Master Hero
For the normal version of the game, click here.

Super Mario 99: Master Hero is an advanced version of Super Mario 99. It comes with specially marked Super Mario 99 game packs and nothing else.

Here is a list of things that are different from the normal game:

  • Enemies do twice as much damage as they could in the normal version. For example, enemies that could do 2 damage now do 4 damage. It's called "Master Hero" for a reason.
  • Coins no longer refill your health meter and Green Mushrooms do not appear. The only way to make coins refill your health meter and to make Green Mushrooms appear is to activate the Life Switch.
  • Life Hearts are more rare and there are only 5 in the entire game. They are also harder to find.
  • There are 8 extra secret stars.
  • In The Lost Starland, there are 2 secret stars.
  • Power Stars are green instead of gold. However, the Grand Power Star is still the same color.

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