left the satisfied koopa. Kamek with his broomstick and wand went to go warn Bowser and then vacationed on Volcano Island.

Star Haven Finale

The trio heard that Starren had reappeared. They went to chase him, when a trail of star dust transported them somewhere. It was hot and red all over. Lava flowed in an ocean. The heated up heroes barely hovered above the dangerous magma. Things turned 3D and it became a shooter. The trio used star beams to take out attacking stars. Everyone barely made it back to land safetly. At land, the final Spirit of The Past appeared. "To find out the secret of the past, you must prove your worth.", it said,  before summoning a gigantic lava eagle. "ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARR!", it screeched, intimidating the three stars, Battle had to commence. The Lava Eagle swiftly attacked, damging the whole team. After a long struggle, the beat bird, screeched in defeat and fell into the lava. With a celebration, they finally heard the spirit of the past's secret."Long ago, darkness was first. Lightness's greed drove him to...", before the screen turned black.

Peach Finale

The mysterious figure was Shadini. Being unpleased about all she figured out, he blew up the room. Peach was sad, as all her progress was lost. However, Shadini left the door open. Peach ran out, and it became a chase situation. The final stage was running in a 2D stage. Avoiding obstacles and stomping on Boxheads was hard with Shadini chasing her. When, she fell through the floor.  In the secret room, a battery greeted Peach, he told her to follow him. The battery led her through many challenges, before stopping her.  A gigiantic robotic princess attacked her! The battle was on! Peach won, and the battery was impressed. It then lead her into a room. "Hel...hello princess...", a mysterious robot said. Peach got closer, and realized it was Tec!  She ran over and hugged him, however, he was weak.  Tec was breaking apart, but told Peach a few things before he broke. Tec told Peach that Shadini bought Tec, and used him  for a slave, but when he didn't do evil things Shadini viciously attacked him and threw him into the trash pit. Tec used various things to help Peach, but didn't tell Peach everything about Shadini because she wasn't ready. Peach asked Tec how he knew Shadini, when Tec told her that he hacked into Shadini's computer and retrieved the info. Tec then began his final words..."Long ago, darkness was first. Lightness's greed drove him to...", before the screen went black.

Part 10: Starstruck Showdown!

The squad gathered at the center of town. They prepared to finally storm Shadini's lair. That's when all their allies came. Everyone cheered them on, as star power elevated them to a ship in the sky. To get to Shadini's Castle, they first had to take down the challenges of the ship. First, they had to solve the puzzle and make a picture of Shadini through a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces were scattered across the ship, and Mario and co. had to find them. Once it was assembled, a new room appeared. Luigi was scared, but Bowser picked him up and charged right in. A dark room was there, and only the heroes were visible. That's when enemies atacked. Wave after wave, the heroes had to prevail. It was painful and hard, but if the crew had items and pins it was easier. Through much grinding, they finally won. In the place of their KO'd foes, a key appeared. The next room did too. As the scared heroes went in the next door, things turned upside down. Literally! They  were then forced into an upside down dark obstacle course by an evil and comical Boo named Neb. It was very difficult, as they could barely see.  With the right strategies though, they finally encountered Neb. He was angry that they won and proved him wrong. Neb then attacked the heroes by using ghost powers to make a robotic boo body to fight in witht he pieces of the obstacle course. Neb's new body was the BOO-2000. A battle started, and the heroes were beat! However, Neb cheated and used invincibility magic. Neb laughed, when Bowser punched Neb through the ship. Howwever, it hit the ship energy in the process! The ship crashed into the path to Shadini's Castle. Fire was there. Torches were hung by statues of Shadini and the heroes felt a chill as they walked down it. Then, an evil laugh shocked them. As they climed stairs, a voice grew. By the time they were at a door, the doorkeeper asked them three questions. Bowser sighed with boredom, while Luigi sighed with relief.

1. Uscramble this name:

Gbi Poobl

Answer: Big Bloop

2. Who is Shadini's best friend?

Answer: Gryo

3. When was Super Mario Bros. 3 released?

A. 1988

B. 1993

C. 1991

Answer: 1991

If they got all 3 questions right, the doorkeeper let them in. Two Armored Boxheads said: Let's beat up Mario t get all the credit, and attacked. The armored Boxheads were tough, but Mario and his friends were tougher. After they were defaeted, they dropped a key. The key didn't go to the next door though! However, go back to the path, and go around to the garden. Hammer the third rose in the first row, and a Monty Mole will pop up. His name is Bottles, and he was a prisoner who barely escaped. Wanting the heres to win, he gave them a key to the next door for the other key. The group advanced. It was challenge time! Using a microphone, Shadini spoke to the brave heroes. "Stupid heroes feel fear, your end is here!" he told them proudly. Then, a maze appeared. Bowser was alone without his friends. He took turns and twists and after much struggling, he made it to the end and found his friends. Frusterated, Shadini had the floor  go up. It would soon smush the heroes. "Go! Quit standing around Stupid Mario Bros. You too, Starbrain!" Bowser said as he held the celing up. The others were reluctant but went. In the next room, they tried to open the door, but it was locked. Trying to take a breath, the heroes once again disappeared except for Starren. Now here, the room was completely dark. Enemies and obstacles layed everywhere waiting for Starren. Using his light powers, Starren made it(barely) and rescued his friends. That's when the floor started to crumble. " Go. It's your destiny." Starren told the heroes as he held the floor together. Mario and Luigi stayed, when Starren pushed them through the door. They tried to go back, but the door was once again locked. Lastly, Mario went away. Luigi was terrified! That's when he saw that he was in a haunted mansion. To make it to Mario, he had to collect 5 ghosts. Knowing what he had to do, Luigi ste out, fighting very high leveled boos and slowly collecting them. Finally, with all 5 in hand, he went in the next room. Mario was there, when green ghost ooze leaked from the walls. Trying to drown and smother the brothers, Luigi used his Poltergust 300 to hold it off but flooding was inevitable. " Go, bro! Keep on fighting! Don't wait for me!" Luigi said to a surprised brother. Mario was going to stay, when  the goo knocked Mario through the door. All alone, the final stretch began. Bombshell Blasters rapid fired.  Mario began on his way attacking the blasters and eventually he made it to Shadini's room. "Mwaahahahhaha. I expected the famed hero would make it to the end.  How your brave friends fell. Now, I can't wait to see how powerful your Star Shards are now, Fatty Boy!" Shadini said before he used dark magic to make his grow 2 times his size and became invincible. Shadini used powerful magic to destroy Mario. Shadini laughed, when star power happened. The wishes of everyone and the love of Peach mixed with the magic of the Star Spirits.  A powerful wave of magic ressurected the heroes and transported them and Shadini into a giant arena. All of Mario's friends were there and cheered them on. It was on the star's home turf, so Shadini's cheating magic was disabled. Then, with the four united, the final battle began. Shadini was powerful, but using strategies the battle was even. Shadini gained the upper-hand toward the end of the battle. The party was done. Eldstar shined with star power. As he arrived, he told a story. "In the beginning, there was only darkness. Then a new darkness came. It was Shadini. He was peaceful, yet quiet. Happy, yet shy. Then, Light came. It was glad and proud, but only cared about itself. The light was me, and I stole Shadini Haven, and it became Star Haven. I felt guilty all these years, but didn't have courage to share it. Everyone would leave, I tried to forget it. I couldn't. So, Shadini, I am so so sorry. Would you like a place in the Star Spirit council?" Shadini's dark heart changed. Light ran through his veins as a smile came. "Yes, Eldstar. I think i'd like that a lot." Shadini said. He called off all his minions. He freed Peach, and let his minions run free. He talked to Violet. He asked her to come with him to Star Haven, and serve as his secretary. Violet smiled and accepted. Peach ran over and hugged Mario. Bowser grumbled and was jealous, when she hugged him too. Bowser fainted, as did Luigi when he got a kiss. She looked for Starren, but he was already gone. A letter was in his place that said, "Thank you heroes. With everything taht has happened, I finally remember my home. Star Haven." as a star rides off in the distance. Everyone goes home, as the Star Spirits say goodbye.


The next day, Mario and Luigi slept til 2:00 PM, Shadini became the honorary eigth Star Spirit, and Violet took a day off.(Her first for 12 years) Meanwhile, Peach had a party celebrating the new Star Spirit, and Mario and Luigi were late! Rushing over, Luigi went to Daisy, and clumsily fell over, while Mario went to Peach. As the party ended, a large airship approached the castle. Bowser came down, and swooper Peach up. "I'm back in buisness, Stupid Mario Bros!" he said with a grin. A grinning Mario carried a cowardly Luigi as they chased after the airship. Another advernture has begun. There is then a credits parade.

The End!

Wario Inc.World Description

Join Mario and friends(AND AN ENEMY!)as they embark on an adventure to bring down a mysterious new foe. Fight, platform, and puzzle solve you way through 10 parts with a dramatic climax. It's the Mario must have RPG. What better way to celebrate 17 years of Mario RPGs.
The Description


 The gameplay in Super Mario Adventure: The Secret of the Seven Star Shards, has two types. In the field, the game is an exciting platformer with puzzle elements. However, in the battle screen, things are turn-based. In combat, unlike most games, you are active, and you have to respond quickly to do max damage, dodge attacks, counterattack, and block counterattacks. The player has to manage all five part members health, defense, attack, and Power Up Points. The player can also buy and use Medals, which give the player some cool advantages.

Party Members

Mario: Balanced and basic. Good for any situation.


Starter: Jump-0 FP: Basic attack.

Gained: Hammer-0 FP: Slow but strong.

Level 5: Fireball-2 FP: Spits 3 fireballs that do 3 damage each. Juice Up-10 FP: Ups your attack and defense by 2 and heals you 10 HP.

Level 10: Hammer Swish-5 FP: Does a swirl of Hammer attacks. Does 3-12 damage. Toad Summon-8 FP: Summons a Toad Shop. You can buy basic things here. Great last resort.

Level 20: Jump Barrage-8 FP: A fast attack that does 2 x 9 damage. FLUDD-5 FP: Spam the A button to release a huge splash of water. Does 20 damage to some fire enemies and may or may not cause dizziness for 3 turns.

Level 50: Fireball Rain-12 FP: Spam the X button to unleash some firey goodness. Does 6-20 damage. Casino Spin-8 FP: Spin the wheel to win either coins, hearts, or nothing.

Level 75: Hammer Slammer-15 FP: Mario's hammer grows to 5x it's size. Mario can't lift it, so it slams into the ground doing 20 damage. Tycoon Toad?-12 FP: Gives Mario 1-50 coins.

Max Level(Level 100): Star Shot-20 FP: Depending on your skills, it's a big risk but worth it. Does either 0 damage or 40 damage. Star Up!-40 FP:Ups your attack by 4 and defense by 4 and heals you completely.

Luigi: Fast but weak, Luigi can be good if you have lots of enemies and little time.


Starter: Jump-0 FP: Speedy but weak attack.

Gained: Hammer-0 FP: Balanced.

Level 5: Weegee Flee-2 FP: Does a a guaranteed flee and makes enemies drop more coins and items. Poltergust Punch-4 FP: Luigi gets out his Poltergust 5000 and releases a ghost fist. Either does nothing or 10 damage.

Level 10: Hammer Chain-8 FP: Does a flurry of weak Hammer attacks. Does 0-15 damage. Healing Ghost-8 FP: Luigi knocks a nurse ghost out of the Poltergust, and she heals everyone 5 HP.

Level 20: Super Jump-8 FP: Luigi does a powerful jump. Does 1-20 damage.  Poltergust Suck-8 FP: Luigi gets out his Poltergust 3000. It can suck up to 5 enemies. Doesn't work on bosses.

Level 50: Boo Storm-10 FP: Spam the Y button to release a storm of boos. Weak but fast. Lucky Boo-5 FP: Pick a Boo and they'll release a random item, coins, or a painful 5 damage doing Poison Mushroom.

Level 75: Coward Crash-12 FP: Luigi's hammer grows to 15x it's size and slams making Luigi run off the screen and give a shockwave doing 17 damage. Daisy Gift:-15 FP Daisy sends Luigi a package that gives 10-100 coins.

Bowser: Strong attack power but slow. Great for large crowds.


Starter: Punch-0 FP: Strong but slow attack.

Gained: Fire Breath-0 FP: A ranged move that can be used on aerial moves. A little weaker, but still strong and a little less slow.

Level 5: Shell Shock-5  FP: Bowser gets in his shell and shoots at the enemy. Has a 50-50 chance of doing 10 damage and 1 turn of dizziness. Minion Meal: Bowser eats a bunch of minions. Depending on your skills, heals 0-15 HP.

Level 10:Ghastly Gust-3 FP: Bowser will huff and puff enemies away. Shll Shield-6 FP: A shell may cover the party members, increasing everyones defense.

Level 30: Shell Soccer-6 FP: Bowser will call up two koopas to kick his shell back and forth, doing 3 damage each time you kick it.  Bowling-10 FP: Bowser will bowl over enemies doing 5 damage each. Hits all enemies.

Level 80: Giga Bowser-12 FP: Bowser will take a potion and raise his attack and defense by 2 for 3 turns. Inhale-15 FP: Bowser will eat a Vacuum Mushroom and suck in all enemies on screen to heal himself by 20.




World Bosses are in italics

Part 1

  • Ham-1st Fight


Moves: Hammer Throw- 1x4 Hammer Smash- 4

  • Bowser-1st Fight

HP: 30

Moves: Shell Shock- Dizzy for 2 turns. Fire Storm- 1x8

Part 2

  • Fawful

HP: 30

Moves: Bomb-6 Evade-Invincible x1

  • Big Bloops

HP: Main: 20 Tentacles: 5 x 4

Moves: Ink- Dizzy x 1 Slap- 2 x4 Bloop Bash- 10

Part 3

  • Ham- 2nd Fight

HP: 40

Moves:Hammer Throw- 2 x 4 Hammer Smash-8

  • Crane

HP: 50

Moves: Missile Rain-5 infinite til dodged Armor: Defense up by 2 Charge: Attack up by 2 Bill Blast: 12

Part 4

  • Sub-Smasher

HP: 50

Moves: Squirt Smasher: 2 Dizzy x1 Hand Hamma: 4x3 Charge: Necessary to do Sea Smash Sea Smash: 15

  • Kracken

HP: Main: 50 Tentacles: 5x4

Moves: Ink: Dizzy x2 Slap: 3x5 Bloop Bash: 20

  • Boxhead Brigade

HP: 16x5

Moves: CHARGE!: 2 each(Descreases every time a Boxhead is defeated) Roll Romp: 10 for both

  • Volcano Island Blargg

HP:  80

Moves: Fire Spit: 5 x 4 Flame Burst: 10 Roar: Scares away one partner making them unusable for 2 turns Flame Charge: Attack increased by 3.


  • Infijump-3 MP-5 FP: Allows you to jump forever as long as you don't mess up.
  • Rebound Hammer-3 MP-2 FP: Allows you to do a second hammer smash that is more powerful if you do the action command.
  • Cashsmash-1 MP-N/A: More coins have a greater chance to appear after battles.
  • Itembash-3 MP-N/A: More items have a greater chance to appear after battles.
  • Refund-5 MP-N/A: You drop less coins after fleeing.
  • Four Leaf Clover-5 MP-N/A: Makes lucky attacks/blocks happen more often.
  • JumPlus-3 MP-N/A: Ups your jump attack but makes your Hammer attack weak.
  • HamMan-3 MP-N/A: Does the same thing but in reverse.
  • Hammer Throw-4 MP-3 FP: Allows you hammer to hit airborn enemies.
  • Spike Proof-7 MP-N/A: Allows you to jump on spikey enemies.
  • Last Stand-10 MP-N/A: If you are at only 5 HP, your attack power goes up by 1.
  • Daredevil's Might-8 MP-N/A: Attacks do more damage, but so do enemy's attacks.
  • FeatherLight-5 MP-N/A: Makes your speed go up.
  • Healthy Pot-5 MP-3 FP: Randomly restores 25% of your health.
  • Pity Gift-1 MP-N/A: In low health, you ocasionally heal by 1.
  • FPire-5 MP- 5 FP: Drains the FP from enemies.
  • HPire-7 MP-7 FP: Drains the HP from enemies


  • Medal Mario: Collect 2 Medals.
  • Super Medal Bros: Collect half of the medals.
  • Medal Forever!: Colect all of the medals.
  • Super Mario: Level Mario up to Level 100.
  • Oh yeah! Weegee time!: Level Luigi up to Level 100.
  • Long may King Koopa reign: Level Bowser up to Level 100.
  • Star Power!: Level Starren up to Level 100.
  • Coin Craze: Collect 100 coins.
  • Coin Lover: Collect 500 coins.
  • Rich as can be!: Collect 999 coins.
  • The End!: Beat the game.
  • You're a Super Player!: Only die 5 times and beat the game.
  • Power Players: Level everyone up to Level 100.
  • Rich End: End the game with max coins.
  • Jump Fan: Get all Jump medals.
  • STOP! Hammer Time!: Get all Hammer medals.
  • Move Man: Collect all moves.
  • XP for the win!: Get 100 XP in one battle.
  • Double Level: Level up to party members in one battle.
  • The Team That Stays Together: Level up all four members in one battle.
  • Easy Peesy, Minion Squeezy: Beat a boss in one turn.
  • Phew!: Beat a boss without taking any damage.
  • Nah: Sell 50 items.
  • Game Over: Die 50 times.
  • Perfect Chain: Win 50 battles in a row.
  • Rage Quit: Run 100 times.
  • Shopping Spree: Spend 999 coins in one store.
  • Mario Fan: Play as Mario for 2 hours straight.
  • Luigi Fan: Play as Luigi for 2 hours straight.
  • Bowser's Loyal Minion: Play as Bowser for 2 hours straight.
  • Shooting Star: Play as Starren for 2 hours straight.
  • Item Boy: Use 100 items.
  • Nah. I'd rather use my moves!: Don't use items for 20 battles in a row.
  • Variety: Use all items.
  • Unconfident: Use 50 Watchbacks.
  • Man of Medals: Equip every badge in the game.
  • Heart Hero: Get max HP.
  • Flower Fan: Get max FP.
  • Max Medal: Get max MP.
  • Achieved it!: Get all achievements.