Super Mario Adventure: Revenge of a Lost Koopaling (Also known as Super Mario Bros. and the Attack of the Lost Koopa in Japan and Super Mario World Adventure: A Koopa's Strike in Europe and Australia) is an action 4D platformer and is one of the Mario titles that have an extended name in it's development. The game has been developed by Metal Chaos Inc., and published by Nintendo. It has been released on the Wii U on December 31st, 2013 to all countries.


Cutscene 1

Mario and Luigi set off to Brooklyn, bringing the princess and Toad with them. The reason for this is because Bowser won't find the princess. Peach also made an army of strong Mecha-Toads to protect the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser. While they stopped at Starbucks, Brooklyn shook as citizens fleed in horror. "Hey! What's a that?" asked Mario as a different looking Koopa Klown Kar came down near the street. Suddenly the creature reveals itself. It was Chris Koopa, as he wasn't obeying Bowser and wants to destroy Mario on his own. "Mario, Mario, Mario! You're almost as popular as Norris, but this time you'll be done here! Attack Koopa Troop!" exclaims Chris as he flew up higher in the Koopa Klown Kar and began to watch as the Koopa Troop came out of the sewer and began to attack as Mario and the gang began to take the challenge.

Cutscene 2

As the gang stomped on their last Goomba, Mario turned his back and pointed to Chris. "You don't a know you're killing thousands of a people in a Brooklyn!" Mario verbalized. "Hee hee hee! You know that I'm not the only one who assassinates people! You've killed thousands of members in the Koopa Troop! Give me some of that carnage, red plumber! Well right after you take care of these for me!" Chris says as he throws thousands of lit Bob-ombs down to the wrecked road and headed to the warp pipe that enters the Mushroom Kingdom, but after he was going to enter, Luigi spotted Chris and threw a Bob-omb at his Koopa Klown Kar, causing it to explode and Chris falling towards the warp pipe saying "Damn you! I'll deal with you later after the Kingdom will be mine!". As the gang realized what a dumb move they have made, Mario and Luigi told the princess and Toad to stay there and stay safe as they headed straight towards the warp pipe to save the Kingdom as the Bob-ombs blew up and there was no explosion. Instead, thousands of spinning Koopa Shells head all over Brooklyn, bumping into anything in sight.

Cutscene 3



Image Name How to Unlock
Mario jumping Mario Starter
Luigi2-SM3DW Luigi Starter
Blue Toad Artwork - New Super Luigi U Toad Starter
PeachSM3DW Princess Peach Beat the World 1 boss
347px-YoshiSSB4 Yoshi Beat the World 2 boss while riding a Yoshi
100px-WarioMPIT Wario Collect all the Star Coins in one of any world