All the enemies that are featured in Super Mario Adventure: A Quest Begins.
Image Name Description
Goomba model Goomba Goombas is the most simplest enemy in the game and can be defeated when stomped on.
Paragoomba NSMBW Paragoomba A Goomba that has wings and flies in the air. The Paragoomba has to be stomped on two times for it to be defeated.
Huge Goomba Grand Goomba Grand Goombas are very large Goombas and usually take three hits for it to be defeated.
Micro-Goomba Micro Goomba A very small Goomba and takes one hit to be defeated as a regular Goomba does.
Spiky Goomba sprite Spiky Goomba Spiked Goombas are regular Goombas that have a spiked helment on their head. Spiked Goombas can not be defeated when stomped on, but they can be defeated by defeating them with a Fireball, freezing them and throwing the ice block which makes it break, and more.
Goomba Towers Goomba Tower Goomba Tower is just a stack of Goombas.
Koopa green Green Koopa Troopa Green Koopa Troopa is also a simple enemy and takes about two hits for it to be defeated. It's shell can also be used to defeat other enemies and blocks.
Koopa red Red Koopa Troopa The Red Koopa Troopa does the same thing as the Green Koopa Troopa, but is just Red.
Hammerbro Hammer Bro. Hammer Bro. will throw Hammers at the character and can be defeated with one hit.
Boomerangbro Boomerang Bro. Boomerang Bro. will throw Boomerangs at the character and also takes about one hit to be defeated.
Firebro Fire Bro. Fire Bro. will throw Fireballs and will as well be defeated with one hit.
Icebro Ice Bro. Ice Bro. will throw Iceballs and is defeated with one hit.
SledgeBro.NSMBW Sledge Bro. Sledge Bro. is a more obese version of the Hammer Bro. and throws Sledges instead of Hammers. Sledge Bro. is also defeated with one hit.
Twister Bro. Twister Bro. Twister Bro. will summon twisters and is defeated with one hit.


Dry Bones Dry Bones is the undead counterpart of the Koopa Troopa. When hit, Dry Bones will just fall apart and them come back a few seconds later. The only way to defeat Dry Bones is to freeze him on a block of ice and throw it which makes it break.
Buzzy beetle Buzzy Beetle Buzzy Beetles are enemies that just walk around. They can't be defeated by jumping on them, but when they are stomped on the character can kick it's shell to defeat enemies and break Blocks.
Megabuzzy left Mega Buzzy Beetle Mega Buzzy Beetles are basically just the larger version of a Buzzy Beetle.
Spiketop Spike Top Spike Tops are enemies that can't be defeated by jumping on them due to them having a spike on top of them. They can be defeated by throwing a fireball and more at them.
Parabeetle left Parabeetle Parabeetles are flying enemies that try to hurt the character by flying near them.
Heavy parabeetle left Heavy Parabeetle Parabeetles are just larger versions of the Parabeetle.
Lakitu Lakitu Lakitu rides on a cloud and will throw Spinys. When Lakitu is defeated with one hit then the character can ride on Lakitu's Cloud for a limited amount of time.
SpinyNSMBW Spiny Spinys are dropped off by Lakitu, but can also be seen without Lakitu. Spinys can only be defeated by throwing a Fireball at them and more.
Piranha pipe up Piranha Plant Piranha Plant is a plant with sharp teeth that appears on the ground or will appear out of pipes so they can hurt the player. Piranha Plants only take one hit for it to be defeated.
Big ground piranha Super Piranha Plant Super Piranha Plants are just smply the much larger version of a Piranha Plant.
Ptooie Sprite Ptooie Ptooie are walking Piranha Plants and shoot out a ball with spikes on them. Ptooies can't be defeated by jumping on them, but they can be defeated by throwing a fireball at them, an iceball, and more.
RiverPiranhaPlantNSMBW River Piranha Plant River Piranha Plants are smaller versions of Piranha Plants and shoot out a ball with spikes on them much like the Ptooie. The River Piranha Plant can't be defeated by jumping on them, but they can be defeated by throwing a fireball, iceball, goldball, and more.
NewBonePiranha Dry Piranha Plant Dry Piranha Plants are just Piranha Plants that are unhead and are mainly located at Fortresses/Castles. Dry Piranha Plants hide in pipes and are defeated with one hit.
NSMB2BonePiranhaPlant(big) Large Dry Piranha Plant Larger Dry Piranha Plants are just simply larger versions of the Dry Piranha Plant.
Firetrap pipe up Venus Fire Trap Venus Fire Traps are enemies that are another type of Pirahna Plant, but these instead breathe out fire.
Big ground firetrap Super Venus Fire Trap Super Venus Fire Traps are basically larger versions of the Venus Fire Trap.
Bobomb Bob-omb Bomb-omb is a Bomb enemy and blows up 5 seconds later when appearing. The Bob-omb can be thrown at enemies and if they are caught in the explosion then they are defeated.
Parabomb Parabomb Does the same thing as a Bob-omb does, but it does instead arrive by parachuting to the surface.
Unused bulletbill Bullet Bill Bullet Bill is an enemy that will come across the character and they can defeat Bullet Bill by jumping on it once.
Bullet launcher top Bill Blaster The Bill Blaster is the blaster that shoots out the Bullet Bills.
Banzai Bill NSMBW2 Banzai Bill Banzai Bills are just much larger Bullet Bills. They work as regular Bullet Bills do and are launched by Banzai Bill Launchers. Banzai Bills take one jump to defeat it.
Banzai launcher Banzai Bill Blaster Banzai Bill Blaster is just the larger version of the Bill Blaster, but it shoots Banzai Bills instead.
King Bill sprite King Bill King Bill is a very large type of Bullet Bill and launches at fast speeds. King Bill cannot be defeated.
Mechakoopa Mecha-Koopa Mecha Koopas are robotic Koopas that fall from the sky to the ground and walk around like a robot so they can try to attack the character.
Cannon right Cannon All the Cannon will do is launch Cannonballs and try to strike them at the character.
Rot cannon Rotating Cannon Rotating Cannon shoots cannonballs on three directions.
Rot Giant Cannon Giant Rotating Cannon Giant Rotating Cannon is just a much larger version of the Rotating Cannon and does the same thing as it does.
Rot cannon pipe Giant Rotating Cannon with Pipe Giant Rotating Canon with Pipes are basically just like any other Rotating Canon, but there is a Pipe in the center where a Venus Fire Trap usually is and attacks whenever a character passes by it.
Spike ball Spiked Ball Spiked Ball are balls with spikes on them that are mainly seen at Fortresses/Castles. They roll around and try to damage the character, but they can be simply jumped over.
Giant spike ball Giant Spiked Ball A much larger version of the Spiked Ball, but much harder to jump over than a regular Spiked Ball.
Monty mole Monty Mole Monty Moles are Mole-like enemies that pop out of holes and try to attack the character. It only takes one hit to defeat a Monty Mole.
Chainball down Ball 'n' Chain Ball 'n' Chain can only be found in Fortresses/Castles and will move around to hurt the character.
NSMB2-ChainChomp Chain Chomp Chain Chomps are enemies that are usually tied up on a pole. If any character passes by the Chain Chomp, it will bark at the character and will try to attack him. If the pole was ground pounded for about 1, 2, or even 3 times, the Chain Chomp will be released and go off of the screen.
Small Raining Debris Raining Debris Raining Debris is a rock that falls to the ground due to a Volcanic eruption.
Big Raining Debris Big Raining Debris A much larger version of the Raining Debris and does the same thing as a regular Raining Debris does.
Rocket Engine Rocket Engine Rocket Engine is a small engine that usually is located on the ground in Fortresses/Castles and has fire coming out of it.
Bulber NSMBW2 Bulber Bulber is an Anglerfish-like enemy that only appears in dark waters. It uses it's light on it's head to find the character. The Bulber can be defeated with only hit such as a fireball. iceball, and more.
MortyMole Morty Mole A much larger and a darker version of a Monty Mole, but the Mortly Mole justs walk around unlike the Monty Mole where it jumps out of holes then run to the character. It only takes two hits for a Morty Mole to be defeated.
Amp Amp Amps are enemies that can be seen at Castles and such. Amps will go around and try to shock the character, and Amps can no way be defeated.
100px Shy Guy Shy Guys are enemies that just simply walk around to try to hurt the character. Shy Guys only take one hut for them to be defeated.
Spike guy Spike Guy Spike Guys are enemies that walk around like Shy Guys, but cannot be jumped on due to then having spikes on their head. They can be defeated with a Fireball, Boomerang, etc.
NewBoneGoomba Dry Goomba Dry Goombas work like regular Goombas, but they are just undead.
Pillar NSMBW Spiked Pillar Spiked Pillars are Pillars that are only seen in Castles and can come up at any direction.
Magmaargh sprite Magmaargh Magmaargh are enemies that are only found in Bowser's Castle in World 8. They will try to devour the character as soon as it sees them. There is no way to defeat a Magmaargh.
Sandmaargh Sandmaargh Sandmaargh are enemies that are found in the Desert. When the character is seen, a Sandmaargh will try to devour them. They can be defeated by throwing a Fireball at them.
Thwomp Thwomp Thwomps are enemies that are mostly seen in Fortresses/Castles, but when a character is close to them the Thwomp will change their face and try to stomp on the character by dropping down.
Giant thwomp Super Thwomp Super Thwomps are enemies and are exactly the same as Thwomps, but are larger. The Super Thwomps also work like a regular Thwomp does.
Glow boo sprite Boo Boos are Ghosts that are usually seen in Ghost Houses. They try to follow the character, but when they are seen they cover their face.
Bigboo Big Boo Big Boos is just a larger version of the Boo and does the same thing as a regular Boo.
Broozer sprite Broozer Broozer will run fast while trying to punch the character. It takes only one hit to defeat Broozer.
Crow Crowber Crowber will try to swoop down on the player so it can damage them. Crowber can be defeated with just one jump.
Firesnake Fire Snake Fire Snake will just jump around in Castles, but the Fire Snake can not be defeated.
Blooper sprite Blooper Blooper will just swim around and only takes one hit to defeat it.
Blooper babies Blooper Nanny Blooper Nanny does the same thing as a regular Blooper, but has two little Bloopers on it's side to attack the character.
Cheep red Cheep-Cheep Cheep Cheep are fish that jump out of water to attack teh character.
Cheep giant Giant Cheep-Cheep Giant Cheep-Cheeps are just larger versions of Cheep-Cheeps and they work the same as a regular Cheep-Cheep does.
Huckit Crab Huckit Crab Huckit Crab will walk around and try to damage the character by throwing rocks as them.
Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy are sometimes on tightropes, but can be jumped over and it can't be defeated by jumping on them.
Fuzzy giant Giant Fuzzy Giant Fuzzy is just a larger version of the Fuzzy and does the same thing as a regular Fuzzy does.
Wiggler Wiggler Wiggler is a catepillar-like creature that walks to try to damage the character. When jumped on the Wiggler will become red with anger and will run fast.
MegaWiggler Mega Wiggler Mega Wigglers are just Wigglers, but larger. They cannot be defeated.
Jellybeam Sprite Jellybeam Jellybeam is a Jellyfish-like enemy that are seen in dark waters. They use their glow feature to try to find the character and hurt them.
Swooper NSMBW Swooper Swoopers are bat-like creatures that are only seen Underground. They will hang themselves upside down on the cieling or on Brick Blocks. When a character is near they will swoop down and try to attack. Swoopers can only be defated with one hit.
Pokey Pokey Pokey is an enemy that are only found in the Desert. They will move along and will try to hurt the character. They cannot be defeated by jumping on them, but they can be defeated by throwing a fireball at them.
Bramball Bramball Bramballs are enemies that are only found in the Forest and will walk by stomping their feet one by one. They can be defeated by jumping on it's head.
Rocky wrench Rocky Wrench Rockey Wrech are enemies that resemble Monty Moles. Rockey Wrenches hide in manholes and will then emerge and try to throw a wrech at the character when near.
Blockhopping thing Blockhopper Blockhopper are enemies that look like Question Blocks and Brick Blocks together, but when in contact it will try to jump on the character. The Blockhopper cannot be defeated.
Fishbone Sprite Fishbone Fishbones are Undead Fish enemies that are usually found in only the World 3 Fortress/Castle. When a character is seen in contact, the Fishbone's eyes will turn Red and will chase the character. Fishbone can be driven up a wall and when it is, it is defeated due to it falling apart.
PumpkinheadGoomba Pumpkin Goomba Pumpkin Goomba is an enemy that can only be found in World 8. Pumpkin Head Goombas work like regular Goombas and are defeated with one hit.
KamekNSMBW Kamek Magikoopas are magical enemies that ride on a broom stick and can use their wand to attack.
Goombo Goombo Goombos are enemies that resemble Goombas, but they are rounder. Like Goombas, they also take one hit for it to be defeated.
Winged Goombo Winged Goombo Winged Goombas are just Goombos with wings and they usually take two hits to be defeated.
640px-Tanooki Tailed Boo Tail Boo Taied Boos are enemies that are just Boos with Raccoon Tails. They work the same as regular Boos do.
Raccoon Bill SM3DW Tail Bill Tail Bills are enemies that are just Bullet Bills with tails. They work almost the same as Bullet Bills except the Tail Bills are swing their tail to attack.
Skeeter Skeeter Skeeters are enemies that appear on top of water. They just go around the water and are defeated in one hit.
182px-Scuttlebug Scuttle Bug Scuttle Bugs are enemies that are found on Webs in the Forest. They are defeated with one hit.
SushiNSMB Sushi Sushi is a Shark-like enemy that appears in Water levels. They will go around in one direction to try to hurt the character. They are onlu defeated with one hit.
Podoboo Podoboo Podoboo are fireball enemies that appear in Castles. They will jump out of the lava whenever a character is near so it can hurt them.
Foo Foo Foo is a Cloud-like enemy that breaths air at the character to hold them back.
Lil Mouser NSMBW Little Mouser Little Mouser are Mouse-like enemies and are only defeated with one hit.
Muncher Muncher Munchers are enemies that appear on mainly Grass levels and they don't do much, but stand there. Whenever a character touches a Muncher they will get damage and there is no way to defeat a Muncher.
Cooligan Cooligan Cooligan are a Penguin-like enemy that slide around on their stomach and try to hurt the character. The Cooligan is defeated with only one hit.
Heave Ho Heave Ho Heave Ho is a robot enemy and they will try to get hold of the character on their platform and throw them.
SprayFish YBA Spray Fish Spray Fish are enemies that work exactly how a Cheep-Cheep does, but Spray Fishes spray water when they jump out of the water.
Missile Bill NSMBW2 Missile Bill Missile Bills are exactly like Bullet Bills, but are Red and are faster. They are only defeated in one hit like the Bullet Bill.
Missile Banzai NSMBW2 Banzia Missile Bill Banzia Missile Bills are exactly the same as Banzai Bills, but are Red and faster.
Klepto Klepto Klepto are Vulture-like enemies that will try to grab the character in contact and when caught, the character will go back to the near start of the level. Kleptos are only defeated with just one hit.
SpearGuy Spear Guy Spear Guys are a type of Shy Guy and they walk around like a regular Shy Guy does, but they use their Spear to attack. Spear Guys are only found in the Forest and take one hit for it to be defeated.
Paramecha-Koopa NSMBDIY Para-Mecha Koopa Para-Mecha Koopas are a type of Mecha Koopa and they work just like a Mecha Koopa does, but they have a propeller so they can fly.
BombshellKoopaModelSML3D Bombshell Koopa Bombshell Koopas are a type of Koopa Troopa and will walk near the character and will try to blow themselves up to damage them. They can be defeated by stomping on their head and their shell can be thrown to defeat other enemies, especially when it blows up.
BombBooModelSML3D Bomb Boo Bomb Boos are a type of Boos that will follow the player and will try to blow up on them which causes damage. When they blow up and if they are avoided then they are defeated.
EmberModelSML3D Ember Embers are rare enemies that usually appear in Castle Levels. They will follow the character and if they are hit by any projectile of any kind, they will split up into more Embers.
NSMB2CoinCoffer Coin Coffer Coin Coffer are enemies that hop around and will leave a trail of coins around. If they are defeated, they burst out 5 or sometimes 7 coins.
Fire Chomp sprites Fire Chomp Fire Chomps are enemies that are usually found in Fortresses and Castles. They have a trail of fire behind them and characters who are touched by the fire will be harmed. If a Fire Chomp is jumped on, it's fiery trail will be gone.
Icy-Chomp Icy-Chomp Icy Chomps are enemies that are the fire versions of an Amp. They are usually found in ice themed Fortresses and Castles. If they are touched, characters will become frozen for about 3 seconds.
Urchin sprite Urchin Urchins are enemies that can be found in water levels, they can as well be found in underwater levels. Urchins usually don't do anything, but if they are touched characters will suffer from damage.
NewUrchinsmall Mini Urchin Mini Urchins are exactly the same as an Urchin and does what a regular Urchin does, but it much smaller.
Mega Urchin NSMBU Sprite Mega Urchin Mega Urchins are the same as regualr Urchins and they do the same thing as what they do. The only difference is that Mega Urchins are much larger than a regular Urchin.
NewBowserStatue Bowser Statue Bowser Statues are statues that are usually found in Fortresses and Castles and in the final world. They are usually around sides of walls and they also breathe out fireballs. They cannot be defeated unless Mega Mario plows through them.
NewWhomp Whomp Whomps are enemies that stand there and if a character passes through it, the Whomp will fall down and will try to hurt the character. Whomps can be defeated by ground pounding on it's back.
Flying Squirrel Sprite Flying Squirrel Flying Squirrels are enemies that are usually found in Grass levels. They usually glide as what a Flying Squirrel does. They are usually defeated in one hit.
Shurikenbro Shuriken Bro. Shurkien Bro. are enemies that usually throw shurikens at the characters to attack.
Thunderbro Thunder Bro. Thunder Bro. are enemies that usually throw Thunderballs to attack.
Vortex Bro Vortex Bro. Vortex Bro. are enemies that usually attack by throwing small tornadoes.
Curve Bro Curve Bro. Curvo Bro. are enemies that are more larger than a Boomerange Bro., but throw larger boomerangs. Whenever a Curve Bro. jumps and hits the ground, it will cause and earthquake and if caught in one the character will be paralyzed for about 2-3 seconds.
Blaze Bro. Blaze Bro. Blaze Bro. are enemies that are again usually taller than their regular counterpart and this time it's the Fire Bro. Blaze Bro. usually just throw larger fireballs to attack.
Frost Bro. Frost Bro. Frost Bro. are enemies that are larger than an Ice Bro. and Frost Bro. usually throw larger iceballs to attack.
Electric Bro. Storm Bro. Storm Bro. are larger versions of Thunder Bro. and throw larger thunderballs.
GrinderNSMB2 Grinder Grinders are found in some castles and are traveled across a wire. If anyone touches the Grinder, they will be harmed.
Peepa!nsmb2 Peepa Peepas are ghosts that usually carry yellow platforms for characters to travel on. Sometimes Peepas can cause tricks with the platforms and the platform and let alone the Peepa will disappear at the end when their job is done. Peepas who carry platforms cannot harm the character, but a circle group of Peepa does.
Ghost house stand Ghost Vase Ghost Vases are just regular vases, but are posessed so they can go around and harm the player. There are no way to stop the Vase even when using the Invincibility Leaf.
Giant Green Koopa NSMBU Sprite Gargantua Green Koopa Troopa Gargantua Green Koopa Troops are basically exactly the same as a Koopa Troopa, but instead they walk faster.
Giant Red Koopa NSMBU Sprite Gargantua Red Koopa Troopa Gargantua Red Koopa Troops are basically exactly the same like a regular Koopa Troopa, but they walk faster. (Much like a Gargantua Red Koopa Troopa).
Mega Goomba model Mega Goomba Mega Goomba are the same as a regular Goomba, but is much larger (even larger than a Grand Goomba). When the Mega Goomba is jumped on, it will spawn two Grand Goombas while if you jump on them they form four regular Goombas appear.
NewSpinyCheepCheep Spiny Cheep Cheep Spiny Cheep Cheeps are Cheep Cheeps that have spikes on their head and if they spot the character they will chase him. They are also the fastest type of Cheep Cheep.
NewDeepCheep Deep Cheep Deep Cheeps are a type of Cheep Cheep that have the ability to chase the characters if they are spotted, much a like the Spiny Cheep Cheep.
Mega Deep Cheep Mega Deep Cheep Mega Deep Cheeps are just larger versions of the Deep Cheep.
Angry Sun Art Angry Sun Angry Sun is basically the Sun and if a character passes by the Angry Sun, then it will chase the character until they beat the level or get defeated (but they might come again afterwards).
Backward Koopa Climbing Koopa Climbing Koops are just normal Koopa Troopas that are seen climbing on gates and are only featured in Fortresses and Castles. They can be defeated by pounding on them while they are on the other direction or just simply jump on it.
SpikeNSMBWii Spike Spikes are enemies that throw Spike Balls at the character. They are usually located on high or distant areas from the character.
Gabon d Stone Spike Stone Spikes are enemies that do exactly what regular Spikes do, but they throw Rocks instead and are located mainly on slopes of Mountains.
Chestnut goomba Prickly Goonba Prickly Goombas are enemies that hide in Prickly Shells. They usually pop out of their shells whenever a character passes by. The Prickly Shell cannot be defeated unless the Star, Mega Mushroom, and Invincibility Raccoon Suit are used, however the Goomba can be defeated like a normal Goomba by stomping on their head once.