Super Mario Action RPG
Developer(s) Square Enix
Nintendo EPD
CCs Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release Date(s)
Single player
Online multiplayer
Genre(s) Action role-playing
Series Super Mario

Super Mario Action RPG is an upcoming action role-playing game currently developed by co-developed by Nintendo EPD and Square Enix, with additional assistance from CCs Studios. The game's story follows Mario, Princess Peach, and Bowser saving the Mushroom Kingdom from an intergalactic force lead by a king of another world several galaxies away named King Nova.

Even though Super Paper Mario is the first action RPG Mario game, the game's basic controls are akin to traditional 2D Super Mario titles, whereas this game combines gameplay of the recent Super Mario 3D action games and recent Kingdom Hearts entries. As the game is being co-developed by Square Enix, the game is being considered as a "true spiritual successor" to Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


Being the first Mario RPG to be envisioned in a full 3D world, the game combines gameplay elements from the Super Mario 3D action games with action RPG elements found in games such as the Kingdom Hearts series.

As with previous Mario RPGs, the game's world is split between an interactive world where Mario and his allies can visit various locations and talk with NPCs and a battlefield where they face enemies. Unlike the previous games however, enemies are fought in real time, using a battle system very similar to Kingdom Hearts's "Command System" introduced in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep in which players can customize Mario's and his allies' command menu to fit their preferred attacks, magic, and items.

Like in the mainstream Super Mario games, defeating enemies add points to Mario's and his allies' score, in which at certain numbers, they will level up with increases in health, power, magic, and defense. Health in this game is represented by a life count similar to mainstream Super Mario games and when Mario's and his allies' life counts go down at a certain number, they turn into small versions of themselves. Like most of the Mario RPGs, there are Flower Points (FP) in the game that are used up when various spells are used. However, it is represented as a gauge set directly above the command menu. Gameplay mechanics outside of battle are otherwise very similar to regular 3D Super Mario titles.


Party membersEdit

Unlike the rest of the Mario RPGs, this is the first one to have all of Mario's main party members right at the start of the game, which includes Mario, Princess Peach, and Bowser. The three main party members are fully playable and always appear on the field together. The player can switch the character that leads the party at anytime.

There are also playable side episodes featuring Luigi's, Toad's, and Yoshi's side of the story. Just like the main party, these episodes feature all three of them as a trio. Eventually after the main story is completed, all six playable characters will join together as a whole party. However, only three of them will appear on the field, but all of them could be easily switched around through the command menu.

Main Party
Mario - Mario Party 10 Peach - Mario Party 10 Bowser - Mario Party 10
Mario is the more balanced out of the three. He attacks by swinging around his hammer and is the one most well-versed in elemental spells such as fire and ice. Additionally, he has an advantage where on-field items such as the Propeller Box have more balanced effects. Princess Peach has a more defensive skill set than the others, having the more weaker attacks, though is the speedier one out of the three. She uses her Peach Parasol as a melee weapon and can use magic for defense, healing, and wind-related spells. Bowser's attacks are the strongest and most powerful out of the three, though he is more slow and leaves big openings. He fights using a spiked club and is trained in the martial arts and is able to infuse fire, lightning, and poison into those attacks.
Other Playable Characters
Luigi - Mario Party 10 Toad - Mario Party 10 Yoshi - Mario Party 10
Luigi: TBA Toad: TBA Yoshi: TBA


  • Toad Town: Toad Town appears as the main hub of the game. However, the town is deserted at the beginning of the game with only the Toad Brigade left there. However, the more the town will get repopulated as the game progresses, thus opening up houses and stores that were closed. Toad Town's appearance, along with the surrounding areas of Princess Peach's Castle, remains similar to its appearance in the Super Mario Galaxy games.
  • Princess Peach's Castle: Princess Peach's Castle is also accessible from the start of the game. The lobby, the kitchen, the grand hall, the garden, and Princess Peach's bedroom could be explored. The lobby is also structured remarkably similar to its initial appearance in Super Mario 64, though refurbished, looking similar to recent depictions of inside the castle. The garden also reappears from the same game.
  • Mario's House: Mario's house, as well as the surrounding area, can be visited at the start of the game, located just a little ways from the main entrance to Toad Town. Mario's house is a loft-esque two story house that includes a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom.
  • Bowser's Castle: Bowser's Castle is a location that can surprisingly be also visited at the start of the game. Unusually, his castle is a lot closer to Princess Peach's Castle than in other games, just being a few hills away. The lobby, the grand hall, the main machinery room, an outdoor arena, and Bowser's bedroom can be accessed.
  • Amiibo Tower: Amiibo Tower is a location somewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom where Amiibo Spirits can be strengthened through a series of trials.


All versions of Mario, Princess Peach, Bowser, Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi Amiibo will be compatible with this game. Using a playable character's Amiibo will unlock their "Amiibo Spirit" which acts as a summon in battle. Amiibo Spirits can only be used once in battle. Any bonuses that Amiibo Spirits get, such as score points and prizes, will be transferred to the Amiibo and the actual character.

Character Compatible Amiibo
Super Mario Super Smash Bros. Other
Mario - Mario Party 10
MarAmiibo Mario Amiibo MarioAmiibo DrMario Amiibo GoldMarioAmiibo SilverMarioAmiibo 8BitMarioRetroAmiibo 8BitMarioModern
Peach - Mario Party 10
Princess Peach
MarAmiibo Peach Amiibo Peach
Bowser - Mario Party 10
MarAmiibo Bowser Amiibo Bowser Hammer Slam BowserDark Hammer Slam Bowser
Luigi - Mario Party 10
MarAmiibo Luigi Amiibo Luigi
Toad - Mario Party 10
MarAmiibo Toad
Yoshi - Mario Party 10
MarAmiibo Yoshi Amiibo Yoshi Amiibo YarnYoshiGreenAmiibo YarnYoshiPinkAmiibo YarnYoshiBlueAmiibo YarnYoshiMega

Other Amiibo will also be compatible in the same way with only one major difference. Using these Amiibo will call out other Amiibo Spirits that can be summoned in battle. However since they do not belong to any of the playable characters, the bonuses they earn will be transferred only to their respective Amiibo.

The following are the currently confirmed other compatible Amiibo:

Amiibo TowerEdit

Amiibo Tower is a location that hosts a series of battles or "trials" that can strengthen and level up Amiibo Spirits. When in battle, only Amiibo Spirits can be playable and will fight with enemies exclusive to the Amiibo Tower.

Combat is also different in the Amiibo Tower as it uses a card-based battle system in which Amiibo Spirits and enemies fight using cards. Cards have a value of 1 to 9. Amiibo Spirits must have cards of higher value than the enemies' in order to deal damage or use magic.

Online multiplayerEdit

The Amiibo Tower has an additional mode where players around the world can battle with each other's Amiibo Spirits.