Super Mario Advance Returns is a new game that is currently being made for the Wii system. The basic gameplay is the same as that of most other Mario games where the player plays as Mario and his teammates. in a Goomba Stompin' fun-loaded, surprise filled new romp through the brand new Mushroom Kingdom. The Wii version can allow up to six players play the game at once. There are eight worlds total in the game.



Land enemies

Desert/Cave Enemies

Snow Enemies

Water Enemies

Mountain Enemies

Castle Enemies

Ghost Enemies



World 1 Mushroom Kingdon Larry Koopa A little, easy world for practicing skills.
World 2 Desert Caverns Morton Koopa A hot, dry world with lots of secrets including a cannon
World 3 Tropical jungle Wendy O koopa A jungle world featuring many plant enemies.
World 4 Freezy glacier Iggy Koopa This world is an icy world with slippery ice and many challanges
World 5 Seaside Shore

Ludwig Von Koopa

This world is a sandy beach with massive bodies of water
World 6 Crazy Cliffside Lemmy Koopa This world is mountainous with lots of cliffs to fall off of
World 7 Sky Heaven Roy Koopa This huge world is up in the clouds.
World 8 Bowser Volcano Bowser This is bowser's lair where the Koopa King himself resides.
World 9

Super special secret star

N/A? the secret world!

Wireless Connection and Minigames


This mode tests how many points you can get by getting coins, killing enemies, etc. up to twenty people can play via WFC and 4 locally

Coin rush

This challange faces you with the task of obtaining as many coins as you can in any level. six people can play over WFC and 4 can play locally.

Daredevil run

Compete to see how far you can get with no power-ups whatsoever. Twenty people can play wirelessly but only 4 can play locally

Speedy dash

It's an all-out race to the finish! Twenty people can play wirelessly and 4 can play locally

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