Super Mario Academy is a video game of the puzzle genre for the Wii, and the first Mario game to allow Miis to play in the action. You get to select four Miis to be players in the story, and everyone gets to enjoy


Mario decides to open up an academy to teach younger residents of the Mushroom Kingdom how to have an adventure like him. He gets a long line of students, including You (your own Mii), Bro (your best Friend Mii) and 'Plum' (a love interest Mii). Plum is obviously better at the Academy lessons than anyone else, which stirs up tension.

As the final lesson approaches a new villain, Enemii (a villain Mii) appears and, having learned magic from a Magickoopa, kidnaps all the major Mario characters and students of the academy, including Bro, Peach, and Plum, and then throws them violently into other dimensions. When Mario attempts to stop the villain, Enemii puts him under a deep spell that can only be broken by a certain spell, and departs in a puff of smoke.

You are uncertain of what to do, but then Kamek shows up, the only other unkidnapped person in the academy, tells you he knows the spell, but forgot his magic wand. After retrieving it from the mushroom kingdom, he both awakens Mario and gives you an elevator-like portal to the other dimensions. After wishing the duo luck, he leaves.

You and Mario travel around 11 different dimensions (at one point, you yourself are captured and you play as Bro to try to rescue you; at another point, a brainwashed Bowser fights you after he is rescued) but you eventually reach the castle where Peach and Plum are at. You fight Enemii, and send him falling into Lava, but not before he breaks the cage holding Plum. In your effort to save her, you fall into the lava yourself. However, Enemii and you are still alive, because the lava was fake, and he tells you he'll be back before disappearing again in a puff of smoke. You make it back to the Academy where everyone rejoices.


The game has a 3-D environment, and has the most power ups of any Mario game. They are:

  • Fire Mii
  • Ice Mii
  • Thunder Mii
  • Rainbow Mii
  • Accelerator Mii
  • Boo Mii
  • Penguin Mii
  • Pheonix Mii
  • Hammer Mii
  • Tanooki Mii
  • Bowser Mii
  • Mole Mii
  • Bee Mii

There are also two never-before-created Power-ups:

  • Golf Mii: Basically the same as Hammer Bros, but with Golf clubs.
  • Astro Mario: Can float for 60 seconds, and cannot fall into bottomless Pits.

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