Super Mario 99
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Developer(s) ALG Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo Wordmark
Platform(s) Wii, 3DS
Release Date(s)
September 20, 2012
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Everyone Wordmark
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Media Included Wii Disc, 3DS Game Card
For the Master Hero version, click here

Super Mario 99 is the third game of the Super Mario 64 series. After beating the game, you gain the ability to play as Luigi by entering the Character Pipe near the pond. If you are currently playing as Mario, the character pipe is green with Luigi's symbol on it. Mario's symbol and color are on the character pipe of playing as Luigi. Simply switch characters by going in and out of the pipe. If you collect all 140 stars, you can go to the Great Star Temple where the Star Staff lies.

Main Plot

This game is extremely different from the last two SM64 games. There are 5 Power Stars in each course, with the 3rd always being a Red Coin mission and the 5th always being a Starfall Realm mission. In order to move on to the next course, the player must get all 5 Power Stars from the current course they are on.

? Blocks

Some stars require the special items from the ? Blocks. Bob-omb Battlefield and the other 2 beginning courses do not require them. In this game, there are four switchs to be hit. Each activates it's color's block.

Red ? Blocks

After you complete Jolly Roger Bay, a light appears and brightens up the sun symbol on the floor of the main room. If you look up, you are instantly teleported to the castle's "Starfall Tower", where the ? Switch are said to be. There, you find a red Starfall Gate with a ? in the middle. If you walk up the stairs, you find a Red ? Block, which, like all ? Blocks are before activating the proper switch, is not solid yet. Enter the Starfall Realm, were the switch is kept. Follow the in-game instructions and activate the switch, this turns all Red ? Blocks solid. Once the switch is active, you are automaticly taken back to the Starfall Tower, where the once-not-solid ? Block is solid.

Red ? Blocks contain Wing Caps. These allow Mario to fly for 3 minutes. Perform a triple jump or blast out of a cannon to take off.

Green ? Blocks

When you are in Pipe Maze (Star 2) Toad calls out to you. He shows you a Green ? Block that is not yet solid. On Star 4, you need the block to complete the mission, return to the sun symbol. The light is showing again, enter the Starfall Tower and repeat what you did the last time you came here, entering the Starfall Realm and activating the ? Switch. This time, the Starfall Gate is green. Activate the Green ? Switch and head outside.

Green ? Blocks contain Vanish Caps. Vanish Caps turn Mario invisible for 1 minute, he can also run through enemies, cages, and some types of walls.

Yellow ? Blocks

In Tiny-Huge Island (Star 1) Toad informs you about a Yellow ? Block up ahead. He also says that "a strange beam of light" has appeared again. He's referring to the sun symbol light, that has once again reappeared. Enter Starfall Tower. There is a Yellow ? Starfall Realm gate. Activate the switch and return to Tiny Huge Island.

Yellow ? Blocks produce some Coins, however, they sometimes hold Red Coins - which can be extremely important on 3rd Star Red Coin Missions.

Blue ? Blocks

In Tall, Tall Mountain (Star 1) when you enter Wiggler's house, you automaticly see the not-solid Blue ? Block on the cliff. On Star 4, you run into a problem, there's a Star that can only be summoned by the Star Switch. It's at the very bottom of the lake and you can't step on the ground underwater. Right next to the lake is a Blue ? Block. Make a quick stop to the main room of the castle. The second you get close to the sun symbol, the light shines again. You should know what to do by now. After activating the Blue ? Switch, return to Tall Tall Mountain. You have activated the last switch, so now you can do almost anything now.

Blue ? Blocks contain Metal Caps. Metal Caps turn Mario into metal for 1 minute. He will sink to the bottom of the water and knock out enemies by simply running into them.

! Blocks and Power Flowers

These contain Power Flowers. Each type with a different ability.

Red Power Flower

The Red Power Flower gives Mario the ability to hurl fireballs, similar to Fire Mario from other Mario games. The effect lasts for 45 seconds.

Green Power Flower

The Green Power Flower gives Mario the ability to fire spiked balls. The longer the player holds the A button (Y button on 3DS), the bigger the spiked ball will be. The effect lasts for 30 seconds.

Blue Power Flower

The Blue Power Flower gives Mario the ability to hurl blue fireballs that freeze enemies, similar to Ice Mario. The effect lasts 45 seconds.

Purple Power Flower

The Purple Power Flower gives Mario the ability to hurl purple fireballs that are poisonious to enemies. You will also leave a line of poison behind you. The faster you go the longer the line is. The effect lasts 30 seconds.

Gold Power Flower

The super rare Gold Power Flower gives Mario pure indesturctibility and can hurl gold fireballs that turn enemies into 10-Worth Coins. The effect lasts 20 seconds.

Starfall Realms

Main article: Starfall Realm

Starfall Realms are always the main part of the 5th Star mission in every course. In every Starfall Realm, Mario is a spirital being.

Red Coin Missions

The 3rd Star of each course is a Red Coin mission, where Mario must find 8 Red Coins. Once all are found, they summon a Power Star.

Coin Collecter

If you collect 100 coins on a course, it's Coin Collecter Star will appear right in front of you.


The courses of Super Mario 99 in order:

  1. Bob-omb Battlefield
  2. Whomp Fortress
  3. Jolly Roger Bay
  4. Cool, Cool Mountain
  5. Big Boo's Haunt
  6. Hazy Maze Cave
  7. Pipe Maze (NEW)
  8. Lethal Lava Land
  9. Shifting Sand Land
  10. Skyview Falls (NEW)
  11. Tiny-Huge Island
  12. Wet-Dry World
  13. Tick Tock Clock
  14. Snowman's Land
  15. Tall, Tall Mountain
  16. Flash World (NEW)
  17. Sky Garden (NEW)
  18. Rainbow Ride

Bowser boss courses in the order you encounter them in:

  • Bowser in the Dark World
  • Bowser in the Fire Sea
  • Bowser in the Sky
  • Bowser's Last Stand

There is also a secret course that has 10 stars instead of 5. It does not have a Coin Collector Star, however, and has no Starfall Realm challenge, it also has 2 Red Coin missions.


The game's original name was to be known as Super Mario 64 Ultra, but it was discarded and renamed Super Mario 99. It's logo was something very unbelivible in the game's entire devopment. The beta logo was the planned logo until 30 days before the release.

Other Effects

After completing the game, you are granted with some abilites you can do.

  • All of each type of ? Block appears in every course. For example, before, Bob-omb Battlefield only had Red ? Blocks, now, it has all 4 of them.
  • As said earlier, you can play as Luigi by entering the character pipe.
  • Yoshi will give Mario/Luigi a new animation for his double jump, making that and his triple jump higher.
  • Mario/Luigi's ground pound attack is stronger and can now destroy Black Bricks with only 2 pounds instead of 3.
  • Mario/Luigi's punch/kick attacks are also stronger and are strong enough to break Black Bricks by punching and kicking them, but it will take 3 to destroy it.
  • Enemies will now drop double coins. So enemies who dropped 3 coins before now drop 6.


Coin Replunish your health meter. Collecting 100 will give you a Coin Collecter Star.
Heart Collect one to fully replunish your health meter. They tend to reappear after a while.
Power Star These are the power source of the castle. Collect and return them there!
Grand Power Star This replaces the Giant Power Star from Super Mario 64.
Brick Contain coins, items, and sometimes nothing at all. Punching, kicking, or ground pounding them will destroy them and reveal whatever is inside.
Black Brick They are very tough and can only be destroyed by 3 ground pounds. They contain what normal Bricks have, but they also contain some more valuable items, sometimes even Power Stars.
Koopa Shell After defeating a Koopa, they drop their shell. You can ride it and defeat enemies by riding into them.
Silver Star These are found only in Starfall Realms, collect 5 of them to make a Power Star appear in the Starfall Orb in the real course.
Star Block These contain Power Stars.
Yoshi Egg

Go near one to summon Yoshi, who you can jump onto to ride him.



Mario Hero of the Mushroom Kindom, he must collect and return the Power Stars before it's too late!


Luigi Mario's taller, younger brother who has a great connection with the Grand Power Star. Beat the game

Yoshi N/A


Toad You'll see several Toad NPCs in the game, giving you hints and sometimes even Power Stars.
Peach The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, who has been taken away once again.
Toad Brigade A team of 5 Toads sent out to explore lands such as the courses where the Power Stars are.
Toadbert The Toad Brigade's founder and father of Red Toad is a studier and expert of the environment.

Main Villians

Bowser The Koopa King has striked once again! Now, he's taking every last Power Star of the castle! Stop him before it's too late!
Bowser Jr. Bowser's big, bad son is joining the Super Mario 64 series! Now he's more mischief than ever!


Red Mushroom Makes the player big for a short time.
Green Mushroom Gives the player an extra life.


See: Super Mario 99/Bosses


  • The new double jump Yoshi gives to Mario/Luigi looks very similar to the double jump from New Super Mario Bros.
  • This game has several similarities to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, especially the Starfall Realms, which resemble Silent Realms.

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