All the enemies that are featured in Super Mario Adventure: A Quest Begins.
Image Name Description
Goomba model Goomba Goombas is the most simplest enemy in the game and can be defeated when stomped on.
Paragoomba NSMBW Paragoomba A Goomba that has wings and flies in the air. The Paragoomba has to be stomped on two times for it to be defeated.
Huge Goomba Grand Goomba Grand Goombas are very large Goombas and usually take three hits for it to be defeated.
Micro-Goomba Micro Goomba A very small Goomba and takes one hit to be defeated as a regular Goomba does.
Spiky Goomba sprite Spiky Goomba Spiked Goombas are regular Goombas that have a spiked helment on their head. Spiked Goombas can not be defeated when stomped on, but they can be defeated by defeating them with a Fireball, freezing them and throwing the ice block which makes it break, and more.
Koopa green Green Koopa Troopa Green Koopa Troopa is also a simple enemy and takes about two hits for it to be defeated. It's shell can also be used to defeat other enemies and blocks.
Koopa red Red Koopa Troopa The Red Koopa Troopa does the same thing as the Green Koopa Troopa, but is just Red.
Hammerbro Hammer Bro. Hammer Bro. will throw Hammers at the character and can be defeated with one hit.
Boomerangbro Boomerang Bro. Boomerang Bro. will throw Boomerangs at the character and also takes about one hit to be defeated.
Firebro Fire Bro. Fire Bro. will throw Fireballs and will as well be defeated with one hit.
Icebro Ice Bro. Ice Bro. will throw Iceballs and is defeated with one hit.
SledgeBro.NSMBW Sledge Bro. Sledge Bro. is a more obese version of the Hammer Bro. and throws Sledges instead of Hammers. Sledge Bro. is also defeated with one hit.
Twister Bro. Twister Bro. Twister Bro. will summon twisters and is defeated with one hit.


Dry Bones Dry Bones is the undead counterpart of the Koopa Troopa. When hit, Dry Bones will just fall apart and them come back a few seconds later. The only way to defeat Dry Bones is to freeze him on a block of ice and throw it which makes it break.
Buzzy beetle Buzzy Beetle TBA
Spiketop Spike Top TBA
Parabeetle left Parabeetle TBA
Lakitu Lakitu Lakitu rides on a cloud and will throw Spinys. When Lakitu is defeated with one hit then the character can ride on Lakitu's Cloud for a limited amount of time.
SpinyNSMBW Spiny TBA

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